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Wild Bird Diet

Know what visiting birds to your garden eat or drink by making use of my wild bird diet plan; it includes cheap healthy snacks to bird food that has effective health benefits.

Published 15th January 2021

Can wild birds eat Pistachios

Common garden birds can eat pistachios providing they're unshelled, paper-thin coat is peeled of, while crushing them up to serve up does help a lot.

Published 2nd January 2021

Can birds eat nectarines

Feed a nectarine to wild birds as you may see a few takers; its a great food source but made up of water, so can benefit birds in more ways than one.

Published 13th December 2020

Can wild birds eat cucumber

Cucumber are one of many fruits you can feed to garden birds; cut it open to reveal the juicy centre, while catering to all by placing chunks around the garden.

Published 11th December 2020

Can birds eat salted peanuts

Never feed regular salted peanuts to garden birds as they contain natural toxins; so there's no doubt about, it will lead to ill health and eventually death.

Published 28th August 2020

Can wild birds eat pears

Wait until fruit eating wild birds visit your garden as these will be the likely contenders to feed on a cut open pear, providing its accessible and easy to find.

Published 1st July 2020

How to make bird suet

To create a quick and easy, yet cheap homemade suet for wild birds, you'll only require 250g lard, 250 bird seed - plus 250g of oats to combine.

Published 4th June 2020

Do wild birds eat bananas

Bananas are a source of vitamins and fibre to wild birds so are incredibly good for them, so its encouraged you try to feed a banana to garden birds.

Published 2nd June 2020

Can birds eat dog food

Serve up dog food to wild birds if you must as it has natural value; try gravy soaked dog food or make use of the dried kind while crushing it up.

Published 27th August 2019

What birds eat nyjer

All types of birds will take to eating nyjer seeds; amongst them are Tits, Sparrows or Robins, with use in the bird feeder or on the ground.

Published 5th August 2019

Is it bad to feed birds?

It is bad to feed birds in your garden if you only provide poor nutritional value food, care less about hygiene well not attracting predators.