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1. Chapelwood Rustic Blue Tit Nest Box by Solus Garden and Leisure Ltd
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7. A Wild Bird Nest Box by Gardman
8. Chapelwood Rustic Blue Tit Nest Box by Solus Garden and Leisure Ltd
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Bird Accessories

We supply a vast choice of wild bird accessories ranging from popular woodworking books on how to make bird houses to books all about birds of Great Britains. For your garden we provide top quality backets for hanging bird feeders. Bird feeder brackets allow you to hang your bird feeders anywhere around your garden from your house wall to a tree. Furthermore, we have bird cleaning supplies for giving your bird house nesting box a cleaning when the birds leave the nest. Finally, we supply birds food from peanuts, seeds, suet balls, and bird mixes.

» Bird Books

Birdhouses You Can Build in a Day (Popular Woodworking) (Paperback)If you're looking for the best bird books on the market then you've come to the right place. We provide many how-to books featuring how to make bird nesting boxes to how to identify species of birds in your garden. Offering Collins paperback and top quality hardcover bird books for sale.

» Bird Brackets

Chapelwood Bird Feeder Hanging Wall BracketIf you are looking for a unique feature for your garden all year round, then consider a cast iron bird bracket for your hanging bird feeders. Brackets come in all sizes and can carry huge amounts of weight. You can also use these bird brackets for hanging plant pots too.

» Birdhouse & Feeder Cleaning

Chapelwood Bird Feeder Disinfectant And CleanerIt's essential you clean your garden bird house annually every spring to prevent diseases passed on through bird nesting. We have a small range of bird safe cleaning supplies ranging from bird feeder disinfectant and brushes to ensure you scrape every crack and cranny.

» Bird Food

Chapelwood 5 kg Premium PeanutsIf you are a bird fanatic or you're looking to build your own bird house then find a wonderful range of books on how to build wooden bird nesting boxes in your garden shed. Furthermore, we also provide you bird books offering birds of Britain and Europe and tips on bird watching in the UK and Ireland.