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Jackdaw perched on fence post

Jackdaw proof bird feeders

All creatures great and small are capable of eating from bird feeders, the Jackdaw being just one of the many larger bird species we prefer to see less visiting our garden.

Make way for small garden birds only by putting out Jackdaw proof bird feeders. Well most of us would prefer to see a Jackdaw frequent our garden, if they attempt to feed on the hanging feeders or bird table, this canonly deter the friendly, smaller birds from eating.

When deterring Jackdaws from feeding on the hanging feeders, you need to turn your attention to squirrel proof bird feeders only.

Well they help keep squirrels out, they do a far better job deterring the large Jackdaw

With a body length and wingspan a little smaller than that of a common Woodpigeon, this solution will not only keep Jackdaw's away, but all nuisance larger birds.

If you want small common garden birds eating from bird feeders only, then you will need to prevent large birds feeding, or else they will stay away.

Jackdaw's are predatory birds, so would eat small birds or there young if not careful.

When you attract wild birds to your garden, you need to do so in a safe environment or else they will never show up, let alone ever returning with Jackdaw's present.

Why keep Jackdaws away

Well it might be a simple case of setting up a large bird proof bird feeder, know that giving half the chance, Jackdaws will catch and eat young or small birds.

And as its small common garden birds that frequent our bird feeders most often, it makes for the ideal hunting grounds.

If they can't get food from what you leave out, the visiting birds just might become food themselves, so as we go on to explain, simply leave out there own supply of food.

Jackdaws just might be willing to eat a good supply of food left out, well leaving the Tits alone. And bare in mind, Tits and other small birds will bring there young along to feed.

If you have a Jackdaw problem that results in them eating small or young birds, then it might be sensible to not leave out bird feed for the time being, until they stop visiting your garden, which entices small birds into a dangerous area.

Use squirrel proof feeders

To deter Jackdaw's ever eating from your feeders intended for use with small garden birds only, the solution is squirrel proof bird feeders for sale with all types available.

Designed to be surrounded in a sort-of plastic coated wiring, the hole width allows for only small garden birds to pass through, thus keeping the large Jackdaw at bay.

It does not stop Jackdaw's trying mind you, and its this effort they put in that will deter the Tits and Sparrows feeding.

But it will work and hopefully in due course, you may see the Jackdaws slowly giving up before never returning.

You could then keep the caged feeders in place, or go back to the original feeders only.

We have a huge article that takes you through how to deter pigeons, which also applies to larger birds such as Jackdaws, so give our keeping pigeons out of feeders guide a read as there's lots of advice there we haven't mentioned here.

Own food supply

One way to keep Jackdaws attempting to eat on the bird feeders would be to offer them there own supply of food.

Anything will do just as long as they see it before reaching the more awkward hanging feeders; mealworms, peanuts, seeds, fruits and general scraps like bread.

Jackdaws are not fussy, they will eat off the ground or high up on fence panels, posts or even the roof of the shed, just make it so they can see it.

Don't leave out food for Jackdaws regularly as this will attract small birds to feed which isn't the intention, they should be eating off the small hanging feeders.

When Jackdaw's are present and causing a nuisance, sprinkle scraps where they can see it, further from the garden feeders the better.

With that in mind, try to feed Jackdaws before they have a chance of arriving in your garden, so over the hedge or on a nearby meadow or field will be all you can do for now.

Setup Bird SEED feeders only

Despite there size, Jackdaws, such as the whole crow family, will attempt to eat food from anywhere, regardless if its size appropriate.

And as regular consumers of scraps, they're not fussy so the idea of a supply of nuts and fat balls freely hanging in the garden is a real goldmine.

They will attempt to eat from all feeders if given room to perch, but there's one type of bird feeder that would prevent them ever eating.

That will be the bird seed feeder; designed in a plastic tube with small port holes and a little perch.

For starters, Jackdaws are to large to land on the perches and certainly incapable - like all birds - to perch onto the plastic tube, so would make it near impossible to feed.

Setting up mesh peanut feeders or fat ball/suet feeders should be left to the squirrel proof type cages, but for seed feeders it not essential using the squirrel proof kind.

Deter from bird table

Jackdaw perched on fence perch
This Jackdaw well perched on fence post is probably planning to eat from the hanging bird feeder in the garden.

We have to say its more difficult deterring Jackdaw's from feeding from the bird table as the high eaves will generally allow for all larger birds to land and feed.

Turn your attention to bird tables for small birds only, well in short supply; these bird tables function like all designs, only the eaves are low which makes it hard to land.

Smaller bird tables have a pointed roof where Jackdaws can land, and like pigeons will consider there plan of action.

This will involve landing back on the wall or fence post opposite, before attempting to dive under the bird table.

Use of a bird table for small garden birds only will make it difficult for them to land on the large platform beneath the cover.

However, have you considered reserving a large bird table you may already have setup for larger birds? Well setting up hanging feeders for the small birds.

You can't win them all, so if all else fails know there are options available to you.

