Riverside Woodcraft: Bird Table Lodge

Designed for the little birds, this delightful bird table lodge offers robust build quality with a table that is cat, squirrel and starling proof.

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This bird table offers a safe and wonderful place for the smaller bird to feed in peace. The table is 350mm square, the only way in is through the 38mm heavy gauge stainless steel mesh, thick enough for a bird to land and perch on easily.

You have a door at the rear allowing easy access to add food and clean you table. Unique in its design and build this table is not your run of the mill table, we have considered the viewing area of this table to make sure you get to see as much as you can while they all land and enter your safe haven.

  • Handmade in the UK
  • Solid redwood
  • Stainless steel heavy duty cage
  • Designed for small birds
  • Squirrel, starling and cat proof
  • Solid redwood throughout.

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