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British birds list

British birds list

You wanted a British birds list, you've got a bird list with more than 200 UK birds included; along with residential status, eating habits, habitats the birds take up.

With a list of over 200 birds seen all year in the UK, during winter or summer migration, our British birds lists is always growing. Our chart includes information where within the UK they're, what they eat or there natural habitats. All common birds are listed including the small birds seen in your garden.

The chart is quite explanatory; listing bird name, residential status, what they eat and where they live. Bird names are ordered alphabetically, the residential status and eating section is more far reaching well going into detail.

Well we go into more detail with where to see each bird around the UK. All small garden birds are there, so are all common British birds to spot in the wild.

Food groups are all included with what they eat column, followed by the habitat section listing all areas to see the birds in there natural environment.

Columns explained in detail:

  • Bird Name:
    • Name of bird listed alphabetically
  • Migration:
    • All Year - bird can be seen in the UK all year round or limited to small areas in England, Wales, Scotland or NI. Migration can still happen within the UK with all year status.
    • Migrant (S) - relates to birds visiting the UK in the summer, this could be birds coming in from elsewhere, or are already present within the UK.
    • Migrant (W) - relates to birds who only visit all or parts of the UK in the cold winter months, may visit from outside the UK, or migrant within the UK.
  • Eat:
    • Insects, bugs - all common insects found on the ground, trees or within scrubs; including caterpillars, spiders, snails, worms, etc.
    • Fish, shellfish - limited to marine birds who eat mostly small fish, shrimp, crab, etc.
    • Aquatic Insects - only insects that are found in or around lakes, ponds, rivers, oceans, etc.
    • Fruit - all fruit grown in the wild on plants or free including fruit from Farmland.
    • Berries - can be red berries, blackberries or blueberries grown in the wild
    • Birds - largely related to small birds only caught in mid air by birds of prey.
    • Mammals - also birds, plus mice, vole, shrew and rodents like rats.
  • Habitat:
    • Urban - built up areas such as housing estates, city, town, villages, business parks, etc.
    • Grassland - open flat grassy fields such as parks, meadows.
    • Farmland - Fields used for agriculture use, farmyards, outbuildings.
    • Marine - open ocean or in shore, ponds, lakes, beaches, rivers.
    • Wetland - saturated land such as marshes or further inland from beaches
    • Woodland - large woods, small wooded areas in built up areas or forests.

Our British birds list chart:

