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Blue Tit arriving back at metal plate surrounded entrance hole to feed young
31 AUGUST 2020

Bird Box Entrance Hole Plates

Stop squirrels or predatory wild birds entering a bird box to steel eggs or kill chicks by simply fixing a metal plate over the entrance hole.

Bird box entrance hole plates exist to prevent predators making the entrance hole larger as to gain access to the interior. To secure a hard wearing, weatherproof metal plate aligned with the rounded hole will stop predators ever accessing it, with a bonus of preventing tenants altering the hole to their needs.

It needn't be to difficult making use of a metal bird box entrance hole plate; simply match the plate hole size to the bird box hole size, to secure tightly on.

Fixings are always included so you only need to supply your own screwdriver, or power drill if only to drill a pilot hole if anything else, but its not often needed.

Sizing options of up to three entrance holes include the smallest 25mm, 28mm and 32mm being the largest.

To alter a bird box hole using a metal plate can only lead to encouraging other wild birds to nest, while deterring birds the wooden bird box was original built for.

Squirrel perched on top of wooden bird box with metal plate
Squirrels can be a danger to chicks or eggs within a bird box, so the metal plate prevents this happening, as pictured.

Hard wearing metal plates cannot be damaged or removed by predators, so there's no worrying about access once secured to the timber.

Only use a metal entrance hole plate for protection against squirrels or predatory wild birds, such as woodpeckers - if you don't have this issue in your area then there's no need for a metal plate at all.

An option to remove the shine off your metal stainless steel plate is possible by using an exterior metal paint colour of your choosing.

Bird Box Entrance Hole Plates Data

Product Name: Hole: Material:
Avontar: Bird Box Protection Plate 25mm Steel
Simply Hardware: Satin Stainless Steel Bird Box Plate 32mm Steel
CJ Wildlife: Nest Box Plate 28mm Steel
Simply Hardware: Satin Stainless Steel Bird Box Plate 25mm Steel
Simply Hardware: Satin Stainless Steel Bird Box Plate 28mm Steel
C J Wildlife: Nest Box Protection Plate 32mm Steel
Riverside Woodcraft: Stainless Steel Nest Box Plate Set Mixed Steel
Up to seven steel bird box entrance hole plates featured while representing all three bird box hole sizes that are important to bird box nesting birds.

Nothing more simplified than a metal bird box plate that is used to double up as a hole for wild birds to enter through.

Simple they may be, but more practical than you think, not only do metal entrance hole plates add protection, but will help keep your wooden bird box in brand new condition, as wild birds like to make it their own.

Its not uncommon to see a series of wild bird species altering the bird box hole to their own liking - thus ruining the bird box appearance.

Blue Tit pictured chipping away on entrance hole edging
Fixing a metal entrance hole plate to your bird box can prevent a wild bird, much like this Blue Tit pictured, resizing the hole by chipping away the edges, while ruining your box.

Only buy a bird box plate for offering protection against predatory wild birds or squirrels, but not if you don't need to worry about this issue.

Resizing the bird box entrance hole using a drill bit is more practical than using a metal plate to resize - as it won't offer much comfort for wild birds to come and go.

Avontar: 25mm Bird Box Protection Plate

Avontar 25mm Bird Box Protection Plate

Buy it on Amazon for this Blue Tit option, along with a Great Tit or Sparrow plate sub-selection.

To fix this hard-wearing steel plate to the entrance hole of a 25mm bird box, it would be one to attract Blue Tits, Coal Tits and Marsh Tits only.

So not only can the Tit family alter the entrance hole to make it their own, there's no possible way a predatory bird or squirrel can access the eggs or young.

Square shaped stainless steel plate makes up the overall appearance, while the 25mm entrance hole is dead in the centre.

Each corner as a pre-set screw hole where you can very easily screw in the 4 supplied screws by hand, or with a power drill.

Plate is made to be rust proof so as a 304 grade to demonstrate this.

Simply Hardware: 32mm Satin Stainless Steel Bird Box Plate

Simply Hardware 32mm Satin Stainless Steel Bird Box Plate

Highly rated, so to buy on Amazon it has been given the badge of honour.

Why you would want to secure this 32mm entrance steel plate to your bird box is to either protect or prevent an altered hole by the occupying parents.

