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Wild Bird Advice - Page 5

Published 5th January 2021

Why put stones in bird bath

Put stones in a bird bath to create better footing for wild birds on the bottom of the bird bath water bowl, all while reducing the bird bath water depth.

Published 3rd January 2021

Should I put ROCKS in my bird bath

Put a rock or two in your bird bath to create more perches, with easier to use placements - as the rock is wide but flat so its more stable where its placed.

Published 2nd January 2021

Best place to put a Bird Feeding Station

Best place for a bird feeding station is where it benefits garden birds most, but so can you view the goings on all day long, so site it in an open clearing.

Published 1st January 2021

How DEEP should a bird bath be

How deep you should fill any bird bath would be 3 to 4cm, you can control the depth with use of pebbles or stones which happen to act as a bonus safe footing.

Published 1st January 2021

Are bird baths a good idea

Good idea a bird bath might be at first, but to not get early arrivals can be a downy; instead put in the work, be patient and wait - as you'll be rewarded.

Published 31st December 2020

What colour to paint a bird box

No one colour is best for painting a bird box, as you should paint it to match the garden decor if untreated, in bright colours, or painted a more neutral tone.

Published 31st December 2020

What to put on a bird table

Rely on the big 4 bird feed groups to put on your bird table; them being bird seed mixes, nuts, suet and mealworms, or why not try household scraps.

Published 29th December 2020

Bird Bath Benefits

Benefits to owning a bird bath is sure to be certifying your interest in wild birds wellbeing, as you offer them a reliable water source around the clock.

Published 29th December 2020

Can birds drown in a bird bath

Unfortunately, garden birds can drown in a bird bath but it can be prevented on your part, it involves shallowing the water depth by lining it with stones.

Published 28th December 2020

How long do fat balls last

Fat balls can last up to a week or more in colder conditions, but a lot less if left out to hang under the extreme summer heat, as they germinate quicker.