Bird Name: Resident: Eat: Habitat(s):
Arctic Skua Migrant (S) Fish, Eggs, Birds Marine
Arctic Tern Migrant (S) Fish, Crustaceans, Insects Marine
Avocet Migrant (S), Migrant (W) Aquatic Insects, Larvae, Crustaceans, Worms Marine, Grassland
Barnacle Goose Migrant (W), All Year Vegetation, Roots, Seeds Marine, Grassland, Farmland
Barn Owl All Year Mice, Vole, Shrew, Birds Farmland, Grassland
Bar-tailed Godwit Migrant (W) Shellfish, Marine Snails, Worms Marine, Grassland, Wetland
Bearded Tit All Year, small areas Insects, Insect Larvea, Spiders, Seeds Wetland
Bewick's Swan Migrant (W) Potatoes, Grain, Marine, Wetland, Farmland
Blackcap All Year, Migrant (S) Insects, Berries Urban, Woodland, Farmland
Blackbird All Year Insects, Worms, Berries Urban, Woodland, Farmland, Grassland
Black Guillemot All Year in Scotland, NI, ROI Fish, Crustaceans Marine
Black-necked Grebes Migrant (W), Migrant (S) Insects, Crustaceans, Fish Marine, Wetland
Black Redstart Migrant (W), Migrant (S), All Year Insects, Spiders, Worms, Berries, Seeds Urban, Marine, Farmland
Black-tailed Godwit Migrant (W), All Year Insects, Worms, Snails Marine, Wetland, Grassland
Black Tern Passage Fish, Insects, Invertebrates Marine, Wetland
Black-throated Divers Migrant (S) Fish Marine, Wetland
Bluethroat Passage Insects, Berries, Caterpillers, Marine, Wetland, Grassland
Blue Tit All Year Insects, Nuts, Seeds, Caterpillars Urban, Woodland, Farmland
Brambling Migrant (W) Insects, Seeds Urban, Woodland, Farmland
Brent Goose Migrant (W) Vegetation Marine, Wetland, Farmland, Grassland
Bullfinch All Year, Migrant (W) in samll northern areas Insects, Seeds, Buds Urban, Woodland, Farmland
Buzzard All Year Birds, Carrion, Small Mammals, Large Insects, Earthworms Woodland, Farmland, Grassland
Canada Goose All Year Vegetation Urban, Marine, Farmland, Wetland, Grassland
Capercaillie All Year (small area in Scotland) Berries, Shoots, Stems Woodland
Carrion Crow All Year Carrion, Insects, Worms, Seeds, Fruits, Eggs, Scraps Urban, Woodland, Farmland, Grassland, Wetland
Cetti's Warbler All Year Insects, Larvae Wetland
Chaffinch All Year Insects, Seeds Urban, Woodland, Farmland, Grassland
Chiffchaff All Year, Migrant (S) Insects, Spiders Urban, Farmland, Woodland, Wetland
Cirl Bunting All Year: area in Cornwall only Insects, Seeds Farmland
Coal Tit All Year Insects, Seeds, Nuts Urban, Woodland
Collared Dove All Year Seeds, Grain, Buds, Shoots Urban, Farmland
Common Redpoll Migrant (W) Seeds, Insects Woodland, Farmland, Wetland
Common Gull Migrant (W), All Year Fish, Carrion, Worms, Scraps Urban, Marine, Farmland, Grassland, Wetland
Common Sandpiper Migrant (S), Migrant (W), All Year, Passage Insects, Worms Marine, Wetland
Common Scoter Migrant (W), Migrant (S) in small areas in Scotland Molluscs Marine
Common Tern Migrant (S), Passage Fish Marine, Wetland
Coot All Year Vegetation, seeds, Snails, Insect Larvae Urban, Marine, Wetland
Cormorant All Year, Migrant (W) Fish Urban, Marine, Wetland
Corn Bunting All Year Insects, Seeds Farmland, Grassland
Corncrake Migrant (S) Insects, Seeds Farmland, Grassland, Wetland
Crested Tit All Year, Scotland Insects, Seeds Woodland
Crossbill All Year Seeds, Conifers Woodland
Cuckoo Migrant (S) Insects Urban, Farmland, Woodland, Wetland
Curlew All Year, Migrant (W) Migrant (S) Worms, Shellfish Marine, Wetland, Farmland, Grassland
Dartford Warbler All Year, small areas in Southern England Insects, Invertebrates Heathland
Dipper All Year Insect Larvae, Shrimp Wetland
