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House Sparrow perched on window bird feeder with nut in mouth

Stick On Window Bird Feeders

Patience, time and an understanding of wild bird feeding habits is needed to see success on your window feeder that uses suction cups to secure.

Stick on window bird feeders are just that, stuck onto a glass window with suction cups to offer a viewing platform for people inside the house. Window feeders require only a small amount of bird seed or nuts at a time so there's no wastage. Designed for smaller birds only with a place to perch included.

What I offer up you here is a series of different types of clear plastic window bird feeders for use on glass windows only.

Guaranteed to stick on securely with two or three strong suctions cups with a size that is sure to counteract the extra weight of the bird feed inside the feeding tray.

Simple to more complicated designs, I have only listed the best window bird feeders that are both practical but easy to use.

I recommend only a small amount of bird feed - but mostly seeds - be used to not only prevent waste - but the extra food weight may see the suction cups pushed to their limits.

Person seen throwing seed mix into open window bird feeder tray
No nonsense cleaning or disassembling required to replenish with bird seed as the open tray design is easy to access for both people and wild birds.

What is made in clear plastic can also be referred to as acrylic or perspex window bird feeders - but its still a lightweight plastic box for holding wild bird feed.

So small are these stick-on window bird feeders it may only attract smaller garden birds to use it, thus discouraging the larger, more nuisance birds.

Made up of a single tray, with a two or three compartment option; its possible to have a window feeder with a water bowl, but the stand out feature is a new fat ball or fruit holder with an additional perch.

Birds might not use it first thing or much so later, but let's wait and see what happens before giving up on your window bird feeder all together.

Stick On Window Bird Feeders data

Product Name: Cups: Weight:
Meripac: Window Feeding Station 3 499g
Meripac: Window Feeder 3 358g
Peckish: Window Bird Feeder 2 231g
iBorn: Multi-Use Window Bird Feeder 3 259g
Uratot: Window Bird Seed Feeder 3 240g
Selections: Complete Window Feeder 3 141g
Roamwild: Arch Window Wild Bird Feeder 2 700g
Uratot: Window Bird Feeder 3 159g
Meripac: Complete Window Bird Feeder 2 322g
Wildlife Friend: 3-in-1 Window Bird Feeder 3 240g
Offering ten window bird feeders for you to consider in the first column; second column is how many suction cups the feeder uses; third column is weight of window feeder.

I've done my very best to offer you up as many different kinds of window bird feeders as possible, in terms of style or an optional add-on.

What you will find it most window bird feeders are a simple clear plastic tray for holding seed mixes or peanuts.

Simply dampen the two or three suction cups included just before you secure to your glass window.

Not to high mind you as it would be out of reach or you won't be able to view feeding birds. But not to low either as it will bring feeding birds into reach of ground predators.

Once the suction cups are fixed to the window you only need to go through the trouble of removing the actual window feeder tray to clean and replenish.

Meripac: Window Feeding Station

Meripac Window Feeding Station

Higher price due to hanging bird feeders included, buy it on Amazon for no-nonsense customer care.

Meripac are a brand of window bird feeders you will come to know in your quest to find a suitable stick on window feeder.

Here I have for you the ultimate window feeding station that comes complete with the window bird feeder with suction cup, plus two classic hanging bird feeders.

Metal mesh feeder is for use with peanuts while the plastic tube feeder is used for seed mixes, including dried mealworms for wild birds if available.

Apply the window feeder to the glass window using three large but reliable suction cups with the option to insert two suet fall balls in their corresponding insert section.

No need to mix up seed mixes with peanuts as there's two wild bird feed compartments.

Backing panel is clear just like how the whole window bird feeder is made in see-through acrylic - so no missing out on the fun at the window.

Perching birds can use the green plastic frame to perch as it covers the length of the front section, but comes around to connect with the fat ball holders.

Meripac: Window Feeder

Meripac Window Feeder

Same as above but without the bird feeders, so save up to a tenner when bought on Amazon in the UK.

Same as above but a much narrowed down version of it, but that's OK because often less is more in terms of practicality.

So here is Meripac again with their basic clear acrylic feeder that once again uses three large suction cups.

No fat ball holder or large perch that surrounds the feeder, so this time the perching birds need to use the smaller but still very useful green plastic tube fixed to the front.

