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Wild Bird Advice

Refine your garden bird equipment overtime until you've attracted as many wild birds as possible; to do that you'll need to understand anything from positioning to sizing.

Published 17th January 2021

What colour should a bird box be

What colour a bird box should be to setup in your garden would be one that can blend in well with your garden decor, and so too the area its fixed to.

Published 17th January 2021

What height should a bird table be

How high a bird table should be is 5 to 6 feet minimum. Not only does it serve to protect birds from predators - garden birds do prefer to feed from a height.

Published 16th January 2021

Are Suet Feeders squirrel proof

Common mistake in believing a wild bird suet feeder is squirrel proof is how its made; as squirrel proof feeders are built in a near identical cage surround.

Published 14th January 2021

Why won't birds eat my fat balls

Reason why birds won't eat your fat balls could be the wrong type of fat ball ingredients are being offered, or could the fat balls be made inaccessible.

Published 13th January 2021

What will deter squirrels from bird feeders

To deter squirrels from bird feeders would require their own special food source, or else specialty squirrel proof bird feeders or a baffle would do it.

Published 12th January 2021

How to attract birds without a feeder

How you would attract birds to your garden would be focusing primarily on wild bird food mixes, locating it in a single location to substitute a feeding station.

Published 11th January 2021

How to clean wooden bird feeders

Develop a cleaning routine of your wooden bird feeder to prevent the build up of stubborn grime, by following my how-to cleaning ritual in the garden.

Published 10th January 2021

Can bird feeders be too close together

Rule of thumb is a 1 ft. distance for hanging bird feeders; too close together feeders could see wind knocking them, damage or injury to wild birds.

Published 9th January 2021

Best way to STOP feeding birds

Slowly reduce food sources in your garden to nothing more than a single bird feeder, in this time birds can go off to find better, more reliable food sources.

Published 8th January 2021

What size should a bird box be

Refer to my bird box size table to help you build or buy a bird box intended for a certain garden bird species, although sizing is only a recommendation.