How-to Book of Birdhouses and Feeders

Enjoy the 30 fascinating and clever wooden birdhouse projects in a comical, amusing example of the fun to be had in creating a bird house.

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Woodworkers will enjoy the 30 fascinating and clever birdhouse projects provided in this book. Each project is a comical, amusing example of the fun to be had in creating a birdhouse.

Plans are included for an outhouse birdhouse, a gazebo birdhouse, a log cabin birdhouse, a motorhome birdhouse, and even a white house-themed birdhouse. In addition, a thorough guide helps bird enthusiasts and woodworkers attract specific species of birds to their yards and create for them a handsome, sturdy home.

Each project employs common woodworking tools and techniques, and tips are provided for squirrel control, distributing birdseed, and creating the proper dimensions and alignment of holes and perches to ensure the right birds are attracted.

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Paul Meisel




19 May 2005


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