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Top 10 Bird Tables with Slate Roof

Top 10 Bird Tables with Slate Roof

Natural slate roofing turns a dap looking wooden bird table into a bird feeding station of real beauty. And well bird tables with slate roof come in all styles and sizes, you can guarantee they will look the part in your garden.

But don’t forget, when fitted correctly, slate roofing tiles serve a purpose, they drain away rain, well protecting your wooden roof from the hardest conditions all year round. Although, the bare timber should be treated with preserve.

And to protect the slate roof, it’s treated to stop the slate discolouring overtime, and when things do go wrong there are options to repair the effected slate. Our list is focused on wooden bird tables on stand designs below.

Textured Natural Slate

When you think of bird tables with slate roof, natural slate shingles with a textured edging is the one to go far. They are fitted like house tiles, overlapping well protecting the timber, so the rain should never touch the wood underneath – well Welsh slate tiles look the same and are a good option.

Decorative Slate Roofing

Often craftsman and women use a host of slate designs, options are; Brazilian, Canadian and Spanisih, and are cut down into manageable tile pieces, or used as just one big slate. Which is an option on a few bird tables below.

Here’s Our Top Ten

1. Riverside Woodcraft: Bird Table, Verwood Extra

Riverside Woodcraft Bird Table, Verwood ExtraWith an overlapping slate panel design, this heavy duty wooden bird table looks and feels like quality. Made with thick wood construction and a wide base to stop it tipping over in high winds. Buy on Amazon:

2. Riverside Woodcraft: Woodland Bird Table

Riverside Woodcraft: Woodland Bird TableBig, bulky wooden bird table from Riverside Woodcraft. Made with overlapping slate roof panels to help the water drain away, and thick wooden panels to construct this sturdy, hard wearing bird table. Buy on Amazon:

3. Rowlinson: Laverton Bird Table

Rowlinson: Laverton Bird TableDecorative four sided slate hip roof bird table with profiling in the table top, post and base. Site this Laverton bird table in any garden as it will enhance the surroundings with it’s wonderful style and natural colour. Buy on Amazon:

4. Big Living: Hexagonal Wooden Bird Table with Slate Roof

Big Living Hexagonal Wooden Bird Table with Slate RoofImpressive hexagonal style wooden bird table with a wide feeding platform and a large slate roof to protect the feed. Made with rounded wooden panels only to construct this uniquely designed wooden bird table. Buy on Amazon:

5. Riverside Woodcraft: Bird Table with Rustic Slate

Riverside Woodcraft Bird Table with Rustic SlateAn improved stand design to increase stability in high winds, the wooden is made with a chunky feel well using two big slate panels. Hand made in the UK finished in a brown/natural finish. Buy on Amazon:

6. Big Living: Wooden Bird Table with Slate Roof

Big Living Wooden Bird Table with Slate RoofClassic design wooden bird table with a slate roof with wooden profiles over the top the down the sides. Finished in a natural preserve well standing on post with a sturdy, wide cross base. Buy on Amazon:

7. Rowlinson: Windrush Bird Table

Rowlinson Windrush Bird TableBeautifully made with minimal assembly bird table with slate roof with an already assembled top. Two large slates cover each side of the table roof using nails and profiled with wooden panels on the sides. Buy on Amazon:

8. Tom Chambers: Garsdale Bird Table

Tom Chambers Garsdale Bird TableHand crafted in the UK in a rustic styling and made with two large genuine slates sitting on the upright roof design. This bird table is sitting on a long post with a crisscross base to keep it up right. Buy at Amazon:

9. TC: Dovesdale Bird Table

TC Dovesdale Bird TableStained in a natural wood stain, the roof has an hexagonal roof design with six seperate slate panels. Well made from an hard wearing Swedish Redwood, standing on an heavy duty cross base structure. Our product page:

10. Tom Chambers: Bishopdale Bird Table

Tom Chambers Bishopdale Bird TableGenuine slate roof classic wooden bird table from Tom chambers. Upright design roof with to large slates on either side, fixed on using nails with a wooden post along the top to prevent rain getting under the slate tile. Buy on Amazon: