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Hanging wooden seed feeder hanging in background of feeding bird

Wooden Hanging Bird Feeders

Nothing can beat the natural build of a beautifully crafted wooden bird feeder, hung up in the garden on a metal bracket, but is sure to fit in with the decor of the landscape.

Listed are wooden hanging bird feeders designed to hold nuts or seed mixes. As a rule of thumb, for the feeder to hold seeds it will be fixed with multiple clear windows; while a nut feeder will use metal mesh wiring. No fuss pull up roof to allow easy access for refilling with fresh feed or to clean out once in a while.

Nothing beats the feel, the smell and the natural build of a wooden hanging bird feeder that is made in a mix of timber, used to mostly construct it.

They can't be bought untreated so expect the often untreated in appearance only wooden bird feeder to be preserved - and painted once in a while.

No wall mount option here as all bird feeders listed are for hanging on a bracket or tree branch only.

No complications when the time comes to replenishing the seed/nut feeder with fresh feed, as it usually involves lifting up the roof only; which happens to be a lid for accessing the interior of the bird feeder.

While listed wooden bird feeders focus more on those designed for seed mixes, it is possible to buy a two or three for use with wild bird peanuts.

Its therefore safe to say those with a clear plastic window are used for seeds, while a mesh wiring is designed for birds to feed on nuts.

Simply hang up any of these featured bird feeders in an open clearing to allow all kinds of wild birds species to use it, with a bracket being the safest option.

Wooden Hanging Bird Feeders data

Product Name: Feed Type: Roof:
Dibor: Wooden Seed Bird Feeder Seed Slate
Haushalt: Hanging Wooden Seed Feeder Seed Timber
Erdtmanns: Westerland Seed Feeder Seed Timber
Garden Mile: Gazebo Seed Bird Feeder Seed Felt
Burwells: Wooden Bird Feeding Station Multi Timber
Gardman: Beach Hut Peanut Feeder Peanut Timber
Garden Bazaar: Little Wren Seed Bird Feeder Seed Timber
Homescapes: Wooden Nut & Seed Feeder Peanut Metal
Only the eight hanging wooden bird feeders for you worth considering; while only designed for nuts or seeds, the roof is made in slate, felt or plain old boring timber.

Average price for a handcrafted wooden bird feeder designed to be hung off a bracket or a tree branch would cost you in the region of £10.00.

Bulkier, bigger wooden feeders will cost you up to £30.00 or even up to as far as £50.00, with prices based on items featured on my list.

Well built in a solid wooden construction with more detail, time and effort put into building said feeder, justifiably contributes to the price hike.

However, if its not a plain timber roof featured, do expect one that is made in individually glued on shingles.

If not then the roof can be made in felt to keep bare wood weather resistance, or why not go for a slate roof feeder.

Money can be saved when picking a seed and nut feeding combo, but an higher price can be attributed to one option that comes with two traditional nut/seed bird feeders.

How a Great Tit uses a Wooden Feeder

Shot of a Great Tit as it lands on this classic wooden hanging bird feeder for use with peanuts. The Tit uses the perch dowel to pick up a single peanut off the tray.

As this Great Tit proves, the dowel or a similar wooden panel is made for use as a perch, so that is exactly what it will be used for.

Its not possible for a wild bird of any species to perch unless there's a clear, so do be sure to keep it clear of obstructions or avoid over spilling seeds or nuts.

Behaviour of this Great Tit is quite normal, only a quick stop by before he flies away.

But don't worry as most wild bird species will display this sort of behaviour on a bird feeder of any kind - so make sure its clear of movement or noise as to view a longer stay by Tits, Sparrows or Robins as they grow in confidence.

As seen on my video above, the wooden hanging bird feeder does unavoidably swing as the Tits lift off with force.

However that can be avoided in most wooden feeders you can buy on my list as they use a doubled up rope attachment.

Dibor: Wooden Seed Bird Feeder

Dibor Wooden Seed Bird Feeder

One of the better feeders on my list just happens to be reasonably priced on Amazon.

First up on my list of handcrafted wooden hanging bird feeders is this rugged but nicely built pre-treated feeder, supplied with a real slate roof.

Its a clear plastic window bird feeder so that can only mean its the seed feeder kind.

To replenish with all types of seed mixes, simply lift up the angled cross section wood piece on top, to be able to pour in seeds - but in a rather tight spot.

No wooden panel surround on the base of this feeder, so while seeds can spill over onto the ground - that's OK as its never likely to have drainage issues at least.

Birds will probably perch on the panel situated on either side of the windows, as seed drops below a small gaps located on the base.

Hang it up with a rugged piece of rope of a branch or bracket, while a hanging seed feeder made with a slate roof is rare, or if not impossible to find.

Haushalt: Hanging Wooden Seed Feeder

Haushalt Hanging Wooden Seed Feeder

Still within the tenner mark to buy on Amazon for a basic but practical seed feeder.

It has to be said, when I think of a wooden hanging bird feeder, this Haushalt is one I think of, or at least very similar to it.

Its quite basic but very effective when hanging up in the garden.

Built using a four sided clear plastic window surround with a sound wooden structure that is lightweight but attractive in appearance.

In fact, the bare wood can be treated in colour or why not consider painting it to match the decor of your garden - or the bracket or bird feeding station its situated on.

Fixed to the bird house style wooden feeder is of course a wooden tray to not only catch the seeds - which is what its intended for - but the lip is where wild birds land to feed.

To replenish with a healthy supply of bird seeds, simply pull in the plastic card to pull up, followed by the whole angled roof being lifted up.

Make sure the cord is back down until it stops to secure the roof top, but this also acts as the rope to hang - so do make sure you have a large enough hoop for the intended bracket.