Dunlin Migrant (W), Migrant (S) Insects, Snails, Worms Marine, Wetland, Farmland, Grassland
Dunnock All Year, Migrant (W) in Scotland Insects, Spiders, Worms, Seeds Urban, Woodland, Farmland, Grassland
Eider All Year, Migrant (W) Shellfish Marine
Fieldfare Migrant (W) Insects, Worms, Berries Urban, Woodland, Farmland, Grassland
Firecrest All Year, Migrant (W), Passage Spiders Urban, Woodland
Fulmar All Year, Migrant (S) Crustaceans, Sand Eels Marine
Gadwall All Year, Migrant (W) Seeds, Stems, Leaves Marine, Wetland, Grassland
Gannet All Year, Migrant (S) Fish Marine
Garden Warbler Migrant (S) Insects, Berries Urban, Farmland, Woodland
Garganey Migrant (S), Passage Insects, Plant Wetland, Grassland
Glaucous Gull Migrant (W) Carrion, Shellfish, Scraps Marine, Wetland
Goldcrest All Year Spiders, Moth Eggs Urban, Woodland
Golden Oriole Migrant (S) Insects, Berries Woodland
Golden Eagle All Year in Scotland Birds, Mammals, Carrion Upland
Golden Plover Migrant (W), Migrant (S), All Year Insects, Worms, Beetles Marine, Wetland, Farmland, Grassland, Upland
Goldfinch All Year Insects, Seeds Urban, Farmland
Goldeneye Migrant (W) Mussels, Insect Larvae, Fish, Plants Marine, Wetland
Goosander Migrant (W), All Year Fish Marine, Wetland, Upland
Goshawk All Year Birds, Mammals Upland, Wetland, Woodland, Grassland, Farmland
Grasshopper Warbler Migrant (S) Insects Grassland, Wetland
Great Black-backed Gull All Year, Migrant (W) Shellfish, Carrion, Birds Urban, Marine, Wetland, Upland, Farmland
Great Crested grebe All Year, Migrant (W) Fish Urban, Marine, Wetland
Great Grey Shrike Migrant (W) Insects, Beetles, Small Mammals, Birds Wetland, Farmland, Grassland
Great Northern Migrant (W) Fish, Crustaceans Marine, Wetland
Great Skua Migrant (S) Fish, Carrion, Birds Marine
Great Tit All Year Insects, Seeds, Nuts Urban, Farmland, Woodland
Great Spotted Woodpecker All Year Insects, Seeds, Nuts Urban, Woodland
Greenfinch All Year Insects, Seeds Urban, Farmland, Woodland
Green Sandpiper Migrant (W) Insects Marine, Wetland, Farmland
Greenshank Migrant (W), Passage Worms, Snails, Fish Marine, Wetland
Green Woodpecker All Year Ants Woodland, Farmland, Grassland, Urban,
Grey Heron All Year, Migrant (W) Fish, Vole, Small Mammals, Rodents Marine, Wetland, Urban
Grey Plover Migrant (W) Shellfish, Worms Marine, Wetland, Grassland
Greylag Goose All Year, Migrant (W) to Scotland Grass, Roots, Cereals, Grain Marine, Wetland, Farmland, Grassland, Farmland
Grey Wagtail All Year, Migrant (S) to Scotland, Migrant (W) to north-east England Insects Marine, Wetland, Upland, Urban
Guillemot Migrant (W), Migrant (S) Fish, Crustaceans Marine
Hawfinch All Year, Migrant (W), Passage Seeds, Buds, Shoots Urban, Woodland
Hen Harrier All Year, Migrant (W) Birds, Mammals Marine, Wetland, Farmland, Upland, Grassland,
Herring Gull All Year, Migrant (W) Carrion, Offal, Seeds, Fruit, Birds, Eggs, Fish, Insects, Mammals Marine, Wetland, Urban, Farmland, Grassland
Hobby Migrant (S) Birds, Insects Woodland, Farmland, Wetland, Grassland, Urban
Hooded Crow All Year in Scotland, Migrant (W) in East Carrion, Eggs, Birds, Invertebrates, Grain Marine, Wetland, Upland, Woodland, Farmland, Urban, Grassland
Hoopoe Passage Insects, Spiders Farmland, Grassland, Urban
Honey Buzzard Migrant (W), Passage in East Insect Larvae, Wasps, Bees Woodland
House Martin Migrant (S) Insects Urban, Wetland, Farmland
House Sparrow All Year Seeds, Scraps Urban, Farmland
