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My sneaky picture of ASDA wild bird dried mealworms bag on shelf

Where Can I Buy Mealworms for Wild Birds

Its not hard to buy mealworms for sale in the UK, as any place that sell pet supplies is sure to have a department for wild bird food.

Where to buy mealworms for birds would be at Pets At Home or other local pets shops, including supermarkets or shops on the high street. You can visit department stores like Wilko who are sure to stock mealworms. If all else fails, then turn to Amazon or internet shops to buy mealworms at low prices.

One thing I would say before purchasing mealworms in-store, is checking the expire date to guarantee a longer use-by-date.

And while its not possible to do if bought online, do check the packaging or plastic tub has no cracks or hole as the already dried mealworms would be no good to use.

To buy mealworms for wild birds is easy as your weekly shopping, with mealworms conveniently stocked up in local supermarkets or well known department stores.

Visiting big pet chain stores is an option but a local pet shops could be quicker.

In terms of pricing, the supermarkets offer the lowest prices while chain stores could see higher costs - but do refer to my price list that is coming up next.

And I almost forgot, your local garden centre is sure to be stocked up with interesting but locally sourced or grown wild bird food.

Mealworms price list table

Store: Product Name: Weight: RRP:
Wilko Wilko Wild Bird Dried Mealworms 90g £1.25
ASDA Wild Bird Dried Mealworm 100g £1.50
Tesco Wild Bird Food Meal Worms 100g £2.50
Wilko Wild Bird Dried Mealworms 500g £5.00
Wilko Wilko Wild Bird Dried Mealworms 900g £6.50
Pets at Home Dry Mealworms Wild Bird Food 1500g £19.99
ASDA Wild Bird Dried Mealworms 500g £7.00
First column lists name of store to buy mealworms; second column is name of product; third column is weight of mealworms in grams - along with price to pay.

I haven't just listed a bunch of stores you can buy mealworms in the UK from, but rather well known supermarkets or department stores.

With that in mind, the companies offer a cheaper selection of mealworms where it can cost more if bought from other places.

Listed prices are current but can change, but do note the costs are quite low.

But if you compare pricing to my weight column in grams you can really know if you are getting the best deal possible - excluding delivery costs of course.

My mealworms price list should be the first port of call, as the items featured are some of the better products on the market.

Pet shop chains

Knowing what to look for doesn't matter to much when going to an actual pet shop to buy mealworms, as the sales assistant can help.

In the UK, a go-to place to buy mealworms for wild birds if of course Pets At Home.

Its not all about pets in the store but more about animals in general, so do expect wild bird supplies - including an assortment of bird feed.

Pets At Home mealworm selection is not a big one I grant you, as the company prefers to supply up to four brands of mealworms in sachets, or just the one big tub of mealworms formulated for wild birds.

What is unique to Pets At Home is their selection of live mealworms for birds or reptiles, so do give a weight of live mealworms a go.

Pets At home also have a hanging dried mealworm bird feeder for sale you can buy.

Specialist pet shops

Other than Pets At Home, a big UK chain store, you can turn your attention to a local pet shop who would appreciate your custom more than ever.

Not smaller, well known local chain stores either so you'd have to put your faith into a pet shop you haven't previously visited.

It could be within your area or you might need to pop into town.

Local, small pet shops can be found with a Google Near Me search, while bringing up a number of nearby shops - which can often be in a near by town or county.

In failing to find a local pet shop, you might have to rely on Pets At Home after all.

However, for your convenience your local supermarket is sure to stock mealworms.

Supermarkets are never without

Supermarket superstores are always in supply of pet food, offering an entire isle to the range on both sides of the isle.

But in this isle is always a small section of wild bird products situated on the end of the isle or the easy to miss centre.

In locating the wild bird food, look out for sachets of dried mealworms rather than the bulk buy tubs.

Supermarkets tend to focus on sachets as they are smaller, so take up less room on their much needed shelves.

As seen on my price list above, you can rely on the supermarkets such as ASDA or Tesco to sell only the cheapest selection of mealworms - in their own range or more likely by a well known brand.

High street department stores

If in town or parked in the retail park to visit a department store of some kind, its here where you can buy mealworms.

Likely contender to buy the cheaper mealworms for sale are in Wilko.

Head to their pet department to be greeted with a small but reliable supply of dried mealworms.

Well your their you could pop over to the bird feeders with a possible specialty mealworm bird feeder for sale - if its needed to go with your mealworms.

So when you are next visiting town or driving to the retail park, pop into any well known department store as they're bound to sell dried mealworms only.

Amazon, or the internet

And finally, that brings me to Amazon where you are sure to be able to find a selection of mealworms from any brand imaginable.

Within price and weight, Amazon serve up a tonne of dried mealworms options for wild birds - including those in tubs or sachets.

To buy mealworms on Amazon you will be treated to a larger choice, with a price that is sure to come within budget.

But there are other internet shops where a quick Google Search is bound to bring up a number of specialist online pet stores, or those that only sell bird feed.

One reliable store you can depend on to buy wild bird feed is of course the RSPB, as the charity is sure to not sell you cheaply made, rubbish bird feed.

To summarise

You can buy mealworms intended for common garden birds any place they sell pet food, so most well known shops really.

Turn your attention to specialist pet stores like Pets At Home, as the people who work their can answer you questions or concerns - all while advising you about their selection of actual live mealworms.

But don't always turn to big chain stores when a local pet shop could be more welcoming.

Convenience is important so you can visit any major supermarket such as Tesco, ASDA or Sainsbury's to re-stock on wild bird feed - often with mealworms in supply.

And if you are in town or at the retail park with a department store on location, you can guarantee their own pet department is in good supply, much like Wilko's offering cheap prices on their mealworm range.

If all else fails you can indeed turn to Amazon as a quick search for mealworms is sure to bring up more than you can count.

But before you do that, there's certainly no harm in Googling other internet pet shops.

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