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Wild Bird Diet

Know what visiting birds to your garden eat or drink by making use of my wild bird diet plan; it includes cheap healthy snacks to bird food that has effective health benefits.

Published 27th August 2019

What birds eat nyjer

All types of birds will take to eating nyjer seeds; amongst them are Tits, Sparrows or Robins, with use in the bird feeder or on the ground.

Published 5th August 2019

Is it bad to feed birds?

It is bad to feed birds in your garden if you only provide poor nutritional value food, care less about hygiene well not attracting predators.

Published 4th August 2019

What do Robins eat

Robins are ground feeding birds so will take to eating earthworms, snails or spiders, well they eat fruit, peanuts, seeds and high in fat foods.

Published 3rd August 2019

When do birds eat from feeders

Wild birds eat from feeders all year long, weather permitted; and that's if they already eat from them, as it takes time for birds to show up.

Published 29th July 2019

Can wild birds eat cheese?

Feed high in fat mild grated hard cheeses to garden birds; grating makes it easy to eat for all birds, well Cheddar is the go to variety.

Published 8th July 2019

Feeding birds bread

If you're feeding birds bread once in a while, then that's fine. Large quantities would take its tell on all wild birds health with lack of nutrients.

Published 7th July 2019

Do crows eat meat

Crows are omnivore so therefore are eaters of meat with various plant based diet. In fact they eat small birds to decaying dead animals.

Published 5th July 2019

How to give birds water

Keep a healthy supply of fresh water left out for your visiting feathered friends, topping up the bird bath to the water bowl every single day.

Published 4th July 2019

Fat balls for birds in summer

Feed fat balls for wild birds in the summer months in shaded areas only; as to stop the balls going soft and rotten in a short period of time.

Published 30th June 2019

Can wild birds eat Almonds

Feeding wild birds almonds is a good way to make sure garden birds are fed a nut that is high in protein for energy, fibre and calories.