Iceland Gull Migrant (W) Fish, Carrion Marine, Farmland, Wetland
Jay All Year Acorns, Nuts, Seeds, Insects, Birds, Mammals Urban, Woodland, Farmland
Jackdaw All Year Insects, Birds, Eggs, Fruit, Seeds, Scraps Urban, Woodland, Farmland, Upland, Grassland
Jack Snipe Migrant (W) Insects, Snails, Worms Grassland, Wetland
Kestrel All Year Birds, Mammals, Worms, Insects Farmland, Grassland, Urban
Kingfisher All Year in England Fish, Aquatic Insects Marine, Wetland, Urban, Farmland
Kittiwake Migrant (S) Fish, Shrimp, Worms Marine
Knot Migrant (W) Shellfish, Worms Marine, Wetland
Lapwing All Year, Migrant (W) in Wales, South West Insects, Worms Marine, Wetland, Upland, Farmland, Grassland
Lesser Black-backed Gull All Year, Migrant (W) inland Scavenges on most food, scraps Marine, Wetland, Urban, Farmland, Grassland,
Lesser Whitethroat Migrant (S) Insects, Berries Urban, Woodland, Farmland, Grassland
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker All Year in England, Wales Insects Urban, Woodland, Wetland
Linnet All Year, Migrant (S) northern England, Wales Insects, Seeds Farmland, Grassland, Urban
Little Grebe All Year Insects, Larea, Fish Marine, Wetland, Urban
Little Gull Passage around coast Insects, Fish Marine, Wetland
Little Owl All Year in England, part of Wales Birds, Mammals, Beetles, Worms Woodland, Farmland, Urban, Grassland
Little Stint Passage around coast Insects, Molluscs Crustaceans Marine, Wetland, Grassland
Little Ring Plover Migrant (S) Insects, Aquatic Invertebrates Grassland, Wetland
Long-eared Owl All Year, Migrant (S) East, mid England Rodents, Birds Woodland, Farmland, Wetland
Long-tailed Duck Migrant (W) Mussels, cockles, clams, crabs and small fish Marine
Long-tailed Skua Passage Mammals, Fish, Offal, Carrion Marine
Long-tailed Tit All Year Insects, Seeds Woodland, Farmland, Urban
Mallard Duck All Year Seeds, Acorns, Berries, Plants, Insects, Shellfish Marine, Wetland, Woodland, Farmland, Urban
Magpie All Year Scavenge or Small Birds Urban, Farmland, Wetland, Grassland, Upland, Woodland
Manx Shearwater Migrant (S), Passage in North East, Scotland Fish Marine
Marsh Harrier All Year in Eastern England, Migrant (W) southern parts Birds, Mammals Marine, Wetland, Farmland
Marsh Tit All Year in England, Wales Insects, Seeds Urban, Woodland
Meadow Pipit All Year, Migrant (W) central England Insects, Flies, Beetles, Moths, Spiders Marine, Wetland, Farmland, Grassland, Upland
Merlin Migrant (W), All Year in Northern England Birds Marine, Wetland, Farmland, Upland, Grassland
Mistle Thrush All Year Insects, Worms, Slugs, Berries Urban, Woodland, Grassland, Farmland
Moorhen All Year Water Plants, Seeds, Fruit, Insects, Snails, Worms, Fish Farmland, Grassland, Wetland, Urban
Montagu's Harrier Migrant (S) areas in England Birds, Vole, Shrews, Rabbits, Lizards, Insects Farmland, Wetland, Grassland
Mute Swan All Year Water Plants, Insects, Snails Marine, Wetland, Farmland, Grassland, Urban
Nightingale Migrant (S) South East England Insects Woodland, Wetland, Grassland
Nightjar Migrant (S) in small parts Moths, Beetles Woodland
Nuthatch All Year in England, Wales Insects, Nuts, Acorns, Seeds Urban, Woodland
Osprey Migrant (S) parts of Scotland, Passage in England south coast Fish Marine, Wetland
Oystercatcher All Year - excluding Southern England Inland Mussels, Cockles, Worms Marine, Wetland, Farmland, Grassland, Upland
Peregrine All Year, Migrant (W) England South Birds Marine, Wetland, Farmland, Grassland, Upland
