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Robin with dried mealworm in mouth, perched on hanging bird feeding tray under dome

Dried Mealworm Bird Feeders

Dried mealworms have all the nutrition as live ones, so mealworms for birds should be used with a corresponding dried mealworm feeder as they are made specifically for it.

Bird feeder for dried mealworms come in an open tray with a clear plastic dome, or a classic hanging clear tube. Lightness is key to a quality dried mealworm bird feeder, so that's what you'll get. Replenish the hanging tube 'style' feeder with mealworms but the open tray can be used for live mealworms if needed.

While a dried mealworm bird feeder is not a single type of wild bird feeder, its more a two style feeder, as both are as effective as the other.

If there is dried mealworms to be eaten up, you can be sure the ground feeding birds will soon arrive on which feeder you decide on.

While the open tray is made in a clear plastic or metal mesh for drainage, there's always a clear dome for keeping the feed dry or deterring nuisance birds.

To do that you can adjust the dome to a height that will allow small wild birds to feed in comfort, but not so high as to allow all wild birds to perch.

And while the more traditional hanging clear plastic tube feeder is similar to a seed feeder - mealworm feeders make use of larger port holes or a tray fixed to the bottom.

The tray is used as an additional perching area or to catch access mealworms that drop out of the feeding holes.

As a rule, you will want to make sure dried mealworm feeders are accessible to small common garden birds only.

Dried mealworm loving wild birds include most of the Tit family, Robins and Finches, among many other species who frequent your garden.

While dried mealworms are good for wild birds, there's no harm in leaving out suet pellets, seeds, nut or even live mealworms in the open tray if you wish.

Mealworm Bird Feeder data

Product Name: Type: Access:
Jacobi Jayne: I Love Robins Pearl Mealworm Feeder Dome Open
Supa: Wild Bird Mealworm Feeder Tube Lift Off
Harrison's: Flip Top Mealworm Feeder Tube Flip Top
Kingfisher: Mealworm Hanging Feeder Dome Open
Tom Chambers: Flick 'N' Click Mealworm Feeder Tube Flip Top
Supa: Adjustable Mesh Dome Mealworm Feeder Dome Open
Gardman: Mealworm Small Bird Dome with Tray Dome Open
Honeyfields: Easy Clean Mealworm Feeder Tube Lift Up
Supa: 4-Port Hanging Mealworm Feeder with Tray Tube Lift Off
Gardman: Flip Top Suet Treat & Mealworm Feeder Tube Flip Top
Column lists ten assorted mealworm feeders in the tube or dome style; while its worth knowing how easy it is to open the feeder to replenish with mealworms.

I have tried to be fair listing the best dried mealworm feeders for birds, so its ended up in the tube style feeders in favour, with more options made available to you.

Listed are up to six clear plastic tube mealworm feeders, along with four open tray with dome style bird feeders - baring in mind all use a different type of lid for replenishing.

I love the hanging mealworm feeder as they are simplistic; a no-nonsense way of offering mealworms to wild birds that can include suet pellets if need be.

However, in terms of accessibility, there's no need to pop open a lid on a dried mealworm feeding tray with dome, as its open to the elements as is.

While the dome is lowered to keep off larger birds, try not to lower it too much as you'd need to slide your hand in or use a bird feeder scoop funnel to pile in the mealworms.

Jacobi Jayne: I Love Robins Mealworm Feeder

Jacobi Jayne I Love Robins Mealworm Feeder

One of the most attractive open tray feeders listed, but to buy on Amazon will cost you no more than ten quid.

First up on my carefully selected list of dried mealworm feeders for birds is one of my best, as this small but effective hanging tray with a dome does the job well.

Small as this mealworm feeder maybe, its sure to keep nuisance wild birds away while the Robins, Tits or Sparrows can feed only.

Shallow tray will be used by garden birds to perch as they feed on the mealworms, but room under the clear plastic dome above is limited.

In time you know to re-adjust the height of this dome as to allow more birds to feed or put a limit on the larger species entering beneath the dome.

Holding up the construction of this hanging bird feeder tray with dome is a metal bar up the centre with a hook on the end for hanging.

It has to be said there is a limit to what it can be hanged off due to the loop size, so do use a corresponding wall bracket or use a hanger for hanging off larger objects.

As a rule of thumb, the lower the dome is set, the more likely its going to keep off rain.