You are still left with the benefit of a two compartment wild bird food tray with one being bigger than the other.

Clear through backing will make it easy for human observers to view feeding birds along with a cut-out plastic piece for better viewing in the centre.

No traditional hanging seed or peanut feeders included but that is not to say you can't hang off your own seed feeders for small birds only, or at least try to avoid filling them to the top - as too much weight is not a good thing.

Peckish: Window Bird Feeder

Peckish Window Bird Feeder

Not surprising to see the globe shaped window feeder costing more on Amazon, but it is more unique.

Leaving the classic design stick on window bird feeders for a moment, brings us to this novel globe shaped bird feeder.

Its applied to a glass window the usual way by making most of the two large suction cups, and very large they appear too - but this is a small plastic window bird feeder.

I might also add before I go on, this globe feeder will need a little assemble out of the box before setting up this window mounted bird feeder on the glass.

Once built there will be two large open gaps on either side where the wild birds perch to feed on the seeds, mealworms or peanuts.

Promoted for attracting small common garden birds only so while that decreases the odds of birds using it, it will sure help deter more nuisance, unwanted wild birds that often show up.

Open gaps for inserting feed that is used for birds to perch while they eat out off of it, rain water can filter through but as a whole - the cover will help keep feed dry at times.

iBorn: Multi-Use Window Bird Feeder

iBorn Multi-Use Window Bird Feeder

Reasonably priced on Amazon for what is a simple window box with add-ons.

Non nonsense window bird feeder with suction cups this time that is not only small, but still offers up a hold for fat balls or fruit.

Wide shaped clear plastic window feeder that uses a shallow, open feeding tray with a rim for wild birds to perch.

Little cover can help keep rain off but most shelter will come from the house roof overhang above it - plus the window frame insert if that applies to you.

Lovely additional features worth mentioning other than the large seed or peanut tray.

That is the green clamp for holding a single fat ball, but why not be more experimental by balancing on a apple or say a pear if you want.

Birds can use this hold with ease as it comes with an attached perching platform.

What else you get with this stick on window bird feeder is a rare water bowl, as used for wild birds to drink while they eat on the dryer texture feed.

Uratot: Window Bird Seed Feeder

Uratot Window Bird Seed Feeder

What is the second cheapest window bird feeder on my list and to buy on Amazon, or at a low price at least.

Simplicity at its best with this window bird seed feeder that offers no bells or whistles, but only a basic acrylic tray for inserting feed.

Assembly will be required out of the box, but I can guarantee this will be complete within a matter of minutes only.

Once assembled, make use of all three large rounded suction cups to create a more secure suction.

Deep feeding tray but I only ask you not to fill this right up to the top for two reasons:

First, wild birds are rarely going to use the feeder so will go to waste, and second; extra seed weight - plus multiple wild birds feeding at one time - just may see the feeder come unstuck from the glass.

Uratot have thought of everything, including an additional stick on wider perching pieces to offer up a more comfortable way for wild birds to perch up on this feeder.

Higher up roof panel won't do much for keeping rain away, but it can assist in keeping the feed dry if only a little bit.

Selections: All In One Complete Window Feeder

Selections All In One Complete Window Feeder

Cost about ten quid on Amazon for a simple all in one window feeder.

In terms of lightness it has to be said this perspex window bird feeder is the lightest of all listed, but still offers enough for tempting wild birds to it.

Rounded off shallow feeding tray that can hold seeds or peanuts, all while the birds can perch around the rim to feed.

Overhang on clear roof section offers up more shelter than most, so the feed can stay fresher for longer.

While using a seed mix for the tray an option to use a suet fat ball, apple or other larger wild bird feed can be slotted into the holder..

It may also be possible to use this holder as a way to impale softer feed or fruit if it risks rolling off at all - extra length to this holder is used for birds to perch while they dig into the feed that you decide to plant on their.

So while the fat ball holder easily slips onto the feeding tray with ease, so to does the square box as used for a water bowl.

Not that its a guarantee birds will use the water but its a lovely touch after all. If It never gets used you can always top it up with additional feed without mixing it up with seeds in the larger tray.

