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Main Categories

All products are thrown into each category so visitors can find the page. If they are not listed in a category you won’t be able to find the item.


Each product is then thrown into a specific sub-category to narrow down your search and help find what you are looking for quicker.


Additional items for looking after your bird products and learning more, as you may find when you are set up in the garden.


Under baths we’ve devided the variations available, but overall they all collect water for the birds to feed.


Made to fit boxes or houses are essential for attracting birds to you garden. You can encourage a certain type of bird to nest with target boxes.


Provide a nicely situated feeding area in your garden for the birds to feed safetly well still enjoying the view.


In time, you’ll know which bird food is their favourite and the feed they leave to last, or don’t touch at all.


Often a classic look to any garden, a traditional wooden bird table fits in beautifully, and will provide space for food and drink.


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