Pink-footed Goose Migrant (W) Grain, Cereal, Potatoes, Grass Farmland, Wetland, Marine, Grassland
Pheasant All Year Insects, Shoots, Grain, Seeds Woodland, Farmland, Grassland, Urban
Pied Flycatcher Migrant (S), Passage in South, East England Insects, Fruits, Seeds Woodland, Urban
Pied Wagtail All Year, Migrant (S) in Scotland Insects Urban, Farmland, Grassland, Marine, Wetland
Pink-footed Goose Migrant (W) Grain, Cereal, Potatoes, Grass Farmland, Grassland, Marine, Wetland
Pintail Migrant (W) Plants, Invertebrates Marine, Wetland, Grassland
Pochard Duck Migrant (W), All Year in East England Plants, Seeds, Snails, Fish, Insects Marine, Wetland, Urban
Pomarine Skua Passage Fish, Birds Marine
Puffin All Year Fish Marine
Purple Sandpiper Migrant (W) Winkes, Insects, Spiders, Crustaceans, Plants Marine
Quail Migrant (S) Insects, Seeds Farmland, Grassland
Raven All Year Carrion, Mammals, Birds, Eggs, Insects, Invertebrates Urban, Woodland, Farmland, Marine, Upland
Razorbill All Year Migrant (W) in South East Fish Marine
Red-backed Shrike Passage Insects, Birds, Mammals Marine, Woodland, Farmland, Grassland
Red-breasted Merganser All Year in Scotland, Migrant (W) Fish Marine, Wetland
Red-crested Pochard All Year Stems, Roots, Seeds, Vegetation Wetland
Red Grouse All Year, mostly Northern England, Scotland Insects, Seeds, Berries, Heather Upland
Red Kite All Year Migrant (W), Southern England Carrion, Worms, Mammals Woodland, Urban, Farmland
Red-legged Partridge All Year Seeds, Roots Farmland, Grassland, Urban
Redshank All Year, Migrant (W) in England, Migrant (S) in Northern England, Scotland Insects, Earthworms, Molluscs, Crustaceans Marine, Wetland, Upland, Grassland
Redstart Migrant (S) in Wales, Northern England Insects, Spiders, Worms, Berries Woodland, Upland, Urban
Red-throated Diver Migrant (W), Migrant (S) in Scottish Highlands Fish Marine, Wetland
Redwing Migrant (W) Berries, Worms Woodland, Farmland, Grassland, Urban
Reed Bunting All Year Insects, Seeds Farmland, Urban, Grassland, Wetland
Ring Ouzel Migrant (S) in Northern England, Wales, Passage England East/South Insects, Berries Farmland, Grassland, Upland
Ring Plover All Year, Migrant (W), North East, Migrant (S), Northern England Flies, Spiders, Marine Worms, Crustaceans, Molluscs Marine, Wetland, Grassland
Robin All Year Seeds, Insects, Fruits, Worms, Invertebrates Urban, Woodland, Farmland
Rock Dove All Year Seeds, Cereal Urban, Farmland, Marine
Rock Pipit All Year, Migrant (W) South East England Insects, Beetles, Fish, Shellfish, Seeds Marine, Wetland
Rook All Year Insects, Worms, Grain, Nuts, Birds, Mammals, Eggs, Carrion Urban, Farmland, Woodland, Grassland
Ruff Migrant (W), Passage Insects, Larvea, Frogs, Fish, Seeds Farmland, Wetland, Grassland
Sanderling Migrant (W) Marine Worms, Crustaceans Marine, Wetland, Grassland
Sand Martin Migrant (S) Invertebrates Farmland, Wetland
Sandwich Tern Migrant (S) Fish Marine, Wetland
Savi's Warbler Migrant (S) Insects Marine, Wetland
Scaup Duck Migrant (S) Insects Wetland
Sedge Warbler Migrant (S) Insects, Berries Urban, Farmland, Wetland
Serin Passage Seeds, Buds, Invertebrates, Urban, Woodland,
Siskin All Year, Migrant (W) Seeds, Insects Urban, Woodland
Shag All Year, Migrant (W) Fish Marine
Shelduck All Year Invertebrates, Shellfish, Aquatic Snails Marine, Wetland, Farmland, Grassland
Short-eared Owl All Year, Migrant (W) Small Mammals, Vole Marine, Farmland, Grassland, Wetland
Shoveler All Year, Migrant (W) Insects Marine, Wetland, Grassland
