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Buyer's Guide

Setting up wild bird feeders, tables or nest boxes is a priority to attract birds to your garden; so allow me to outline what it is you need to purchase with use of buyer guides.

Published 4th August 2019

Peanut butter for birds

Peanut butter for birds is an unsalted formula that contains important nutrients; including being high in protein with high fat content.

Published 22nd July 2019

Best Gardman sunflower bird feeders

Focus on feeders for sunflower seeds only, with Gardman offering the very best seed feeders on the market for all types of mixes.

Published 18th July 2019

Best peanut bird feeders

Best peanut bird feeders are those that are made in solid metal with a pull-up lid for refilling; remember, small feeders need less feed.

Published 7th July 2019

Bird tables for small birds only

To attract small wild birds to the garden you need to cater for them; that would include changes to the bird table size with reduced accessibility, to deter large birds.

Published 4th July 2019

Top 10 Bird tables with slate roof

Not only do bird tables with slate roof appeal to the wider garden, the design naturally blends in with its surroundings with a lovely finish.

Published 30th June 2019

Jackdaw proof bird feeders

Keep the predatory larger birds away before setting up a Jackdaw proof bird feeder; with Jackdaws present common birds will stay away.

Published 10th June 2019

Best bird feeders guide

Best bird feeders guide offers an insight into all types of feeders for your garden, with the pole system the best, followed by the peanut feeder.

Published 7th June 2019

Best bird boxes to buy

Our best bird boxes to buy guide will take you through how to setup a box that would attract a multitude of wild birds in a safe environment.