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Wild bird articles

Require help on attracting birds to your garden? Our wild bird articles are focused on just that with ways to bring all common birds to the nesting box or feeder.

Published 23rd June 2019

Hanging bird feeder from tree

Take care of your garden tree when hanging off a bird feeder from a branch; don't use nails or screws, but rather a rope or metal hook.

Published 23rd June 2019

Hole size for Bluetit box

If setting up a bird box to attract Blue Tits to nest, only use one with an entrance hole that has a 25mm radius, or a little smaller if you can.

Published 22nd June 2019

Do window nest boxes work?

You're unlikely to succeed bringing wild birds to nest or roost in a window bird box, so whether its worth your effort is another matter.

Published 22nd June 2019

Can birds eat rice

Feed cooked unsalted rice to a variety of birds in your garden; well pigeons, doves and occasionally seagulls would only touch uncooked.

Published 21th June 2019

Bird feeder placement guide

Bird feeder placement guide that details where you should locate all types of feeders and why, well offering a few ideas along the way.

Published 21th June 2019

Which way should a bird box face

Face bird boxes in the direction away from the sun towards the north/east, always out of sunlight with lots of shade with cover from trees.

Published 20th June 2019

Can wild birds eat oranges

Wild birds can eat oranges with massive health benefits; present an orange half or slice impaled on a railing, pole or under the bird table.

Published 20th June 2019

Birds NOT using feeder

If wild birds are not using the feeder, its time to step it up with more feeders with the use of more food varieties... with a change of location.

Published 19th June 2019

Where to site a bird box

Bird box location is vital for attracting the right species; it should be within reach to clean, but high enough to keep it safe from predators.

Published 19th June 2019

Do birds fly at night

If a bird that is normally active in the day flies at night, its because it was startled, though it is possible few species do fly at night time.

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