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Woodpecker feeding in rain

Do birds feed in the rain

If birds can drink and bathe in the puddles or bird bath all year round, a drop of rain won't deter them from feeding at the bird feeding station or on the ground.

Birds do feed in the rain from the hanging bird feeders in the garden to out in the wild; on the ground to on the wing. Naturally, high winds or storms will probably keep all birds from feeding as the rain becomes heavy on them, but for light showers its business as normal for feeding birds.

When you're out and about there's a high probability you'll see the usual pigeons, starlings or blackbirds carrying on feeding off the ground as normal.

Not the case with small garden birds as the high winds with fierce downpours are likely to be to harsh on there fragile bodies.

So well you'll likely to see larger birds in the rain, the smaller garden birds are likely to sit it out until the rain subsides, or stops all together.

When it rains you'll likely see the wind pick up, so its these conditions that are not suitable for most common birds.

If its light showers only, this it not likely to deter many birds from feeding in the rain, its only when it pick's up with big drops it becomes an issue for wild life.

Ground feeding birds are likely to be the biggest benefactors in the rain, as worms make there way up to the surface to be gobbled up by waiting ground feeders.

And well they might not feed as its pouring down, a little rain is the best conditions to feed off the ground, before worms make there way back down once its dried up.

If birds are to carry on eating in your garden well it rains, you might want to setup a covered bird table, or position your feeders in a sheltered area.

Gale force winds keep birds away

Size, weight and agility in birds is not the right conditions to tackle feeding times in gale force winds.

In this time when the wind picks up and the rain is really coming down, birds will stay under cover or keep to there nest until the weather subsides.

That's not always the case mind you, wild birds feeding is a matter of life and death, so the times drawn out with harsh, rainy days, birds may venture out to feed.

Where there's gale force winds its almost guaranteed strong rain will follow suite; both strong winds and rain will keep all wild life away.

Large crows or blackbirds are the likely culprits to venture in all weathers, but still hard rain will keep them away, just as it does people.

Light showers won't stop them

All wild birds are likely to carry on as normal in light showers, whether that's eating at the feeding station or on the ground.

Light showers will be a welcome sight in hot, dry weather and where there's rain, there's puddles forming for the birds to drink.

When we talk about light showers we're of course talking about the light sprinkle in the air, any light downpours or showers will still be suitable for small garden birds.

Its a good time for birds to feed in light showers as many birds prefer to stay away, so more room for the the more adventurous birds to feed before they all show up.

Good time for ground feeding birds

When it rains worms head back up to the surface to prevent drowning with rain seeping into the soil.

Its this time all ground feeding birds will take advantage of the wet weather by feeding.

Ground feeding birds won't necessarily feed just because worms will be readily available, its still weather permitted.

By that we mean they won't feed off the wet ground if the rain is coming down hard, but rather holding back until the rain slows, but it doesn't have to stop.

Birds will need common ground here; if left to late the worms will burrow back underground, with the birds missing a juicy, high protein meal.

Birds that stay clear

Jackdaw in the rain
If this Jackdaw can behave as normal in the rain, there's nothing stopping it from feeding as the rain pours down.

As we've mentioned, its possible all common garden birds will stay clear well its raining, but when it slows down all the Tits, Sparrows and Robins will return.

In light showers the birds you see the most at the peanut, seed or fat ball feeder will carry on as normal, its only when the rain picks up they will head back under cover.

More reason than ever to keep your feeders close to hedgerows or trees; with this natural cover birds can carry on feeding without the weather holding them back.

All birds that keep to wooded habitants are likely to not be deterred by rain as it barely courses issues, its those birds that live out in the open that would stay out of the way.

Regardless, if you research images of birds feeding in the rain, there's a high probability you'll see all bird species eating something or another in rain.

Eating under cover

If birds can't feed under natural cover in woodlands, trees or bird feeding stations in the garden, they will stay clear.

However, if you're lucky enough to have a covered bird table for example, birds will use this roof to carry on feeding.

If you have a wooden bird table, just make sure you spread out feed on the covered platform so birds can take cover well eating in the rain.

Well bird feeding stations are usually sited out in the elements, though often when its close to the house it may offer protection from windy rain.

Drinking in the rain

Well birds can take advantage of the rain well using it to bathe with help of a nearby puddle, its a good time for birds to drink the rain water before it dries up again.

In hot summer days the rain quickly dries up once its stopped, and birds know this.

Rather than waiting for the rain to stop all together, they will use the lighter rain to drink or bathe.

And well they're at it, they may as well take to your hanging bird feeders or bird table well its at its quietist time.

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