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Bird Table for Small Birds Only

Bird Table for Small Birds Only

Wild birds are intuitive, so the chances of deterring big birds from your garden bird table is quite slim. But you can reduce the number of big birds feeding off your table by siting a bird table for small birds only in your garden.

But what are small tables?

Designed to be just that, with all the benefits of a large wooden bird table but in a much smaller scale. To start with, the underpass should be a low ceiling with pillars or objects in the way to stop big birds flapping about.

Large wooden bird table with Robin
An high ceiling wooden bird table like this will allow for all size birds to feed.

But to deter bigger birds like Blackbirds and Starlings, a wider overpass roof design should cover the feeding platform, making it a hard landing with little room to move in the feeding area – but they sure will try.

What small birds species are attracted to small tables

Well the most common bird species likely to visit your small table are Martins and Swallows, you can look forward to visiting Tits and Kingfishers with perhaps the occasional Robin dropping by.

Where you might go wrong

Gardman, high ceiling table
Well this Blue Tit is alone right now, this table is way open and will attract all size wild birds.

The biggest mistake when going for a small bird table is a high ceiling, anything with a 4 to 5 inch access will allow big birds in. You may also avoid planting bird seeds around the outer rim, as it will make it easy for all species.

Try to throw in your bird seed mix in the centre of the table and absolutely do not hang bird feeders, for example fat ball nets, off your bird table. It’s very tempting to attract birds, but this will bring the whole neighbourhood.