SpyCameraCCTV: Wireless Bird Box Camera Kit

This SpyCameraCCTV bird box camera kit has night vision, receiver and USB connector so you can record to your Windows PC.

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This tiny camera is perfectly designed for bird nesting boxes to watch wildlife in your garden. In this bundle we have included our USB Video Capture Device for recording footage to your Windows PC.

When connected to power this camera transmits video and audio wirelessly up to 50 metres away in clear line-of-sight to its receiver.

Records footage to Windows PCs using our USB Video Capture Device. Just plug it into a USB port and install the free software to start recording.

Invisible infra-red LEDs provides night vision allowing the camera to see around the clock.

  • Night vision for filming in dark bird boxes
  • Receiver so you can view live stream
  • USB Connector, 2.4GHz
  • Record to your PC
  • Motion Detection
  • Wide-angle lens and 700 TV Line colour video
  • Compatible with Window PC only


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