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Best Buy

To make it easy on you when next purchasing a bird box, table, bath or feeder; I hope to have all categories covered as I keep an updated list on only best buy's in UK.

Wild Bird Baths

Difficulty in attracting wild birds to use a bird bath is an art; so a cheap plastic pedestal bird bath will be a start. That is until you realise a more natural, stone bird bath will cut it while being dependant on coverage in the garden.

Wild Bird Tables

Handcrafted, traditional wooden bird tables with roof or open to the elements, It can accommodate all bird feed while hanging feeders around the rim. Bird tables can stand on there own, in a style that compliments the landscape.

Wild Bird Feeders

Top wild bird feeders to setup in your garden should be one or more of a peanut, fat ball and seed feeder. Hang them up on a bird feeding station or use an open tray for food or water - squirrel proof feeders are highly effective.

Wild Bird Boxes

To attract wild birds to nest in a bird box you'll need to fix or hang a specialty box; it can have small entrance holes to attract Tits or be open-fronted to bring Robins. Why not go DIY, setup up a novelty box use a Sparrow terrace box.

Wild Bird Feed

In an effort to attract wild birds to your garden you will need to setup feeders with their favourites; seeds, peanuts, fat balls to mealworms all count. Plus special treats to throw over the lawn so ground feeding birds can eat.

Wild Bird Accessories

What you can expect to discover in my bird accessories is items used to assist in the building, securing or fixing of bird boxes or table, for example. That includes metal bird box entrance plates, brackets to anchoring pegs.