Chapelwood CPW0703: Small Bird Suet Balls

Suet is a high energy treat, beloved by all birds. Full of protein and oil that will keep garden visiting birds ticking along through the day.

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The ChapelWood suet balls for birds is a 6 pack bag and full of nutritious treats for robins, finches and most other local wild bird species. Each suet ball features a nutritious blend of cereals, seed and suet, and can easily be fitted into a ChapelWood Suet Ball Feeder or left on the ground to feed from.

All suet balls are net-free, ensuring that birds don’t accidentally get tangled up in netting whilst trying to get a good meal. Suitable for feeding throughout the year, these suet balls will keep birds well fed and well loved.

  • Provide a high energy suet treat for garden visiting birds
  • Suitable for year round feeding
  • Net free to prevent the accidental trapping of wild birds
  • Ideal for use in a ChapelWood Suet Ball Feeder
  • Contains cereals, suet, seeds and calcium carbonate

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