Well it will allow for only small birds to to land, its still possible for a clever Jackdaw to make it, and that's where bird spikes come in useful...

Bird spikes

Setting up bird spikes on areas where Jackdaws frequent will help keep them at bay, though if they land straight onto the feeders that is an issues.

That also goes for if they land on the ground before attempting to perch on the feeders, bird spikes won't be much help.

In a crowded bird feeding station there are areas for larger birds to land, so to keep the Jackdaw away, perhaps you could position the feeders in close approximate.

Therefore, feeders where they will attempt to land would be to close to another, thereby the Jackdaw has no space to perch comfortably.

Then, you can interject a few bird spikes here and there just to make it more awkward for the Jackdaw - not the small birds - which just might work.

On top of that, be sure to place spikes on top of the bird feeding station pole as to stop them landing at all - make it difficult and uncomfortable as possible.

Caged bird feeder types

Patience from a Jackdaw would result in them trying over and over again to reach the food contained within the feeders.

But one thing they won't get behind is a caged hanging bird feeder - usually reserved for deterring squirrels - which would keep the Jackdaw well away.

And what's good for keeping squirrels away is good for keeping larger birds right?

That's actually try as squirrels are for more capable then birds, so if it can keep them away it is sure to stop Jackdaws from feeding.

With that in mind, you have several options depending on the type of food you wish to leave out in your feeders; though there's an option for most common bird feeders.

Let's start with the seed feeder that is more difficult for larger birds to access anyway...


Gardmen Jackdaw proof seed feeder

Due to the plastic tubular design of the seed bird feeder it will make it incredibly difficult for the larger birds to feed from, more so the Jackdaw as they're fairly large.

One area the small garden bird lands and in turn eats from, is a perch, which then connects to the port holes where they feed from.

Only an inch or so in length, this perch is far to small for Jackdaws, so its even harder for them to perch well then eating from the small port holes.

If you want to setup bird feeders but keep larger birds at bay, setup a seed feeder for now well packing away the peanut and fat ball feeder.

This only applies to plastic tube feeders mind you as its possible you could leave out seeds on mesh trays and dishes, which should be avoided when Jackdaw's are near.


Gardmen Jackdaw proof peanut feeder

From what we can tell based on dozens of images, whenever a Jackdaw attempts to eat on the hanging bird feeder, the peanut feeder would likely be the one they try.

If you want to Jackdaw proof your bird feeder then make sure your peanut feeder is covered in a caged proof bird feeder.

You can buy cages or surrounds for your current peanut feeder from the same manufacturer, but buying a purpose made squirrel proof bird feeder will be the way to go.

What you need to look out for is a surround that will not only allow small birds to pass through the gaps, but keeps the peanut feeder far and wide from the outside of the cage.

Its not much use if the Jackdaw can simply reach in to peck off peanuts, the idea is to stop them eating all together.

Suet/Fat ball

Gardmen Jackdaw proof fat ball feeder

When setting up suet or fat ball feeders as you'd probably know, the design is very similar, so therefore needs a near identical protected cage.

Well the suet is served in flattish blocks, the cage would correspond to the proof cage to mimic the design.

And well fat ball feeders are more rounded, the cage that surrounds the fat balls are rounded in what looks a lot like a bubble shape.

Jackdaw's will absolutely attempt to eat at the fat balls or suet's, so its feeders that need protected, and a simple squirrel proof fat ball or suet feeder should be sufficient.

We've noticed of all feeders, the fat ball option allows the contents to be within reach of the suspecting Jackdaw, so make sure there's a wide clearing inside the cage.


CJ Wildbird Foods Jackdaw proof ground feeder

Jackdaws eat all types of feed including insects off the ground, so they will for sure eat from ground feeders let on the lawn or higher up on the garden wall or patio.

So you will need a cage that will cover the ground feeder well keeping distance from the feed to the outside of the cage.

Jackdaws are clever, capable of pushing or lifting up a cage set on the ground that is designed to protect the contents within.

To overcome this issue you can keep the ground feeder in place with the use of pegs; they need to be embedded in the ground so only set up on the lawn.

You don't need to setup a ground feeder to feed small garden birds that eat from the lawn, so just use the cage to cover a pile of mealworms or nuts from Jackdaws, well allowing small birds easy passage.

To Summarise

If you have a serious Jackdaw problem in your garden, then you need to do a few things before setting up a Jackdaw proof bird feeder, as the problem won't just go away.

With Jackdaws near by know that the friendly small garden birds like Blue Tits and Sparrows are in danger, as a Jackdaw could eat them or there young.

So use our advice we've previously outlined further up the page before investing in a proofing your feeders.

Squirrel proof bird feeders are what you need to stop a Jackdaw eating the food within, but it won't stop them from trying.

All feeders for all types of bird food can be bought with a cage surround or it might be possible to upgrade with a cage available from the same supplier.

To make life easy, know that Jackdaw's will find it hard to eat on a tubular seed feeder, so for the time being you could just offer seeds in there corresponding feeder.

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