Erdtmanns: Westerland Seed Feeder

Erdtmanns Westerland Seed Feeder

Chunky, hard wearing build but doesn't cost much more than smaller wooden feeders to buy on Amazon.

Not quite as big as it seems on first appearance, but in reality this is still a bulky wooden bird feeder that is sure to remain balanced in high winds.

And that is if you replenish the feeder with a bulk load of seeds it is capable of holding.

Its has a simple conception, pull up the angled roof that remains secured on the tough, thick rope to refill the centre beneath it with seeds.

Both sides can be used for wild birds to feed but the angled clear plastic windows can be removed - perfect for when its that time of the month for a thorough clean.

Deep tray at the bottom will need filling up first before you begin to see the seed mix climb up the inside of the window.

While its possible to see the more small common garden birds use the edge of the seed tray, larger birds such as Starlings may decide to use the outer dowel perch.

Garden Mile: Gazebo Seed Bird Feeder

Garden Mile Gazebo Seed Bird Feeder

Admittedly, the most expensive hanging feeder on my list, and so to buy on Amazon its built in intricate craftsmanship.

What is promoted as an hanging gazebo feeder can also be classed as a lantern bird feeder for use with all kinds of seed mixes.

Benefits to being a lantern style feeder is it comes with six clear windows, so this hexagon shaped wooden feeder can be used from all sides.

If indeed up to six birds - or more if there's room - decide to take advantage of this, you'd get to experience a fascinating feeding frenzy, while not missing out as its clear from all unobstructed sides.

Corresponding to these six windows is a ledge for wild birds to perch, with an open gap at the bottom where seeds slowly filter out as the seed mix is gobbled up.

To replenish with fresh seeds is easier than ever as you only need to lift the roof up which in turn is fixed to a rope.

Hang this bird feeder up with this rope but do note the rope is connected to the centre of the feeder, on the bottom of the base for balance.

Burwells: Wooden Bird Feeding Station

Burwells Wooden Bird Feeding Station

Bigger, more complicated design so is expected to cost upward of thirty something quid on Amazon.

Wow, I must admit it does take a few minutes to figure out what is exactly going on with this bird feeding station, so allow me to spell it out for you.

So as a whole, the roofed feeder is a station for not only fixing all types of wild bird feed to its many compartment, but so too does it hold a more traditional nut and seed feeder, just to keep thinks more tidy.

Let's see what compartments it holds, intended for what kind of wild bird feed.

So on one side of the feeder has a mesh dish that can be used for holding nuts, while above it the angled tray can be used for seeds.

Now the picture represents the feeder holding hay, but in reality the plastic coated metal wiring can hold all types of suet, including suet blocks or fat balls.

Above this device is a cut out whole in the timber with a spike through it, that is an apple bird feeder - or why not experiment with all types of fresh or bruised fruit.

In the centre of the bird feeding station beneath the roof is two levels; top level holds a water tray, and so to used to balance the two classic nut and seed feeders, but the base of the tray on the bottom level can be used to hold anything else.

Gardman: Beach Hut Peanut Feeder

Gardman Beach Hut Peanut Feeder

Despite the time it took to cut and glue on all individual shingles, its only a tenner it will cost you to order off Amazon.

I would say this Gardman 'beach hut style' peanut feeder would go better with a garden decor that is decorated in similar theme, or...

The garden fence or shed its intended to be hung off matches the colour scheme.

To use this brightly painted hanging bird feeder on a brown or stained fence, or perhaps off a metal bird feeding station - might just be out of place.

However, its still a practical peanut bird feeder that is sure to be used with no issues.

First things first, lift up the angled roof with glued on shingled titles to replenish the inside of the feeder with wild bird peanuts.

Its then possible for wild birds to cling onto the metal mesh wiring to feed as there's no tray to catch access seeds at the bottom.

Little mess on the lawn or patio below it is expected, but hopefully ground feeder birds will do a little tidying up for you.

Garden Bazaar: Little Wren Seed Bird Feeder

Garden Bazaar Little Wren Seed Bird Feeder

Time and effort has been put into building this seed feeder, so it cost up to thirty pounds when buying on Amazon.

Promoted as a little Wren house, but do know Wrens don't use bird feeders, so don't ever expect to see a Wren use it.

But that really isn't the point for this wooden hanging bird feeder on a metal chain; its a catchy name only, so its intended for all other seed feeding birds only.

Having said that, you could double it up as a nut feeder providing the peanuts are allowed to drop onto the tray, just as the seed mix would.

To fill up this highly decorated, house style seed feeder, one would simply pull up the angled roof which would remain on its metal chain at all times.

Its only then it opens up to the inside of the double sided clear plastic windows where the seed mix is poured in.

Birds will use the outside ridge to land as they feed on the seed mix, but this small bird feeder could deter larger birds.

Homescapes: Wooden Nut & Seed Feeder

Homescapes Wooden Nut & Seed Feeder

Two for the price of one with a seed/nut feeder with a metal roof, but still quite cheap to buy on Amazon.

OK I do admit this wooden feeder is not the tidiest in regards to its build, but is very practical for offering peanuts and seed mixes to wild birds in one go.

It does lend itself to being a nut and seed feeder, but do use the sides they're intended for correctly, or else there's going to be a big mess below the feeder.

The clear window side will hold seed mixes while the nut side uses metal mesh wiring, to which it cannot hold seeds at all.

Let's begin with what is the most attractive feature, and that is the real metal roof, right?

No wear and tear on this angled roof as the metal is sure to last as long as metal would out in the elements, and that is forever.

Which is perfect as the overhang is sure to offer some protection to the peanuts beneath it, including those in the seed and nut spill tray.

Slide up the metal roof on its corresponding metal hanger to allow you access to the open gap on top of the nut and seed mix compartments.

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