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Wild Bird Trivia

Want to know more about the wild birds visiting your garden; you can do just that with my wild bird trivia to help you understand species of birds native to, or migrating to Britain.

Published 23rd January 2021

What is a bird table

Bird tables are a wooden bird feeding station that uses a large flat food platform that is commonly fixed on a stand, can be hung is mounted, with a roof.

Published 2nd July 2019

Are there Hummingbirds in UK

Our guide covers all aspects of Hummingbirds in UK, and as they're not native to Britain, you may only be able to see them in captivity.

Published 16th June 2019

British birds list

Our British birds list is ever growing with all common and rare birds to spot; with bird names, residential status, what they eat and live.

Published 13th June 2019

Small garden birds UK guide

Small common garden birds in the UK include Tits, Firecrest, Robins and Wrens; where your garden is located will depend on arrivals.