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Great Tit enjoying a soak in a stone bird bath

Are bird baths a good idea

Concerned about cost or why buy a bird bath if its not going to be used? Well, don't give up quite yet as there's benefits to setting up a bird bath in the garden.

Bird baths are a good idea as the6y do no harm. If the bird bath is not being used, then to buy one that would compliment the garden landscape can be used as an outdoor decorative ornament only - with the occasional visit. Bird baths are needed in dire times, so expect it to be used more in summer.

To buy a bird bath online or in-store may not be enough once you have it setup in your garden - after you've filled it up with water of course.

Faults in the design, such as a too deep bird bath water bowl may need to be lined with stones to make it more shallow, while birds may prefer to perch on a rock then use the rim.

Good idea a bird bath might be at first, until you realise a little extra cost may be needed.

But don't worry a bag of stones doesn't cost much, but to secure the bird bath to the ground can be a bother. To avoid that, a quality, stone bird bath or a cast iron one over a light plastic bird bath can avoid the issue.

People often give up on a bird bath after a week, whether its being used or not.

To give up on a bird bath would see the water become rancid, so birds know when water its not safe - so will soon disappear. So all that hard work then will be for nothing unless you are prepared to put in the time.

Can do NO harm

It can certainly do harm in setting up a bird bath in your garden if you feel your landscape needs a little something, in an area that is void of an interesting garden structure.

Other than that, it might just be a good idea if anything to bring more wild birds to your garden.

Having said that, if you are currently struggling to tempt wild birds to visit your garden to feed, a bird bath won't do much to attract them - as food is more important.

But its a start, so siting a bird bath in the garden can certainly help a little.

Be it a cheap bird bath to buy or one that is more luxury; such as a genuine stone cast bird bath would certainly improve the garden landscape.

While a bird bath may fail at bringing birds to it, at least when its not being used it can still appear quite attractive - especially if its the centrepiece on the lawn or patio.

Good idea in dire times

Bird baths are a good idea regardless of how little they genuinely get used, because with a spell of dry weather wild birds find it hard to source water.

Its not uncommon to see the UK experience a spell of hot, dry weeks or months over the summer time, so out in nature water sources dry up with lack of rain.

Not replenishing a bird bath regularly can dry up too, but to keep on top of it with water, garden birds are sure to return the favour by making the most of it.

Dire times course for desperate measures, with birds needing to re-hydrate regularly they won't risk not drinking. So as they arrive early to feed on the bird feeding station or bird table - notice how the bird bath gets used more.

Reason why birds won't use a bird bath other times of the year is water sources are not short of supply - be it in puddles or droplets on leafs - so be prepared over the summer months or when the UK is going through a drought.

Requires patience

It might seem like a good idea at first but within days, or weeks if you've been a little more patient - you'll begin to regret ever splashing out money on a brand new bird bath.

Because as most people will experience, a bird bath doesn't get used heck of a lot.

Not for most people anyway, but if you are lucky to receive a handful of different bird species in your garden - there's no reason why they won't hop over to the bird bath.

To setup a bird bath in your garden absolutely requires patience, as there's no guarantee wild birds would begin to use it right away.

In fact it might be weeks before you receive interest, but don't ever lose faith.

Unlike the bird feeders, a water source is less tempting to birds as water sources are plentiful - but it is fair to believe a bird bath would be treated the same.

Extra expense needed

I imagine for many people, setting up a bird bath would be done at little to no cost at all, as to buy a bird bath doesn't cost an arm or leg.

It could be under ten quid or over a hundred pounds if going for a stylish stone or copper bird bath - but it needn't set you back financially.

Excitement can turn to disappoint then when you realise accessories may be needed.

So as it was once a good idea to setup a bird bath on the cheap, you may need a few extras such as stones or pebbles to line the bird bath bowl.

In making use of a cheaper, lightweight plastic bird bath you may find more expense and your time would involve trying to anchor the bird bath to the ground - as lighter bird baths do topple over in little wind.

Idea of a bird bath is to improve the landscape with a bonus of viewing wild birds taking a sip of water or bathing - so at little extra cost it can still be achieved.

Improve garden landscape

Good idea to improve your garden landscape would be setting out to situate a garden ornament or statue of some kind to bring your garden to life.

While its all well and good buying a ornament of an angle, a flash flower bowl or a gazebo, these things can not bring wildlife to it.

Bird baths are classed as a garden structure, with of course the bonus of tempting common garden birds to use it.

Cheap, light plastic bird baths on a pedestal have there place, but not where its going to be a major centrepiece.

Instead, a landscape using a lot of stone or brickwork just might benefit with a bird bath that is made in stone itself - but its mostly grey stone in colour.

Consider a heavier, more expensive stone or cast iron bird bath if it was to improve the landscape, all while complimenting the decor of the garden.


Setup a bird bath in your garden at little cost or by taking up much time on your part - as you could be one of the lucky ones to attract wild birds to use it.

Its not a good idea to buy a bird bath though if you are not willing to put in the effort.

Effort being positioning the bird bath in different places over a period of time until you see a higher uptake in its use.

Not much use in using a bird bath if you are not going to clean it once in a while either, because if its allowed get too bad - wild birds will simply stay well away.

To setup a bird bath in your garden would be no better time in dire times, as the country goes through a long spell of no rain once in a while.

Birds can seek out water sources in nature as any wildlife do while using their instincts, but water is not available to them when puddles, ponds and droplets of water on leafs dry up.

So while at first it might be a bad idea to bother setting up a bird bath, be patient as wild birds should come along to use it in the summer, or with lack of rain.

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