Roamwild: Arch Window Wild Bird Feeder

Roamwild Arch Window Wild Bird Feeder

No surprise to find this seed dispenser style window feeder more expensive to buy on Amazon than all other options.

Complex, multi-use arch shaped seed window feeder for smaller wild birds to use, but is easy to use by you in terms of opening up or assembling to replenish with seeds.

Don't be too confused, what it basically is, is a plastic tube seed feeder; the kind you hang off a bracket - but has a flat side to stick on a window with two suction cups only.

So a little assembly is required but that is a good thing, because if you know how to re-build it, you can disassemble it for cleaning.

Once the bottom tray section is fixed on, the lid can be opened up on a hinge so to fill it up with a cup of seeds as you can make use of a bird feeder scoop funnel - as they do come in useful for situations like this one.

Now, the bird seed will drop to the bottom while only a small amount with fall out onto the open tray ports - this is where small garden birds can land to feed.

Bit of a tight spot the feeding hole inserts might be, but at least it will encourage the Blue Tits or Robins of the garden - rather than the larger Blackbirds or Starlings.

This stick on window bird feeder is at its finest in terms of design, but like any wild bird seed feeder, birds can feed the same way they always have, with ease.

Uratot: Window Bird Feeder with Suction Cups

Uratot Window Bird Feeder with Suction Cups

Cheapest window bird feeder feature thus far, costing under a fiver on Amazon.

I have listed a Uratot window bird feeder once before haven't I, and that one was a basic feeder too, much like this one.

But that's OK because a stripped-down clear plastic window bird feeder is all you need.

What can be described as a window seed feeder only, the deep tray can be used for no mess seed mixes, niger or sunflower hearts only - or perhaps with a handful of peanuts.

Remember in using seeds only you are only catering to seed eating birds, thus making it harder for wild birds to make use of your new stick on window feeder.

So while the feeding tray is quite deep I will discourage you from filling it up to the top, as it won't be used quickly enough before it goes rotten in the tray.

Small, plastic lightweight box it might be but it is secured with three suction cups; carefully positioned to offer more balance than if the cups with fixed near the bottom.

Angled roof section is the only style using it here on my list so allows rain water to run off, but the plastic rim on the tray is where wild birds will perch to feed, with an option to use the open side section.

Meripac: Complete Window Bird Feeder

Meripac Complete Window Bird Feeder

Simplified window feeder to buy on Amazon with use of practical features to make it a more comfortable feeder to use.

Final time I list Meripac I promise, but seeing as they make the best window bird feeders on the market, its hard not to feature all options.

This time its a complete window bird feeding station that appears larger but is in fact the companies compact version.

Not only does it use two suction cups instead of the three, it still offers up two fat ball holder trays and a three compartment feeding tray.

Great for offering different types of wild birds feed without mixing them in, or only offering a small amount of feed without using the whole tray.

That tray is supported with Meripac's unique clip-on plastic rim to offer better support for birds as they perch to feed.

Its up to you but you can slip on two or just the one suet fat ball holder that can be used for all types of feed that won't fit in the tray compartments.

Smaller option than all of Meripac's collection combined, but the compact feeder is still highly practical with a roof for keeping food dry.

Wildlife Friend: 3-in-1 Window Bird Feeder

Wildlife Friend 3 in 1 Window Bird Feeder

One of the most expensive window feeders to buy on Amazon just happens to be one of the largest.

What is advertised as a 3-in-1 bird feeder is in fact a stick on window bird feeder that offers up the main feeding tray, a rounded bird feed holder... plus the water bowl.

Full, reasonable height feeding tray that can be used for all types of wild bird feed, but bird seed is the likely contender for use.

Protecting the feeding tray from the elements is an elegant, curved roof section while a three suction cup support is offered up.

Interchangeable fat ball holder to balance or impale fresh or bruised fruits is a green plastic side slot-on slip, together with a simple water bowl.

Quite a thin clear plastic construction making up the feeding tray so not the most robust perching area to land, but that is not to say wild birds won't use it - nor can I say they won't simply tread all over the feed instead.

Should be easy to clean if you do it regularly to prevent stubborn build up, but in doing so the feeding tray can come unattached from its clear plastic backing.

That also goes for the suction cups, but they can stay stuck on the window if you want.

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