Supa: Wild Bird Mealworm Feeder

Supa Wild Bird Mealworm Feeder

Price is inline with the Gardman equivalent but this one has a larger tray, and can be bought on Amazon.

What can be mistaken for a standard seed feeder is in fact a slightly altered version for allowing use of dried mealworms.

Only difference between a seed vs mealworm feeder I would say is it the mealworm version comes with a tray, but the port holes for wild birds to feed may often be larger, so therefore more accessible.

Simple lift off lid to replenish this feeder with dried mealworms along with a nice size hanger for a hook.

Double the port holes so two wild birds can feed at one time, but do expect to see only small garden birds use this feeder, as its too small for larger species.

Two port holes so therefore two different types of perches; one being a standard dowel style perch while the other is more a step feature.

Spillage of mealworms will be caught in the tray while small holes act as drainage.

Twist around clear plastic tube at the bottom to release it from the tray to offer better accessibility for cleaning up and maintenance.

Harrison's: Flip Top Mealworm Feeder

Harrison's Flip Top Mealworm Feeder

Not the cheapest by far but certainly tough, durable plastic feeder that can be bought on Amazon.

Clear plastic, lightweight bird feeder for mealworms again, only this one is what I would call more stylish, and easier to use as well.

Its a flip-top style hanging mealworm feeder so what that means for you is easy access for replenishing with mealworms.

Connected to the lid is a hanger for hanging off a metal bird feeder bracket or tree branch, along with a little lump in the centre to help keep is balanced as it hangs - and so to keeping it upright and not lopsided.

No perch this time as wild birds will be asked to use the rim of the tray to feed.

Whenever a mealworm bird feeder is designed in a seed 'style' feeder, it always comes with a tray as to catch the mealworms or to allow birds to feed from the tray instead.

Up to two small garden birds can feed at one time, though more birds can to if any loose mealworms make it onto the tray.

Disassembly required for cleaning but you only need to pop open the lid to replenish.

Kingfisher: Mealworm Hanging Feeder

Kingfisher Mealworm Hanging Feeder

Solid built open metal mesh tray feeder with dome that is reasonably priced on Amazon.

Rather than using the classic rounded dome both as a rain cover and deterrent of larger birds, this one uses a more square shaped clear plastic cover.

Dome is adjustable so its matter of refining the height over time as to bring the smaller, more common birds to this hanging dried mealworm bird feeder - but not so low as to make it difficult for all species to feed off it.

To keep it low as possible will not only deter larger birds, but its sure to keep the wet weather off the dried mealworms.

Hanging bird feeders for dried mealworms are usually made with a clear plastic tray, only this one uses a mesh metal tray.

And that is what you want in this style of dried mealworm bird feeders as its sure to allow any moisture to run off, while rain water can drain away.

Tough, solid metal bar cutting through the middle acts as a way to adjust the dome on top, but so to is it part of the hanging feature.

Only this time there's a big hook for hanging rather than the more common smaller loop.

Tom Chambers: Flick 'N' Click Mealworm Feeder

Tom Chambers Flick 'N' Click Mealworm Feeder

Quite expensive for what is a clear plastic tube, but Tom Chambers are known for quality, so made available to buy on Amazon.

I might say quite a nice mealworm feeder myself, but it is a small feeder and lightweight to, so expect to see smaller birds use it only.

Converted seed feeder has a large tray surround fixed to the bottom of the clear plastic tube to catch dried mealworms.

On top of that, this rounded tray acts as a perch while wild birds feed out of the two open ports for accessing the mealworms inside the tube.

Moreso is there a set of hinged perches for smaller to medium size birds to use.

Angled base inside the tube is there to allow mealworms to slide towards the port holes, rather than see dried mealworms sit in the centre, made inaccessible for wild birds.

Easy to access for you with a flip open lid design with a larger hanger for hanging, but it is hinged so can be pulled over to one side as you replenish this feeder.

Supa: Adjustable Mesh Dome Mealworm Feeder

Supa Adjustable Mesh Dome Mealworm Feeder

Right on price point if buying on Amazon for the cost of a plastic and metal hanging tray with dome.

Nice bit of bird feeder kit this one, while designed to hold mealworms, don't be afraid to replenish it with seeds, peanuts, suet pellets or even fat balls - or all of the above.