Skylark All Year, Migrant (S) Insects, Seeds Marine, Farmland, Grassland
Slavonian Grebes Migrant (W), Migrant (S) Fish, Insect Lavae Marine, Wetland
Smew Migrant (W) Fish, Insect Lavea, Insects Marine, Wetland
Snipe All Year, Migrant (W), Migrant (S) Invertebrates, Worms, Insect Lavea Marine, Wetland, Farmland, Grassland
Snow Bunting Migrant (W) Insects, Seeds Marine, Farmland
Sparrowhawk All Year, Migrant (W) Birds, Bats Urban, Farmland, Wetland, Grassland
Spoonbill All Year Fish, Aquatic Invertebrates Marine, Wetland
Spotted Flycatcher Migrant (S) Insects, Moths, Butterflies Urban, Woodland, Farmland
Starling All Year, Migrant (S) Invertebrates, Fruits Urban, Woodland, Farmland, Wetland Grassland
Stock Dove All Year Seeds Urban, Woodland, Farmland
Stonechat All Year Migrant (W) Invertebrates, Seeds, Fruit Marine, Wetland, Grassland, Farmland
Swallow Migrant (S) Invertebrates Urban, Farmland, Grassland, Wetland
Swift Migrant (S) Insects, Spiders Urban, Farmland, Grassland, Wetland
Tawny Owl All Year Small Mammals, Rodents, Birds, Frogs, Fish, Insects, Worms Woodland, Farmland, Urban
Teal All Year, Migrant (W) Seeds, Invertebrates Marine, Wetland, Grassland
Treecreeper All Year Insects, Spiders, Seeds Urband, Farmland, Woodland
Tree Pipit Migrant (S) Invertebrates, Berries Woodland, Grassland
Tree Sparrow All Year Insects, Seeds Urban, Woodland, Farmland
Tufted Duck All Years, Migrant (W) Insects, Molluscs Urban, Marine, Wetland
Tundra Bean Goose Migrant (W) Grass, Cereal, Potatoes, Crops Farmland, Grassland, Weland
Turnstone Migrant (W) Insects, Crustaceans, Invertebrate Marine, Wetland
Turtle Dove Migrant (S) Seeds Urban, Farmland, Woodland, Grassland
Twite Migrant (W), Mirgrent (S), All Year Seeds Marine, Farmland, Grassland,
Velvet Scoter Migrant (W) Shellfish, Crabs, Sea Urchins, Fish, Insect Larvae Marine
Water Pipit Migrant (W) Insects, Lavae Wetland, Grassland
Water-Rail All Year Fish, Snails, Insects Urban, Grassland, Wetland
Waxwing Migrant (W) Berries Urban, Farmland
Wheatear Migrant (S) Insects, Larvea Farmland, Grassland
Whinchat Migrant (S) Insects, Seeds Farmland, Woodland, Grassland
Whitethroat Migrant (S) Insects, Berries, Fruit Farmland, Woodland, Grassland
Willow Tit All Year Insects, Seeds, Berries Urban, Woodland
Willow Warbler Migrant (S) Insects, Spiders, Fruit, Berries Urban, Woodland, Grassland
Whimbrel Passage Insects, Snails, Slugs, Worms Marine, Grassland, Wetland
White-fronted Goose Migrant (W) Grass, Grain, Wheat, Potatoes Marine, Farmland, Wetland, Grassland
Whooper Swan Migrant (W) Aquatic Plants, Grass, Grain, Potatoes. Marine, Wetland, Farmland, Grassland
Wigeon All Year, Migrant (W), Migrant (S) Aquatic Plants, Grass, Roots Marine, Wetland, Grassland
Woodcock All Year, Migrant (W) Worms, Beetles, Spiders, Snails, Caterpillars, Fly Larvae Urban, Farmland, Woodland
Woodlark All Year, Migrant (W) Seeds, Insects Woodland, Farmland
Woodpigeon All Year Crops, Buds, Seeds, Nuts, Berries Urban, Farmland, Woodland
Wood Sandpiper Migrant (S), Passage Insects, Worms, Spiders, Fish, Shellfish, Aquatic Invertebrates Grassland, Wetland
Wood Warbler Migrant (S) Insects, Spiders Urban, Woodland
Wren All Year Insects, Spiders Urban, Farmland, Woodland
Wryneck Passage Ants Urban, Farmland, Grassland
Yellowhammer All Year Insects, Seeds Urban, Farmland, Grassland
Yellow Wagtail Migrant (S) Insects, Flies, Beetles Farmland, Grassland, Wetland

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