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Robin seen with seed in mouth perched on small hanging seed feeder

Bird Seed Feeders for Small Birds Only

Seed bird feeders hang off a wall bracket, feeding stations or a branch; made in plastic, fully assembled and have an clear plastic tube with small holes for birds feed.

What you get out of bird seed feeders for small birds is a type of clear plastic tube or open tray, designed to allow lighter, smaller common wild birds to feed only. Listed are too light hanging seed feeders, so can reject nuisance birds. No guarantee of course but the Tits, Robins and Finches will be seen more.

What I have for you is a series of not necessary specialty small bird feeders, but moreso a type of seed feeder that will only allow small garden birds to feed.

Its simple, clear tubes acts as a silo where the seeds are released through two to four feeding port holes near the bottom - together with a corresponding perch.

Other than the tube style seed feeders, its possible to use them as dried mealworm bird feeder or why not use a novelty but practical donut bird seed feeder with the port hole with perch still relevant as ever.

So agile are these small bird seed feeders, they are made difficult for larger, more nuisance birds to feed - but that is not to say they won't give it a try, because they will

Designed for use with bird seed mixes only; so less so with niger seeds - but moreso where a specialty niger seed feeder will have to be used.

Rule of thumb is, small common garden birds tend to be the only seed eating birds that feed off seed feeders that hang up in a garden, so bird seed feeders are bound to attract less attention by Starlings, for example.

Blue Tit with his head inside the port hole of a seed feeder
Blue Tit demonstrating how wild birds feed on a small bird seed feeder; perched on a plastic or metal dowel rod while poking their head into the port hole.

Smallest seed feeders tend to be quite shaky in the littlest of wind, but moreso as wild birds land or take off - so that can help to shake off larger, nuisance birds.

Modification on your seed feeder maybe a possibility on your chosen feeder, so in time you'd know if to re-adjust the dome cover, or perhaps cut off part of the perch to make it smaller, thus harder to use by larger birds.

Species to arrive at your seed feeder are most small garden birds who use feeders, but only those that feed on seeds, while insects are an option.

Possible arrivals are Finches, including Bullfinch, Chaffinch and Goldfinch; House Sparrows; less so the Lesser Redpoll, and so to the Siskin; most of the Tit family - and of course the reliable Robin.

Watch as Birds use Small Seed Feeder

To get an idea how wild birds behave on the hanging small seed feeder; this quick video will demonstrate how a Great Tit, Blue Tit and a Lesser Redpoll feed on port holes.

Why wait to see how your garden wild birds respond to your hanging bird seed feeder for small birds only, when my video demonstrates how it will play out.

See how the Great Tit and Blue Tit make a visit while quickly flying away with a seed in their mouths, before arriving back again to pick up another seed.

The birds will only take one seed at a time as they crunch it up so much, before flying away into cover - but not before making a mess on the ground below them.

The Lesser Redpoll is also featured but he's a rarer bird to spot so, an unlikely visitor for most of us in our British garden.

Birds simply land on the perch dowel to be within range of the port holes on either side of the feeder. And because its a lightweight small seed feeder it bobbles around as wild birds land or take off - so a bonus as that alone can deter larger birds.

Small Bird Seed Feeder Data

Product Name: Ports: Hang Style:
Peckish: Seed Feeder for Small Birds 8 Hoop
Ring-Pull: Small Bird Feeder for Seeds 2 Hanger
Gardman: Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder 4 Hanger
Jacobi Jayne: Hanging Dome Seed Feeder Open Hook
Wildlife Friend: Seed Feeding Station 5 Steel Wire
Peckish: All Weather Small Seed Feeder 2 Hanger
Gardman: Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder 2 Hanger
RSPB: Classic Seed Feeder 2 Hanger
Erdtmanns: Little Bird Seed Feeder 4 Hoop
I would say just the one bird seed feeder listed is a true bird feeder for small birds only, but the others are quite effective too while offering different ways to deter larger birds.

Up to nine bird seed feeders intended for small birds only I have listed; not easy to compile either as all but one seed feeder genuinely deters unwanted visitors.

Having said that, I cannot guarantee larger birds won't get to the seeds... it can happen.

So its a mix up of nine small seed feeders that are not only made for small seed eating birds - but small wild birds only tend to eat seeds only.

Small, lightweight feature of a seed feeder is sure to throw off larger birds, while being more accommodating for small garden birds.

View birds quickly land on the perch of the seed feeder or the rim of a tray, as they take only the one seed away at a time - if more time is allowed they will munch up the seed as they happily perch to eat undisturbed.

Refer to the data table above to understand how many port feeding holes are featured for each seed feeder on my list - same goes for how they are hung on a branch or bracket.

