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Do Wrens eat mealworms

Feed your visiting Wrens to your garden nutritious dried mealworms; insect eating wild birds like Wrens will all be willing to try dried mealworms.

Well Wrens might eat from plants, they're also insect eating birds so will forage the ground for insects to eat. Its because of this we can say for certain Wrens do and will eat mealworms if available in the garden. Dried mealworms should be offered from the ground or with easy access on the feeder.

How you present mealworms to Wrens is optional, but ideally you'd want to wait until they're around before laying them out, just so other birds don't get hold of them first.

If that's not possible, simply layout a pile randomly around your garden.

You can bring life back to dried mealworms by soaking them in hot water for a short while, this will make them thick and juicy which should attract the Wrens even more.

Eating insects

Wrens are insect eating birds among many other things, so they would be more than willing to eat mealworms.

They will always have the habit of eating insects when a helping of other types of natural feed is not widely available.

If you're feeding them during nesting time, you'll be glad to know well they will eat mealworms, they will also take them away to feed there chicks.

To make it easy for the chicks to digest, why not soak the dried mealworms in hot water before putting out in garden, you may find the Wrens are more willing.

Mealworms on feeder

Wrens eat off garden bird feeder so it would be safe to say you could attract them this way, with a purpose built mealworm feeder or use something they don't have to work for.

Take the mesh feeding tray, this feeder would be the ideal setting to encourage your Wrens to feed without going through the trouble of using the specialty feeder.

It important to never make it difficult for Wrens to eat, so you should probably go without the feeders and go with a ground feeding tray.

Or use the mesh tray on the feeding station.

Remember, willing Wrens will eat out of the feeder along with all other common small garden birds, but know this it not there favourite spot.

So with that in mind, it may be harder to attract them to the feeder.

Off the ground

If anything you always can feed Wrens mealworms on the ground.

Don't make it hard on yourself by finding the right spot around the garden, or making the most of your feeder by always encouraging Wrens to feed there.

All it takes is to scatter dried mealworms for Wrens on the lawn or closer to plantation.

Problem this method conjures up is you don't get a good view of them eating, especially if the lawn is further away from the house.

Wren holding mealworm
Wren holding live mealworm in beak

Not to worry, you can overcome this by dropping mealworms on the decking or concrete patio with no issues. But always make sure its the front or back garden where you receive visitation from wild birds.

Its not limited to feeding off the ground either, if you have a nearby wall or low fence post, balance mealworms there.

And if you have patio furniture outside the window, scatter a handful on the patio table.

To summarise

So to answer your question, do Wrens eat mealworms; they absolutely adore them, more so if they're soaked in hot water to make them juicier.

Its completely up to you how you feed mealworms to Wrens, with the feeder being the obvious answer but don't neglect the option to throw them on the ground.

We're assuming you receive Wrens in your garden, so are in a position to feed them dried mealworms.

You will have to be already receiving visits from Wrens to encourage them to eat mealworms - along with other wild birds.

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