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10 Gardman Seed Feeders for Sale in the UK

10 Gardman bird feeders for sale

We rely on Gardman for producing not just practical seed feeders, but feeders that really do last the test of time. Gardman bird feeders have been moulded over time, crafted into a feeder that deposits seeds with ease, well making it easy for you to refill.

We’ve compiled a top ten list of Gardman bird seed feeders for sale in the United Kingdom and Ireland, based on popularity, durability and just how attractive the seed feeder will look in your garden. All you need then is to focus on a good quality wild bird seed mix.

#1. Gardman (A01044) Heavy Duty Seed Feeder

Gardman Heavy Duty Seed FeederThis one was the first Gardman seed feeder we listed on our web site from the range. This is largely due to the feeder featuring everything you’d expect from a quality feeder: heavy duty, made in aluminium with a clear window, four feeding perches and a 420g capacity for holding seed mixes.

RRP: £9.99 > But it:

#2. Gardman (A04253) Large Heavy Duty Nyger Feeder

Gardman Large Heavy Duty Nyger FeederAgain, we love our heavy duty bird feeders, because it out lasts all plastic ones, and keeps it’s shape and colour over time. This Gardman Nyger feeder has four landing perches, with multiple small holes in the clear acrylic for the birds to peck out the seeds – though seeds do tend to fall out on there own.

RRP: £12.99 > But it:

#3. Gardman (A01172) Black Steel Seed Feeder

Gardman Black Steel Seed FeederShort but attractive feeder, made from durable steel construction with and a strong, clear polycarbonate feed chamber. The metal rods around the bottom are actually bird perches attached to a catching tray. A big hoop connects to a corresponding hook on an independent feeding station or a wall bracket.

RRP: £7.49 > But it:

#4. Gardman Large Black Nickel Heavy Duty Seed Feeder

Gardman Large Black Nickel Heavy Duty Seed FeederWow, now bird feeders are being made with nickel, quite a step up from the usual steel. If you missed it already, we like heavy-duty feeders because they last the test of time, out in the elements all year round. This feeder holds a whopping 600g of seed mix, with a long feeding cylinder and a double resting perch.

RRP: £12.99 > But it:

#5. Gardman A04322 Large Heavy Duty Black Nickel Nyger Seed Feeder

Gardman A04322 Large Heavy Duty Black Nickel Nyger Seed FeederMade for, but not limited to nyger seeds, this feeder is a classic hanging model with a big hoop that will hang off hooks and even tree branches with ease. Well heavy duty, the 32cm long feed tube holds 420g of seed, disassembles for easy cleaning and has six perches with lots of holes for access of seed mix.

RRP: £14.99 > But it:

#6. Gardman A01167 Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder

Gardman Squirrel Proof Seed FeederVery stylish squirrel proof bird seed feeder, designed to keep the seed mix out of reach of squirrels. But still, this will be no good if you position this feeder near to a branch or object the squirrels can reach out from. The shiny metal tube is to slippy for squirrels to climb down, but birds can access the seeds the usual way.

RRP: £9.99 > But it:

#7. Gardman AE70001 Antique Brass Seed Feeder

Gardman Antique Brass Seed FeederAgain, a very style design, made with a brass lid and trim. The black metal mesh is different to the usual clear window cylinder, but actually provides a way for the birds to grip and eat from the feeder without using the perch. It’s dark tone also may help deter predators as its quite camouflaged from a distance.

RRP: £14.99 > But it:

#8. Gardman A04334 Beach Hut Seed Feeder

Gardman Beach Hut Seed FeederAway from the usual designs, this colourful beach hut style seed feeder is best suited to house and gardens with a bright tone. It features a clear window with access to the seeds on the sides along with the perches. Quick tip: using this bright feeder in a darker garden environment may attract cats and predators.

RRP: £7.99 > But it:

#9. Gardman A01235 Large Flip Top Seed Feeder

Gardman Large Flip Top Seed FeederWell we like heavy duty feeders best, this plastic flip top feeder makes a change from the usual metal ones. It’s cheaper but still durable and lasts well out in all weathers. But unlike the metal option, the colour green on this one will fit in nicely with bushes and trees – in keeping with your garden.

RRP: £4.99 > But it:

#10. Gardman A01236 Flip Top Nyger Seed Feeder

Gardman Flip Top Nyger Seed FeederThis is a smaller feeder to the model above, but is sold as a nyger feeder with a flip top design for refilling and cleaning out. But as it’s even cheaper, you don’t need to invest, or use, to much bird seeds as it holds a much smaller capacity. Well finished in green plastic, the two perches are sited near the bottom.

RRP: £2.99 > But it: