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Wild Bird Advice

Refine your garden bird equipment overtime until you've attracted as many wild birds as possible; to do that you'll need to understand anything from positioning to sizing.

Published 25th March 2021

How to keep squirrels off bird table

Its not overly difficult to keep squirrels off bird tables but it needs a bit of common sense; keep the table isolated while mounting a baffle to the stand.

Published 15th February 2021

Robin nest box hole size

No need to get the robin nest box hole size on point as there's not really one; I prefer a minimum hole size of 100mm tall to a 300mm entrance hole width.

Published 14th February 2021

Do Nuthatches use nest boxes

Nuthatches do use bird boxes in any style or size, but a 32mm entrance hole is required with a very specific area needed to site the bird box up a tree.

Published 13th February 2021

How to dismantle a bird feeder

How to dismantle a bird feeder of any kind would be to refer to the manufacturer's advice; thankfully all bird feeders are disassembled near the same.

Published 12th February 2021

Blackbird nest box size guide

Considering Blackbirds are larger common garden birds, I would use a larger bird box rather than build or buy one that uses the minimum box size only.

Published 10th February 2021

RSPB bird box hole sizes

RSPB cater to as many wild birds in the UK with a single bird box; offering a 32mm bird box hole size with fewer hole sizes for use with rarer nesting birds.

Published 8th February 2021

How to feed dried mealworms to birds

How to feed dried mealworms to our garden birds can include throwing a handful over the ground, add to bird table or use a mesh tray to hang or mount.

Published 7th February 2021

Can you put mealworms in a bird feeder

You can put mealworms in a bird feeder providing they can't get stuck; use a specialty bird feeder or chop them up to fit in a regular seed or peanut feeder.

Published 5th February 2021

How to attract birds to a nest box

Focus on attracting small garden birds into a one size fits all nest box, with a 32mm entry hole. Location is vital but so too is making sure birds are safe.

Published 5th February 2021

Blackbird nest box hole size

Bird boxes for attracting Blackbirds to nest in your garden would need a 200-300mm width, along with a safe 100mm entrance hole size height.