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Sparrow investigates fat balls hanging off wooden bird table

Best position for bird table

No hard or fast rules of setting up a bird table in your garden but trial and error on your part is a likelihood, so don't commit until its been tested over the cause of months.

The best position for a bird table would be central to the lawn or patio; thus keeping it inline with the landscape, as to avoid an awkwardly positioned bird table. If the position found is a good fit, you will then want to make sure you can watch the birds coming and going from inside the house or outside on the patio.

Its never quite as easy is it when it comes to positioning a bird feeder as trial and error is very much needed over the course of a month or so.

In that time you will understand the location will be its permanent home, all while giving you time to deal with unexpected problems.

Among them is if you, the buyer of the bird table, can watch the birds land, feed and scrap away as you relax sitting in your living room, while looking through the window.

To make that work you'll find that moving the bird table closer to the window helps a bunch.

Positioning on the lawn is easily done as securing it with ground pegs is essential, where a patio or decking location requires other ways to secure the bird table to the ground.

When setting up in the ideal location, natural coverage in terms of hedges, bushes or a tree can really help the birds with there surroundings.

That can only mean they will enjoy coming to your garden to feed under your bird table.

Finally, its vital the bird table position is not obstructing the birds line or flight, nor is it stopping them spotting approaching predators.

Central to lawn or patio

When positioning your new wooden bird table in your garden you will want to do so as to not lower the standards of your pride and joy.

Sitting a bird table perfectly central to the front or back garden will be the best way to setup the table as to avoid an awkward setup.

Right dab in the middle of the garden cannot always be met but as close as possible will sure keep it inline with the boundary around the bird table.

If you cannot position the bird table centrally then you'll need to position it further out so it doesn't look too misaligned.

Overgrown hedgerows or a tree line can do that but it can be ignored; on the other hand if you can move the bird table over because of the overgrown side of the garden, than be sure to if it looks nice.

Only take on board the central to you garden if it benefits you, the bird table still needs to have amazing views for you, the owner who intends ono watching wild birds coming and go over the course of the day.

Positioning benefits you

Whatever you decide to do you must setup up your bird table in a position that benefits you, meaning you can see the birds land, feed and table off.

Centrally positioning a bird table might not be the solution - to most people as a matter of fact - so you'll need to make adjustments.

First thing to do is where you watch out of your window - be it standing up or sitting down - move the bird table as to be within your eye line.

If you intend to watch the birds as you sit then you'll find locating the bird table closer to the window will help with that.

If its positioned further down the garden then your views all but disappear, unless you stand up.

Do not position the bird table too close to the window as to avoid startling birds away every time there's movement inside the house, bit don't locate it to far away as to miss the amazing activity that happens around the bird table.

Near to hedgerow or bushes

Coal Tit perched on hanging bird table
Coal Tit is seen perched on hanging wooden bird table; the rules of positioning a hanging bird table inherits that of the bird table sitting on a post.

Wild birds love the cover of hedges or bushes so if you have an hedgerow or a tree in the garden, then be sure to position the bird table only a metre or two away.

You may find that positioning of the bird table to the natural growth in your garden doesn't measure up, so you will have to compromise.

What I mean by that is you'll have to choose between locating the bird table in an area in the garden that benefits the birds more; or selfishly locating the bird table where you'll have amazing views of the feeding frenzy throughout the day.

If you decide to go for an open bird table without a roof then a tree or hedgerow could offer some natural cover.

When deciding to go for a wooden bird table with a roof then there's little need to worry about cover from the elements.

When positioning a bird table in your garden with any hedges, bushes or even a small tree, you just might find the presence of blooming natural surroundings sure helps birds.

No obstacles in the way

Taking on board all that is explained thus far is simply a compromise between benefiting the wild birds or you the most.

Having said that whatever you decide one crucial mistake can dampen the visitation of Robins, Tits or Sparrows to your bird table.

While quite agile and able to fly into the most obstructing points where there's food, you really need to keep a clear line of sight.

What that means is the presence of objects such as general garden clutter, outdoor furniture or a washing line full of washing can keep the birds away.

Wild birds who feed in the garden like to keep a sharp eye while the eat, and they won't be able to do so if items obstruct there views.

I am talking about common garden clutter mind you but natural coverage in tree's or say a bush benefits them with a place to hide.

Its also worth noting positioning a bird table too close to a wall, fence or the house can be a nuisance as birds attempt to land to feed on the bird table.

On top of that, if you wish to hang bird feeders off the bird table then you'd probably need more space to accommodate the extra, yet welcoming clutter.


You will want to position a wooden bird table central to your lawn or patio as to stay in keeping with the spacing in the garden.

That is not always a possibility mind you as people's garden landscape varies, so you will need to make a compromise.

If a perfectly positioned bird table is a no-go then sliding it up a few feet to keep it clear of obstacles will certainly help to a degree.

In setting up a bird table in your garden you will what to do so that benefits you only.

What that means is the bird table has to be clearly visible from your vantage point inside the home or when you're relaxing outdoors on the patio furniture, for example.

Great for you but that will mean the bird tables best position will sometimes have to be downgraded, thus reducing the likelihood of more wild birds making use of the bird table.

Never setup a bird table permanently - such as laying patio or cement - until some time as passed knowing the birds are loving the bird tables current position.

That means keeping clear obstacles that could reduce there line of flight as they come and go - plus they need to keep an eye on nearby predators such as cats.

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