Wildlife World: Coniston Bird Bath

This coniston bird bath is made with environmentally-friendly material. This combines recycled plastic with clay in composite form to give a light weight durable finish.

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This bird bath comes as standard with a low push-fit base. The bird bath stands to a height of 180mm with its short stem. The Coniston has scrollwork decoration around the bird bath edge on a matt background and in contrast to the water bowl which is finished with a glossy surface.

Extra pebbles (not included) may be put in the water bowl for decoration and to allow small birds to perch to drink. If so desired a separate tall column may be purchased to raise the bird bath further off the ground.

This takes the height up to 620mm with the tall stem. To fit the tall stem, remove the short base and attached the tall stem to the underside of the bowl with a twist fit.

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