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Wild Bird Baths

Garden wild bird baths with the option of large or small, cast iron, ceramic, hanging, mounted, pedestal and stone - set a place for your visitors to bathe in safety.

Published 6th October 2020

Bronze Effect Bird Baths

One things for sure with a bronze effect bird bath, is that it will not only brighten up the landscape all year round, but wild birds can be attracted to it.

Published 6th September 2020

Wall Mount Bird Baths

Fix a vital water source to your house or high garden wall using a wall mounted bird bath that is used for both a bath and a place for wild birds to feed in safety.

Published 4th September 2020

Ceramic Bird Bath with Stand

Glazed ceramic bird bath that is shaped into a stand or dish bath, before painting then placed in the furnace to glaze, resulting in a shiny coating.

Published 4th September 2020

Cast Iron Bird Bath on Stand

While cast iron will undoubtedly last forever out in the elements, wild birds can feed from a beautifully crafted metal bird bath, made in real cast iron.

Published 2nd September 2020

Stone Bird Bath Bowl only

No fuss while using a smaller, but still heavy duty cast stone bird bath bowl only; as the ornament can sit in most locations while offering a source of water.

Published 1st September 2020

Hanging Bird Bath Bowls

Wild birds may shy away from ground bird baths, so a hanging bird water dish may be more appealing, as it keeps predators at bay as birds feed in safety.

Published 29th August 2020

Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountains

Fitted inside the solar powered bird bath is wiring, a pump and a battery; its then connected to a built-in solar panel with an LED light option.

Published 25th August 2020

Pedestal Stone Bird Baths

Setup a beautiful, natural in appearance pedestal stone bird bath that will weather in time, but blends into the garden landscape in the meantime.

Published 23rd August 2020

Plastic Pedestal Bird Baths

No cheaper is it then setting up a plastic pedestal bird bath with self-assembly required; site the bath near cover but don't forget the stabilising pegs.