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Wild Bird Advice

Refine your garden bird equipment overtime until you've attracted as many wild birds as possible; to do that you'll need to understand anything from positioning to sizing.

Published 4th August 2019

Robin nest box size

Robin nest box sizes vary greatly; minimum requirement is a 200mm height by 200mm width, with an entrance hole that is 100mm high.

Published 4th August 2019

How to secure bird table to ground

How you secure a bird table to the ground is easy; make use of metal stabilising pegs or make your own to impale into the garden lawn.

Published 4th August 2019

What is a nesting box?

It can be confusing well referring to a nesting box in more ways than one, but to put it lightly, its a wooden box for wild birds to nest or root.

Published 4th August 2019

How to anchor a bird bath

How you anchor a bird bath to the ground would require the use of metal anchors, or fixing on a spike before impaling into the ground.

Published 3rd August 2019

Best place to hang fat balls

To assist in helping wild birds feed from your fat balls, the best places to consider is a branch inside the hedgerow or off the garden tree.

Published 3rd August 2019

12 Summer bird feeding tips

Help wild birds survive during the hot dry weather with our 12 summer bird feeding tips, well we cover protein food to attract birds to eat.

Published 3rd August 2019

How to fill a bird feeder

How to fill a bird feeder will first understanding how it opens, then its best practice to use little feed as possible to prevent wastage.

Published 3rd August 2019

Ways to hang bird feeders

Rather than relying on the standard hook on the bird feeder, make it bigger with an S bracket or use a decorative rope with a lovely knot.

Published 20th July 2019

Where to put a robin nest box

Setting up a bird box for Robins depends are your garden; placement depends on cover from ivy or plants, well siting box 2 metres up.

Published 8th July 2019

How far apart should bird boxes be

Setup multiple bird boxes as far apart as you possibly can, well still maintaining strict rules; including facing boxes north/east only.