Fix this 32mm rounded steel plate to secure a home for mostly Nuthatches, who prefer an entrance hole of this size.

You could also see the plate secured a wooden bird box for either a House Sparrow, Pied Flycatcher or a Great Tit - all of whom like a 28mm hole size - but can take to a hole size that only has a 4mm difference.

Complete metal plate size is only 70mm by 70mm, so is small enough to fit onto any size bird box with no overhanging or no disrupting an hinge opening to access the box.

CJ Wildlife: 28mm Nest Box Plate

CJ Wildlife: 28mm Nest Box Plate

Cost a bit more if bought on Amazon but is nicely packed.

Too secure a metal plate of 28mm would see better protection to a larger number of small garden birds, than any other species.

Fix this steel 28mm next box entrance hole plate to a bird box with a current hole size of 28mm; as to maintain a nice clean hole, but to prevent Woodpeckers or other predators accessing the eggs or killing the young.

Secure this plate to assist House Sparrows and Tree Sparrows, Great Tits, Pied Flycatcher, or a Great Tit.

Other bird box nesting birds also likely to accommodate a bird box entrance hole of this size are those that would prefer a 25mm to 32mm hole.

Simply Hardware: 25mm Satin Stainless Steel Bird Box Plate

Simply Hardware 25mm Satin Stainless Steel Bird Box Plate

Inline pricing wise to buy on Amazon with a hole size not changing the cost.

Securing a 25mm stainless steel plate to a bird box with a corresponding hole size is to protect the most common garden nesting birds.

Living in a bird box with a hole size of 25mm will see a small number of the Tit family.

So you will be protecting either Blue Tits, Coal Tits or Marsh Tits; Blue Tits of all are capable of resizing their bird box hole, so this plate will stop that ever happening.

Notice how the stainless steel is finished in a satin, what that means is the matt finish won't show up as much or reflecting in the sunshine, thus avoiding the attention of wild bird predators to the hole.

All fixings to secure the square plate firmly over the bird box entrance hole are supplied.

Simply Hardware: 28mm Satin Stainless Steel Bird Box Plate

Simply Hardware 28mm Satin Stainless Steel Bird Box Plate

Simple metal plate with a hole in the middle for less than three quid when bought on Amazon.

Over a hard-wearing stainless steel bird box protection plate again is the 28mm size, so Great Tits, Pied Flycatchers or House Sparrows are sure to benefit.

Other than these species, other wild birds are likely to enter a bird box with a 28mm entrance hole as only a handful of millimetres make the difference.

Total square hole size is no more than 70mm so is a small plate that will fit to most bird boxes, without causing issues with box access.

Satin finish to prevent reflection that often attracts predators to, but its easy to install with 4 screws included.

CJ Wildlife: 32mm Nest Box Protection Plate

CJ Wildlife 32mm Nest Box Protection Plate

CJ entrance hole plates do cost a quid or two more to buy on Amazon.

As most producers of metal entrance hole plates use millimetres, you should see the metal hole line up with the bird box hole perfectly.

But to be a little larger or smaller will not cause any issues.

CJ Wildlife's take on a next box protection plate is a standard one using a square plate with a 32mm hole in the middle - Nuthatches are the only wild bird who use nesting boxes who prefer a hole of this size.

Fix to bird box face using a 4 screws provided with no pilot hole needed, with the screws offering a comfortable rounded head.

Riverside Woodcraft: Stainless Steel Nest Box Plate Set

Riverside Woodcraft Stainless Steel Nest Box Plate Set

Buy on Amazon for a set of three plates averaging 4 quid each, delivery included.

Covering the entrance hole of a wooden bird box with a corresponding bird box entrance hole plate is not going to deter or encourage wild birds to nest, than it would without.

However, to alter the size of a bird box entrance hole with a metal place can deter birds more so than attracting them.

So its important to get the original bird box hole sizing correct fist time to make sure only those wild birds you want to use your bird box, will actually use it.

CJ Wildlife offer a set of 25mm, 28mm and 32mm metal plates that can be used with one box over the coming years, or fix them to multiple bird boxes you may have setup in your garden.

Tough, hard wearing plates supplied with screws but you'd need to provide your own screwdriver.

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