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Wild Bird Habit

When wild birds are not coming to your garden paradise you need to know there habits; you can also understand what it is they do when they're not visiting your garden.

Published 11th February 2021

Do birds eat from feeders at night

Birds don't use feeders at night simply because they can't see; being diurnal, all garden birds become blind under low lighting, so are unable to feed.

Published 7th February 2021

What happens if I stop feeding birds

You could have good reasons to stop feeding birds, but to do so not much can happen; but to do it in severe weather conditions can have consequence.

Published 6th February 2021

Best time to feed birds

Best time your can feed your garden birds all year round would be before 7:00AM, but its best you do so the evening before to avoid disrupting them.

Published 3rd February 2021

What time of day do birds feed

Expect first thing in the morning when it gets light outside for wild birds to begin their daily feeding ritual, as it starts an hour later in Spring through Winter.

Published 13th December 2020

Do birds become dependent on bird feeders

For centuries people have fed birds in our gardens, but for decades we've relied on bird feeders; so birds in the wild become dependent on their use.

Published 4th August 2019

Why do birds like bird baths

Why birds like bird baths so much is due to gardens offering a safe haven with an environment that has food, water and cover they find on their travels.

Published 21st July 2019

Do birds feed in the rain

Probability of wild birds feeding in the rain is high, but as the rain gets harsher the birds will take to cover has the rain drops can hurt them.

Published 27th June 2019

Attract birds to garden guide

Attract wild birds to your garden by offering them what they need; food, fresh water, line of sight with coverage to hide and a nesting site.

Published 20th June 2019

Birds NOT using feeder

If wild birds are not using the feeder, its time to step it up with more feeders with the use of more food varieties... with a change of location.

Published 19th June 2019

Do birds fly at night

If a wild bird that is normally active in the day flies at night, its because it was probably startled; though it is possible few species do fly at night time.