The Garden Bird Year: A Seasonal Guide to Enjoying the Birds in Your Garden

This beautifully illustrated book is an appealing and practical guide combining useful hands-on advice about how to maintain your garden, bird behaviour and detailed descriptions.

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The Garden Bird Year gives both birdwatchers and gardeners alike insights into how to attract both resident and visiting birds to the garden, and how to manage this precious space as a vital resource for birds.

Author Roy Beddard explains how to plan a range of garden habitats to accommodate the needs of birds in each season of the year. The topics covered include bird behaviour and identification, water and nest sites, and deterring pests and predators.

Illustrated throughout with David Daly’s beautiful specially commissioned artwork and stunning photography by David Cottridge, this attractive and informative guide reveals everything the reader needs to know about how to make the most of garden birdlife throughout the year.

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Bill Oddie, Roy Beddard




29 Jun 2007




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