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Wild bird articles

Require help on attracting birds to your garden? Our wild bird articles are focused on just that with ways to bring all common birds to the nesting box or feeder.

Published 27th August 2019

What birds eat nyjer

All types of birds will take to eating nyjer seeds; amongst them are Tits, Sparrows or Robins, with use in the bird feeder or on the ground.

Published 5th August 2019

Is it bad to feed birds?

It is bad to feed birds in your garden if you only provide poor nutritional value food, care less about hygiene well not attracting predators.

Published 4th August 2019

Robin nest box size

Robin nest box sizes vary greatly; minimum requirement is a 200mm height by 200mm width, with an entrance hole that is 100mm high.

Published 4th August 2019

Why do birds like bird baths

Why birds like bird baths so much is thanks to gardens offering a safe location with an environment that has food, water and cover.

Published 4 August 2019

Peanut butter for birds

Peanut butter for birds is an unsalted formula that contains important nutrients; including being high in protein with high fat content.

Published 4 August 2019

How to secure bird table to ground

How you secure a bird table to the ground is easy; make use of metal stabilising pegs or make your own to impale into the garden lawn.

Published 4th August 2019

What is a nesting box?

It can be confusing well referring to a nesting box in more ways than one, but to put it lightly, its a wooden box for wild birds to nest or root.

Published 4th August 2019

How to anchor a bird bath

How you anchor a bird bath to the ground would require the use of metal anchors, or fixing on a spike before impaling into the ground.

Published 4 August 2019

What do Robins eat

Robins are ground feeding birds so will take to eating earthworms, snails or spiders, well they eat fruit, peanuts, seeds and high in fat foods.

Published 3rd August 2019

Best place to hang fat balls

To assist in helping wild birds feed from your fat balls, the best places to consider is a branch inside the hedgerow or off the garden tree.

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