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Crow scavaging for insects on the ground

Do Crows eat meat

Member of the crow family are all carrion eaters; meaning they will eat raw meat to catching and eating live small birds, there young or take eggs from the nest or bird box.

Crows, or to be more precise Carrion crows, do eat meat, with a diet made up of small birds and there young, they also attack and kill larger birds. Crows are omnivores, so have a meat and plant based diet, with all the scraps found left over by people - as carrion, they will eat decaying dead animals.

If there is one wild bird that will feed on anything found on the ground it would be a crow; that could be food throw away by people, to decaying dead animals.

Its the meat of dead animals crows rely on for protein, well eating various, more healthier feed for fibre and other important nutrients.

Crows are more likely to eat decaying birds than catching and eat them, but they will.

Notorious for eating small birds or there young, crows will also eat eggs found in the nest or even take to snatching eggs from the bird box setup in the garden.

Generally, crows will eat anything they find, they're not picky.

Omnivore diet consists of anything from all types of meats; to seeds, insects, grain, nuts, fruit and worms.

Well they do mostly take to killing and eating small birds, they will also take to catching small mammals; mice, rats, shrews and so much more.

Omnivores: will eat anything

Being omnivores crows have a diet consisting of meat, plant based food and scraps; basically anything that is edible and found on the ground.

This varied diet would allow crows to obtain important nutrients found in the plant based food for fibre, well meat is vital for protein.

Well crows will eat meats found from the dead, plant based realise heavily on feed left out in garden intended for small garden birds.

But they will also feed on plants grown out in the wild.


Carrion crows, or all the crow family are carrion eaters, meaning much of there meat supply comes from the dead.

They could scavenge on dead birds or rodents found in the suburbs or isolated areas, or take to eating farm animals that haven't been found or located yet.

Carrion is the decaying flesh of a dead animal, so its unlikely they killed it themselves, rather choosing to scavenge on what they find.

Quite often you may see a dead pigeon or bird on the ground; well you pass it each day the feathers begin to be pulled off as the corps starts to evaporate over time.

People would assume the neighbourhood cats would occasional stop by to eat on the remains, but its probably the crows that feed on the dead animal, not cats at all.

Raw meat or cooked

When a crow eats meat its always that of raw meat from dead, decaying animals. It could be roadkill to an animal that died of natural causes.

Its highly unlikely a crow would take to eating cook or even given the chance to eat cooked meat... but they will if they're given the chance.

And that brings use to scraps for birds, if you leave out cook chicken, beef or pork out in the garden, crows are likely to scoop it up.

Never leave out cooked meat for the crow family to eat, this will only deter smaller, kinder birds from ever visiting your garden.

If you must feed them, they will eat all types of feed other than meat...

What else do crows eat

Well crows are known to be carrion eaters, they still have a varied diet when not relying on scraps left over by people.

Crows are ground feeders so will eat all worms or insects found on the grass, along with seeds or fruits grown in the wild.

If you have a bird box setup in the garden with a large entrance hole, crows are likely to pick out the eggs if you're not careful.

If food is found on the ground, they would prefer to stay with that.

Scraps that birds eat vary from bread to chips left over by people, but so will they eat crisps, chocolates or general junk food that is often disposed of by people.

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