Peckish: Seed Feeder for Small Birds

Peckish Seed Feeder for Small Birds

Highly rated, reasonably priced so go ahead and buy on Amazon.

Small bird seed feeder unlike any kind featured; it is a disk shaped bird feeder that filters seed mixes through eight open feeding port holes.

So small is this clear, durable plastic seed feeder, it will only allow smaller birds such as Robins, Tits or Finches to feed anyway.

Designed to be suspending off a tree branch, a durable wall bracket or perhaps a spare bracket on the bird feeding station - the surrounding feeding rim will offer more wild birds to feed at one time than any other seed feeder.

To replenish with no mess seeds or similar mixes; simply remove the lid to top up by hand or make use of a bird feeder scoop funnel - saves getting messy that way.

Some seeds will filter through the open gaps at the bottom, but not so much as to spill out through the outer feeding holes.

Gradually, you will see the seed mix begin to disappear at wild birds gobble them up.

Ring-Pull: Small Bird Feeder for Seeds

Ring-Pull Small Bird Feeder for Seeds

No nonsense small bird seed feeder to buy on Amazon, and one that's best rated too.

What you need in a small bird seed feeder for small birds only, is one that is not to big, but not so small it limits most feeding wild bird species.

Offering up an easy to use small bird seed feeder is this 'Ring-Pull' 2-port hole feeder with corresponding perches.

I must say if you have trouble with larger birds landing on these perches to feed, it is possible to cut the dowel perches in half. You can also fit on a hollowed out tree branch if you see larger species wanting to use it, but are struggling on the perch to feed.

Hang it off a tree branch or bracket of any kind with a useful big ring pull style hanger.

Lift it up straight as to pull up the lid to replenish with fresh seed mixes; all while the lid will pull over to one side to offer you the space that is needed.

Near the bottom is the location of the port holes to filter seeds through, as wild birds poke their heads in to grab one seed at a time - all while making a real mess on the ground below them.

Easy to screw open base for cleaning and maintenance as stubborn seeds have to be removed to prevent rot.

Gardman: Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder

Gardman Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder

Squirrel proof are more costly than standard seed feeders but still well priced on Amazon.

I know I know, its a squirrel proof bird feeder I know but you will be surprised just how effective squirrel proof seed feeders are for keeping away more nuisance birds.

Sitting in the centre of this large metal, mesh cage is the actual clear plastic tube seed feeder; far out of reach of squirrels, and therefore larger wild bird species.

Not that most larger bird species will be interested in seed mixes anyway, but it sure helps to keep the troublemakers away at all times.

Pull up metal hanger to hang off a solid bracket in the garden, with an additional bump in the metal bar to offer the seed feeder more balance as it hangs.

Squirrel proof cage doesn't have to be disassembled to be replenished with seeds, as you simply lift up the lid by pulling up the small knob.

More space surrounding this squirrel proof seed feeder will be need than usual, but that's OK as it won't need much more room than normal.

Jacobi Jayne: Hanging Dome Seed Feeder

Jacobi Jayne Hanging Dome Seed Feeder

Rather than the fuss of a tube feeder, buy a open seed tray with dome on Amazon.

Set this hanging seed feeder with the dome set high to allow all wild birds to land to feed off the rim of the shallow, clear plastic tray.

However, be sure to re-adjust the dome to lower it at a height that will only allow small garden birds to feed - thus deterring pigeons if they are a problem.

Unusual it might be, but this tray bird feeder with dome is certainly different to the more common clear plastic tube seed feeders.

Its easy to use too, as there's no opening up a lid or accessing a restricted tube; simply top up tray with seed mixes - or if you like it can be used as a dried mealworm bird feeder - which is what it was originally intended for.

To suspend off a tree branch or bracket, the metal bar that runs up the centre can be attached to anything, within reason - using the hook on the end.

I do admit it can cause restrictions when needing to hang; so I recommend you make use of what is known as bird feeder hangers - they are designed to make a small hook into a bigger one - while also extending the length if need be.

Wildlife Friend: Seed Feeding Station

Wildlife Friend Seed Feeding Station

Not the cheapest to buy on Amazon, but is sure interesting to watch birds use this one.

Now it has to be said, any able wild bird is capable of using this feeder, as its not restricted for use with small birds only - as it as an open seed feeding tray.

But as I've mentioned previously, most common garden birds who use bird feeders tend to only be the small wild birds only, so its a win win.

And what a unique small bird seed feeder it is too; promoted as a feeding station as it offers a complete bird feeding surround, using 5-port holes with a tray to catch access seeds that spill over the side.

