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Picture of a Chaffinch

Chaffinch foraging on ground
Chaffinch on gritty ground
Chaffinch perched on branch
Chaffinch from behind
Chaffinch perched on branch
Chaffinch at root of tree
Reating Chaffinch
Chaffinch on sturdy branch
Chaffinch sitting
Chaffinch on garden furniture
Chaffinch losing seed

We don't have just the one picture of a Chaffinch but a whole bunch for you to view in our gallery, along with product description with a shout out to the remarkable photographer.

Credits with picture description

  1. smarko - Chaffinch looking on well foraging on ground
  2. klimkin - Chaffinch standing on to black gritty ground
  3. Kaz - Chaffinch perched on thick branch well looking on for his next meal
  4. Kaz - Looking at Chaffinch from behind well its perched on a beautifully detailed tree branch
  5. satynek - Skinny Chaffinch perched onto tree branch
  6. Gellinger - Chaffinch perched on root of tree well foraging around on autumn leaves
  7. Gellinger - Resting Chaffinch perched on a branch well relaxing
  8. Pintail - Profile picture of a Chaffinch perched on a sturdy single branch
  9. Oldiefan - Chaffinch sitting on thick tree branch well looking over
  10. moritz320 - Chaffinch perched on ornamental garden furniture looking back behind.
  11. 11066063 - Chaffinch has a bit of a bad luck losing a seed its just picked up

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