To use this adjustable dome mealworm feeder, you can adjust the height of the clear dome as to keep nuisance, nasty wild birds at bay.

But so to does this wider than the mesh tray below it clear dome keep rain off the feed.

Mesh metal tray in use on this bird feeder will allow moisture to drop away, while any rain that gets inside the tray will simply drain away.

Mesh tray and dome are fixed to a strong metal bar in the middle to act part hook for hanging - and to allow re-adjustment of the dome height.

Metal bar is centred dead in the middle to allow perfect balance as this feeder hangs.

Gardman: Mealworm Small Bird Dome with Tray

Gardman Mealworm Small Bird Dome with Tray

No only does the Gardman tube 'style' feeder cost the lowest, but so to does this feeding tray with dome feeder if bought on Amazon.

If there is anything Gardman do well, that is making sure their wild bird supply is different to the competition, as seen on this mealworm dome with tray.

No metal makes up the construction of this hanging dried mealworm bird feeder this time, with an all durable plastic build.

Sure the hook for hanging is metal but that has to be for structural reasons.

Not a clear plastic dome in sight this time, but I do admit the clear dome equivalent does help brighten up the feeding tray sat below it - but it shouldn't be a problem on this one.

Dome is adjustable so do make sure to use that feature as to only welcome smaller garden birds, over the bigger bullies.

Smaller clear plastic shallow tray to add dried mealworms where wild birds will need to land on the rim of the tray to feed.

Honeyfields: Easy Clean Mealworm Feeder

Honeyfields Easy Clean Mealworm Feeder

Multi-layered tube feeder that perhaps brings the price up when the mesh insert is not needed - but can be bought on Amazon.

Only the single port hole for wild birds to land near too with this tube style mealworm feeder, but it is built a little different to the rest on my list.

Notice how the mealworms are inserted into a clear plastic tube, only the inner side of the tube is made in metal mesh.

I don't expect the mesh to cause a snag hazard for dried mealworms as they usually slide out through the port hole - but I would expect the mesh to be more trouble to clean.

No tray on this hanging mealworm feeder but with the one port hole, there is bound to be less mess made.

Lift up the lid to replenish with dried mealworms through the top but it can be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.

Lovely big hoop for hanging off a tree branch or bracket, which is hinged to keep it out of the way when filling up with feed.

Supa: 4-Port Hanging Mealworm Feeder with Tray

Supa 4-Port Hanging Mealworm Feeder with Tray

Biggest tube 'style' feeder of the lot, so can cost more than those half the length; that applies to buying it on Amazon only.

Larger than normal dried mealworm bird feeder for wild birds, but one that offers up to 4-port holes, each with a corresponding perch.

No need to replenish to the top if you don't have the dried mealworms to do so; so wild birds can revert to using the lower placed port holes only if its not topped up all the way.

Large bird feeder can be an issue due to waste, so as mealworms do expire its common to see wild birds not using up all feed in time before it rots in the tube.

So follow the rule of not replenishing with too much unless you are certain dried mealworms will be used up.

So while the centre positioned two port holes can be used if filled up high, expect the lower set of port holes to be used more often.

Supporting the low ports is a dowel perch along with a rounded tray. The tray does include holes but that's to allow moisture to run off only.

Easy to open with a pull off lid that is attached to a ring hook for hanging.

Once in a while this mealworm bird feeder will have to be cleaned, so it can come apart easy - so make sure the large clear plastic inner tube is cleaned thoroughly.

Gardman: Flip Top Suet Treat & Mealworm Feeder

Gardman Flip Top Suet Treat & Mealworm Feeder

Gardman don't ever sell it at a high price so expect this one to be the cheapest to buy on Amazon.

I brought you a Garden mealworm feeding tray with dome previously, so this time I am bringing you their classic 'flip top' lid feeder.

Its worth noting this mealworm feeder is promoted for use as a mealworm or suet pellet feeder - so its up to you what you use it for.

To use it as a dried mealworm bird feeder the twin port holes are easily accessible to wild birds with a hinged perch that can be pulled up or out for storage.

Hanging clear plastic bird feeder for mealworms is connected to metal base with a point in the centre of the tube to allow no wastage - as feed is pushed over to the port holes.

Big port holes they are too with large opening and a deep tray to allow access dried mealworms to land on, rather than going to waste on the lawn.

Easy flip top lid for replenishing with ease, along with a large metal hook for hanging.

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