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How to level a concrete bird bath

One issue that most people don't realise when positioning a new bird bath is that the concrete bird bath is not level on its new location.

How to level a concrete bird bath quickly and effectively is by using a handful of gravel under the bird bath. Gravel allows you to level a bird bath off with no real cost, such as pouring a concrete foundation. What else you can use at little cost is a single patio slab, a stepping stone or a number of paying stones.

When setting up a heavy concrete bird bath on its new location, I recommend you don't use the bird bath itself to try and make a flat patch.

Concrete bird baths are prone to cracking if too much pressure is forced upon it.

So do it by touch only using your hands to lay gravel or stones, or use a patio slab or decorative stepping stone to create an instant flat surface.

Surface I am referring to only is a lawn or a soft turf area in the garden, as this area can be dug up and reshaped if need be.

If you need to level off a concrete bird bath on a corresponding concrete patio or area that cannot be dug up - simply use a spot of wet concrete so its dries up while leveling the bird bath.

Using this method will not bond the bird bath to the concrete, but it can offer a little protection against the wind where bird bath would otherwise need anchoring - but less so with a heavy stone bird bath.

I understand you will want to blend in the foundation with the bird bath or landscape, so that can be an option if need be.

First of all, a foundation of any kind does not need to be seen, as the bird bath base can cover it up; providing you don't go overboard laying the patio slab or concrete foundation.

Wild birds won't use a bird bath that is unsafe or moves in the littlest of wind, so do commit to a foundation that is not only level, but as no movement to the bird bath.

Low cost, easy gravel pile

It really needn't be much trouble or come at much cost to level off a concrete bird bath as its only a small bag of gravel needed.

But I must say this solution can only work on a lawn, soil or soft turf area.

So its therefore possible to dig a little rounded or square shape out of the ground as to bury the stones in it - to not dig a hole would only result in the bird bath balancing on a precarious gravel pile.

Likewise, a generous helping of wood chipping if only too compliment the garden landscape can be used - but what I am about to advice you would really make no difference what option you use.

For way under a fiver, you should be able to buy a big - or not to much - of stones or gravel as sold in a well-known DIY store or a local building merchant.

Simply pile the stones under the base of the bird bath as to not be seen by the naked eye. If the stones are seen unnecessary it can appear to be quite tacky, unless of course you have a plan to create a sort of gravel bird bath surround.

So with this pile of stones under the bird bath you will need to level them off before planting the stone bird bath on top.

Then its a matter of leveling off the stones using the bath base until you get it nice and flat, but I must reiterate to not use the bird bath as a sort of gravel flattener device.

Pour a concrete foundation

I highly recommend you follow my advice above by simply using a loose helping of stones or gravel to sit a concrete bird bath on.

However, what can be more complimentary to a concrete bird bath than sitting it on a concrete foundation.

Simply create a square surround using wooden panels before pouring in a concrete mix, cheaply bought via a builder's merchant or B&Q, for example.

Don't build the concrete foundation out of the ground as it will guarantee to appear out of touch with the rest of the garden decor.

So you will need to build the foundation into the ground so the concrete bird bath is level with the garden lawn or patio.

In due course you can expect the bird bath and its foundation to weather, thus allow them both to blend in not only with each other, but with the rest of the garden.

To pour a small concrete foundation will require one part concrete to four part sand; no gravel will be needed to strengthen the mix.

But rest assured, pouring a concrete foundation need not be permanent if laying in the lawn or on a spot in the soil - as a dried concrete foundation can easily be lifted up and taken away if you get it all wrong - so you can start again.

Level off bird bath on patio slab

Not just patio slabs but paving stones can be an option as this method would require the foundation sitting under the bird bath to be seen.

Level off the concrete bird bath by placing a patio slab beneath it. To level the patio you will be using the turf below the lawn - so it needs digging out.

Simply insert the patio slab part-way into the lawn or soil to allow the bird bath to be level with the rest of the lawn.

But before sitting the bird bath on the slab you will need to first make sure its level by using a spirit level - or use a measure of water to see any subsiding.

Once you've found a nice level you are happy with, you can continue to carefully position then heavy concrete bird bath on it.

The concrete bird bath will be heavy so can change the leveled foundation once positioned. So you will need to make sure it hasn't tilted the patio as you plant the bird bath on it.

Only the one patio slab will be needed so make it one that matches the patio you may have in your garden already, but if not instead make sure the patio slab matches the bird bath - as to compliment each other.

Likewise, you can use a number of decorative paying stones to create a perfect square that will appear more attractive, but can be made smaller than a patio slab.

Easy to lay stepping stone

What can be more easy then simply laying a tough, hard wearing patio slab on the lawn or turf area to create a leveled off area to sit the bird bath on.

But what you might find is the patio slab options in question might not fit in with the decor of the garden.

And worse still, you could find the square patio slab just won't match the bird bath.

Easy solution to that is buying what is known as a stepping stone from your local DIY store or builder's merchant.

Stepping stones help create a decorative yet practical pathway over gravel or over a lawn - so will be the perfect solution.

What is more important are stepping stones come in all colours, so is sure to match the bird bath, while a rounded patio slab can now be found.

So I suggest you buy a rounded stepping stone if the base of the bird bath is rounded, as it will appear much nicer than a too large, square patio slab.

Same rules apply as mention while laying a patio slab, as you'll need to bury the stepping stone into the ground as to be level with the surface.

Weighted object to level ground

As it happens a patio slab, paying stone, a helping of gravel or a concrete foundation might not be needed at all.

Instead the area you wish to position the bird bath on might just need leveling off with a heavy object.

Namely the sole of your shoe can be used to flatten a lumpy lawn or a mallet can be used if you're somewhat less able.

If you wish to situate the concrete bird bath on a patio that is not level, then why not dig up that troublesome patio slab to resurface it again.

More difficulty will be uplifting decking but I don't believe a wooden foundation would be ideal for a concrete bird bath.

If your garden as a slope to it while making it difficult to lay any garden decor or furniture, you do have an option of digging in a flat area still.

However, if the slope is too dramatic you can easily take a shovel and dig out access turf to create a sort of step where the bird bath sits.

It will be noticeable with a muddy patch on the lawn so it would be best to remove a level of lawn only to re-plant it back on the now flat muddy patch.

To summarise leveling techniques

Leveling a concrete bird bath does not need to be a big deal, all that is really needed is a handful of gravel or stones to create an artificial, yet effective foundation.

Simply dig out the lawn that is no wider than the bird bath base, to only then pour in the gravel to create a flat surface.

This technique doesn't call for the gravel or stones to be seen but if that is what you want, its up to you too make it work with your garden landscape.

If its something a little more permanent you need then pouring a real concrete foundation can be an option, but can cost a little more - with a lot more fuss.

Little sand and concrete mix is needed and if you go wrong, wait until the foundation is dry to simply pull it up to start again.

But I won't recommend you go through the trouble, or mess, of pouring a concrete base when a level of stones or gravel can be used.

What is perhaps a little less trouble than dusty old gravel or stones is a solid patio slab to bury partially into the ground.

Making use of a patio slab would mean the slab is seen so make it a decorative one or a slab that compliments or blends in with the bird bath.

But a standard patio slab is square only so you can make use of a single round stepping stone if you want to match a round base on a bird bath.

Non of the methods mention so far have to be used when you could just flatten the lawn.

By that I mean simply level the lawn or turf with your foot or with a weighted object to create a flat surface their and then.

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