Chapelwood CPW0883: Multi-Use Wooden Nesting Box

Multi-use nesting box which has a side opening to ensure easy end of season cleaning and with a detailed dark finish.

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Beautiful dark stained brown Chapelwood, made from solid pine wooden nesting box with two different entrances, or leave it off to make a large Robin opening.

A multi-use wooden nesting box used to attract all types of birds thanks to its easy slot on three entrance hole panels. The smallest hole to attract Blue Tits and Martins, and perhaps the larger hole to entice bigger birds like sparrows – but can we really dictate what wild birds can nest – let’s allow nature to take care of that.

  • Small entrance hole to attract the widest of garden birds like Tits
  • Medium entrance hole to attract larger garden like Sparrows
  • Leave entrance off all together to create a Robin opening
  • Made from solid, FSC certified pine
  • 15mm thick walls for high insulation
  • Easy to affix to a tree or fence post
  • Fixings are not included, but only a couple of screws are needed
  • Measurement: H29cm x W20cm x L18cm

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