Surrounding the seed tray is an additional rim for wild birds to land as they perch to feed through the port holes or on the open tray.

Don't worry, any access rain water or moisture build up will simply drain away through small holes on the base of the tray.

Unique opening lid feature too as the complete roof can be pull off using a stainless steel wire, where the lid is locked on to.

Simply pull up lid to replenish with seeds, as the mix settles at the bottom before a small amount filters through the port holes and onto the tray.

Stainless steel wire is a guarantee this small bird seed feeder will suspend safely, as its threaded through the lid - then secured at the centre of the base for balancing purposes.

Peckish: All Weather Small Seed Feeder

Peckish All Weather Small Seed Feeder

Cost a bit more than other tube feeders listed, so buy on Amazon to get FREE delivery in the UK.

This time its an heavy, all weather small seed feeder that is more steady in wind, but with a more durable construction.

I have to say, stable it may be, it is possible the feeder can attract for example, Starlings more often - as it may be made more easy for them to cling onto for feeding in the port holes.

On the positive side, its a small seed feeder that is sure to see smaller birds use it only.

Small it may be, but in terms of replenishing it to the top with bird seed mixes, it might be better to only fill it up half way to avoid waste.

Solid metal bars acts perches while big open gaps act as feeding holes.

To replenish with seeds, simply lift up the metal hanger straight as to allow you too be able to lift up the lid.

Once all the way up, move the lid plus hanger to the one side as you refill the feeder with a seed mix - as the feeder sits on a flat surface as you top it up.

Disassembly is possible but essential for cleaning out dried seeds while removing bacteria build up that will occur unless its regularly cleaned.

Gardman: Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder

Gardman Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder

I've listed a squirrel proof feeder on my list previously, but to shop on Amazon for this one will cost almost half the price.

Final squirrel proof seed feeder on my list I promise, but I couldn't resist this time because this proof-type feeder is very effective for keeping larger birds out of reach.

It doesn't matter if you have squirrels eating at the feeder or not; to use a squirrel proof feeder of any kind can mean rejecting larger birds, until they finally get the point - so hopefully stop trying in time and move on elsewhere.

Sturdy metal wiring cage makes up the construction, but that steel wiring is encased in a plastic coating to protect it out in the elements.

Centre to the squirrel proof surrounding cage is of course the feeder for bird seeds; only it allows for smaller birds to enter while too large birds cannot.

Two port holes in use with a dowel style perch for wild birds to land on to feed, and that is if they are not using the cage to perch - which is perfectly fine if they do.

No trouble at all to replenish as it uses a heavy metal lid that simply pops off with help of a little knob to grab on to.

Hang it up anywhere thanks to a large but loose plastic coated wired hanger; the weight of the seeds will make sure it sits securely on a bracket or branch.

RSPB: Classic Seed Feeder

RSPB Classic Seed Feeder

If RSPB recommend a seed feeder then it must be worthy; so buy it on Amazon for what is the cheapest clear tube 'style' feeder listed.

Sometimes its the simplest of bird feeders for bird seeds only that are indeed the most practical of all, much like this RSPB approved one.

Designed as a small seed feeder that uses two port holes for feeding. Sitting next to the port holes are the perches for birds to settle on.

Bird seeds are intended to drop below the port holes to allow wild birds to feed on them below it the hole entrances only.

Large metal hanger acts as the hook for hanging, but to slide it up all the way will allow you to lift up the lid for refilling with seed mixes.

But there is a hook on either side of this metal hanger to act as a stop when its hanging.

Classic seed feeder is one that is easy to disassemble as well, so it can be cleaned with ease while most of the parts come apart for a thorough cleaning.

Erdtmanns: Little Bird Seed Feeder

Erdtmanns Little Bird Seed Feeder

Hard to believe its the cheapest bird seed feeder on my list, but to buy on Amazon, be warned, its tiny.

It maybe listed last, but that is not to say this 'Little Bird' seed feeder is any worse or better on bird seed feeders for small birds only list.

In fact it can be one of the best but is certainly a seed feeder that is not as common.

This is moreso a lantern style bird feeder and while quite small, it can be replenished with more seeds than most.

Up to 4-port holes are situated around the clear plastic window near to the bottom, while a corresponding tray can be used to catch access seeds.

For wild birds to perch with ease as they feed, around the tray is an additional ring.

Pull up the lid for replenishing the clear plastic tube, but do expect seeds to filter a little through the port holes - its suppose to, so its not a leakage issue.

Small ring that acts as bracket or branch hook, but there's trouble with hanging unless you take advantage of an additional hanger to help it wrap around or hang off any size object.

Expect the lid to also keep the seeds dry, but that is not at all possible with rain in windy conditions.

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