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Goldfinches descend on a metal bird feeding station pole with hanging feeders

Best place to put a Bird Feeding Station

You can just about site a bird feeding station with as many bird feeders hanging off it anywhere in the garden, providing there's enough clearing for birds to use it.

Best place to put a bird feeding station would be centre of the lawn or patio, so it becomes a centrepiece. Favour a location nearer to a tree or hedgerow if at all possible, but know birds love natural coverage as they feed. Make it accessible to you - but more so is placed in a safe environment in a secluded spot.

Well, of course you'd need to place the bird feeding station with feeders hanging all over, in a place that can accommodate quite a large pole with brackets protruding off it.

Make the feeding station the centrepiece of the garden lawn or patio but do favour a position that is closer to an hedgerow.

Be it a high quality bird feeding station or a cheap bird feeding station you can buy, the place where its going to be permanently sited, would still apply to any type of bird feeder.

I would say though by following my instructions for the best place to put a feeding station, you could still see major success wherever you decide to put it.

But do so that not only benefits the garden birds, but so to where you can observe them from a quiet spot at a distance.

Site the feeding station in a clearing with access for you, but not accessible to cats, squirrels or rats with use of land bridge - so keep it away from fencing or a shed.

Centre bird feeding station

Where you would ideally place a bird feeding station is of course in the centre of your garden, while favouring the lawn or patio centre point.

Its serves to place the bird feeding station out the away of potential land bridges that squirrels could use to access the food that's suspending in bird feeders, while offering a clear line of sight.

Centre the bird feeding station in the middle of the garden then where it makes sense.

Rely on your garden landscape to where it goes, because an inner wall or bush, and so too natural growth in the garden could see the centre point be shifted over to the left or right - or perhaps closer to the house or near to the back of the garden.

Centre position it should still be as it can only really look the part this way, but to push the bird feeding station in any direction to accommodate the garden landscape is always going to be a possibility.

Site near to hedgerow

Where you site a bird feeding station is certainly pretty much the same location of where you position a bird table, near to a tree or hedgerow.

While this is not a possibility for many of you, its certainly an important part of placing a feeding station that is done to benefit garden birds, rather than the person responsible for setting up the bird feeding station.

Consider a centre point then if you can, but if the feeding station is more than 6-10 feet away from any natural cover - i.e. bushes, trees, hedgerow - then position it a little closer.

Birds who use bird feeders, so therefore hover around feeding stations several times a day - do so only if the environment around it is quiet yet undisturbed by people.

Its essential wherever you decide to place the bird feeding station, its in an area that is free from predators, but is stabilised in the wind.

Open to the elements

So the best place to put a bird feeding station in your garden then has been decided, but understand it must always benefit wild birds, not you.

Birds prefer not to be cooped up in a tight spot as it can see them trapped in, thus falling prey to cats or other predators.

Its vital then to site the bird feeding station out in the open.

Keep in mind natural coverage in blooming trees or hedgerows don't count, I am more so referring to sheds, plant pots hang off brackets, trellis' or gazebos preventing birds flying outwards or up.

To place a bird feeding station in the centre of the lawn or patio with non of this nearby would be the way to go. Its called a clear line of sight, or a clear flight path that is vital for birds to quickly shoot off in a hurry.

Viewable house window

I can't emphasis it enough, only setup and position a bird feeding station in way that will only benefit them, and not you.

But I would say that doesn't count for placing a bird feeding station near the living room or dining room window where you can observe their feeding behaviour as they come and go throughout the day.

What would really be the motivation of setting up a bird feeding station at great expense and time when you can't see what happens.

Best place to put a bird feeding station then would include taking the house window into consideration.

Remember if the feeding station is positioned too far back, then its not only harder to view, but you can't watch them feed from a comfortable sitting position.

Whereas, in taking into consideration the height of the bird feeders will be while hanging off the feeding station brackets - positioning it near to the window would allow you to see everything that goes on.

Clear of land bridge

While its vital to make sure there's always a clear flight path for birds to come and go to and away from the feeding station - let's not forget about those of you with squirrels.

Not only squirrels but a rat problem or neighbours cats can make it difficult to setup a feeding station.

In taking proper precautions when setting up a squirrel proof bird feeding station, with use of a squirrel baffle wrapped around the pole of the feeding station, then that would be a great start.

However, its when you place a feeding station too close to the fence, shed or even a tree where problems occur.

In what is known as a land bridge, its where squirrels, rodents or cats can use the fence or shed for example; as they then reach over to the bird food contained within the bird feeders hanging off the feeding station.

That way any deterrent currently in place to deter peasants would be rendered useless.

Keep the feeding station clear of a land bridge then but so too should you take onboard this information when deciding where to place a bird table in the garden.


Don't get your spirits down by worrying about where to place a bird feeding station in the correct spot the first time - that can only happen through trial and error.

But to get you off in the right direction, centring the bird feeding station in a place on the lawn or patio would be ideal.

However, depending on the garden landscape with any decor taking up the exact centre point - you'd need to place the feeding station over in a direction a few feet away.

What you should do though is favour a spot near to a hedgerow, a bush or a blooming tree where garden birds like to stay - as they come and go to the feeding station.

Best place then is near a hedgerow but not where it can make the location of the feeding station appear out of place, only subtly site it over a foot or two nearer if need be.

In doing all that then, make sure the view of birds using the feeding station is not obstructed for you to view while in the house, but never in a way where garden decor is preventing a clear flight path.

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