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Wild Bird Advice - Page 4

Published 13th January 2021

What will deter squirrels from bird feeders

To deter squirrels from bird feeders would require their own special food source, or else specialty squirrel proof bird feeders or a baffle would do it.

Published 12th January 2021

How to attract birds without a feeder

How you would attract birds to your garden would be focusing primarily on wild bird food mixes, locating it in a single location to substitute a feeding station.

Published 11th January 2021

How to clean wooden bird feeders

Develop a cleaning routine of your wooden bird feeder to prevent the build up of stubborn grime, by following my how-to cleaning ritual in the garden.

Published 10th January 2021

Can bird feeders be too close together

Rule of thumb is a 1 ft. distance for hanging bird feeders; too close together feeders could see wind knocking them, damage or injury to wild birds.

Published 9th January 2021

Best way to STOP feeding birds

Slowly reduce food sources in your garden to nothing more than a single bird feeder, in this time birds can go off to find better, more reliable food sources.

Published 8th January 2021

What size should a bird box be

Refer to my bird box size table to help you build or buy a bird box intended for a certain garden bird species, although sizing is only a recommendation.

Published 8th January 2021

Is it too late to put up a bird box

Its never to late too put up a bird box because if you missed the nesting season, the bird box can be used to roost until the new nesting season begins.

Published 7th January 2021

Should a bird table have a roof

Bird tables don't need a roof if the weather conditions are nice, but for most of the year the bird feed will need protection from most weather conditions.

Published 7th January 2021

Should bird feeders be in the sun or shad

You should continue to keep your bird feeders where they've always been, as birds come depend on there location - so can scare them off if suddenly removed.

Published 6th January 2021

What makes a GOOD bird table

So many to list but what makes a truly good bird table is one made in heavy-duty timber, has a roof, be 4-6 off ground - while already coated in preserve.