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Wild Bird Feeders

Feed your garden visitors in luxury using a wild bird feeder; options are wooden, ground and hanging feeders, peanut and seed, window, fat balls or suet feeders.

Published 11th October 2020

Large Peanut Bird Feeders

Large metal peanut feeders are hanging style feeders with enough room for wild birds to cling on and feed on peanuts through the mesh holes around the sides.

Published 7th October 2020

Fat Ball Feeder Rings

Feed common garden birds fat balls in style while using an elegant donut shaped metal bird feeder, made to hold as many as fourteen suet fat balls.

Published 1st October 2020

3 in 1 Bird Feeders

Rather than setup three individual bird feeders, less fuss is with a 3 in 1 bird feeder that includes the important seed, peanut and suet fall ball feeder.

Published 29th September 2020

Hanging Bird Feeder Trays

Safely located hanging bird feeder trays hold a multitude of bird food; hook onto a bird feeding station or single wall bracket for all types of bird species.

Published 26th September 2020

Wooden Hanging Bird Feeders

Not much in common with a traditional metal or plastic feeder over a more beautiful, handcrafted wooden bird feeder designed to be hung up.

Published 13th September 2020

Bird Seed Feeders for Small Birds Only

Hanging seed feeders are clear plastic tubes with perch located near the bottom for birds to feed on one of multiple port holes.

Published 12th September 2020

Dried Mealworm Bird Feeders

Mealworm feeders are made specifically for dried mealworms; two designs include a hanging clear tube with feeding holes or an open tray with dome.

Published 10th September 2020

Stick On Window Bird Feeders

Invite wild birds to feed up close and personal with stick-on window bird feeders using strong suction cups, and made in a tough clear acrylic.

Published 9th September 2020

Ground Bird Feeders

Snap up a ground bird feeder tray to cater for exclusive ground feeding wild birds; unable to use hanging feeders, this design is their only option.

Published 8th September 2020

Suet BLOCK Bird Feeders

Treat suet block feeders as you would fat ball feeders; designed to hold suet cakes or blocks for common garden birds to eat through large open gaps.