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Young Blue Tit perched on rim of plastic bronze effect bird bath
6 OCTOBER 2020

Bronze Effect Bird Baths

Bronze effect bird baths tend to be made in plastic with assembly required, but they will do one thing most other options cannot, brighten up a bland garden landscape.

Setup up a bronze in colour bird bath on stand to be the centrepiece of the patio or lawn, or situate it amongst the plant pots or push it into more cover like a hedgerow - wild birds will really appreciate that. Bronze effect bird baths should be stabilised with use of pegs or fill the stem to prevent tipping over in wind.

Many reasons why a bronze effect bird bath might be of interest to you, but what its sure going to do is brighten up an otherwise dull garden landscape.

Bronze bird bath, often referred to as copper, antique or brass; is usually finished in a weather effect to offer more depth, but to make it less tacky.

Because if you didn't know, bronze effect bird baths do tend to be made in plastic only, so its essentially a plastic pedestal bird bath in varying heights or widths.

And while its plastic it can have a little weight to it, but that doesn't matter so much as any wind tend to topple over plastic bird baths.

So do consider buying additional stabilising pegs to prevent it tipping over so easy.

However, help is at hand because plastic bird bath, much like all those featured below, do need assembly, but that's OK; as access to the pedestal part of the setup is needed for one important reason.

Bird baths featured are on a pedestal, and this pedestal has a hollow shell, so its therefore possible to fill up this stem using sand or heavier gravel to offer more weight, thus preventing the bird bath tipping over so easy.

Bronze Bird Baths Data

Product Name: Height: Width: kg:
Nature's Market: Bronze Effect Bird Bath 80cm 50cm 2.9
Garden Kraft: Bronze Effect Clam Shell Bird Bath with Planter 66cm 39cm 1.8
Garden Kraft: Bronze Effect Clam Shell Bird Bath 80cm 52cm 3.4
My Garden Garden Products: Antique Brass Effect Bird Bath 71cm 50cm 2.5
Denny: Bronze Effect Bird Bath 62cm 39cm 1.5
Elitezotec: Bronze Effect Bird Bath on Pedestal 81cm 39cm 1.8
Fineway: Bronze Effect Solar Bird Bath with Planter 103cm 50cm 2.7
HH Home Hut: Rabbit Statue Bronze Effect Bird Bath 37cm 22cm 1.8
List of all eight bronze effect bird baths featured; includes approximate height in cm; the width of bowl in centimetres; approximate weight of plastic bird bath in kilograms.

It was a tough one listing a fair number of available bird baths in bronze for you to ponder over, but here they all are, all eight of them.

But do know in listing all options, you may come to realise its only bird baths on a stand option, and are primarily made in plastic only.

Referred to my table to see all options in a nutshell, but I feel I should include the height in centimetres as I know this is an important bit of data to know.

Cross reference the height with width and you'll get a clearer picture of the bird baths true size - so you can better understand if its worth the cost.

But don't forget the column listing weight in kilograms, as that's the final bit of detail you need to know. What with it having a bit of weight to it, or if its going to be light and flimsy.

Nature's Market: Bronze Effect Bird Bath

Nature's Market Bronze Effect Bird Bath

Cheapest to buy on my list but only if purchasing on Amazon.

Listed top of my bronze effect bird baths is Nature's Market very own version, and one that is basic, yet practical as they come.

Not only is it up to 80cm high, but the water dish sitting on top is 50cm wide, so that makes it one of the biggest bird baths featured.

What you get is a bronze that is blended in with a black, weather effect that also offers a little depth while allowing the detailing to show up.

Bowl is a shell shape with a reasonable depth for wild birds to bathe or take a drink.

Fixed to the bottom is the all important rounded flat base, but because it can tip over in wind, the gaps in the decorated base allows stabilising pegs to be inserted.

More detail is visible on the tip of the pedestal but sitting on the rim of the bird bath bowl is two ornamental, plastic detachable birds.

Garden Kraft: Bronze Effect Clam Shell Bird Bath with Planter

Garden Kraft Bronze Effect Clam Shell Bird Bath with Planter

Under twenty-pound so is reasonably priced if interested in buying on Amazon.

Not only do you get the all important bronze colour that shines bright on this bird bath, but a bonus planter is sure going to be a welcoming sight.

So sitting on top of the pedestal is the clam shaped bowl with a ripple effect that imitates that of the inner shell.

Two simple ornamental birds are fixed to what can be described as the rear side of the bird bath - but they can be left off if you wish.

Quite a decorative bird bath stem but what is it fixed too; that is an actual planter, designed to hold soil to plant flowers or grow seeds.

Benefit to that is the planter can prevent the bird bath tipping over so easy in any wind when in use - so at least fill it with soil if flowers or plants are not going to be used.

Not the widest bird bath bowl but the height is within reason.

Make this bronze bird bath the centrepiece of the garden, or position it amongst the plants in bowls to help it blend in - wild birds just may take to a bird bath surrounded in blossoming plants or flowers more than ever.

Garden Kraft: Bronze Effect Clam Shell Bird Bath

Garden Kraft Bronze Effect Clam Shell Bird Bath

About twenty-pounds to buy on Amazon for a bird bath that is quite big.

One of the largest bronze effect bird baths listed, but one that is not only simple in design, but is going to attract wild birds if positioned in the correct spot.

Brighten up an otherwise dull garden with this shining bronze bath, together with darker markings to provide more depth, but a little realism, effectively replicating a real copper bird bath, or one made in cast iron.

What you get is a 50cm wide water bowl, so not only does it invite the smaller, more common garden birds to use it, but it can offer a source of water to larger birds.

Balance is the key, so be sure to make use of stabilising pegs to keep it standing upright in the wind - or why not fill the stem with sand or gravel to weigh it down.

Bronze effect is more faint on the pedestal part, but its still highly detailed right down to where it reaches the base.

Base of this bird bath is a rounded one with gaps in the decorative feature, which is ideal for inserting those pegs for stabilisation.

My Garden: Antique Brass Effect Bird Bath

My Garden Antique Brass Effect Bird Bath

Basic bird bath, but the the most expensive if buying on Amazon.

Bird bath in bronze but effectively promotes itself as an antique bird bath, but as you may notice the colouring is similar to those sold as bronze effect bird baths.

But that is not important, whether you call it an antique, brass or bronze effect bird bath, its still one that is suited to any garden that needs a little spark of colour.

Its a simple bird bath on a pedestal that is as high as 80m, only the water bowl is 52cm, so its quite a big bird bath overall.

Perfectly rounded bowl for replenishing with water, but it has a shallow depth with a slope that wild birds can use to hop into the water.

Decorative rim of the water bowl is made with gaps which does give it a more modern feel.

But on the plus side, these gaps can allow any overflowing water to gently run away rather than loudly pour out.

Denny: Bronze Effect Bird Bath

Denny Bronze Effect Bird Bath

Shiniest bronze bird bath is going to cost you more on Amazon it will seem.

Not solar powered this one but it is part of a solar powered bird bath setup that can be used as is, or the additional level can be bought later on or separately.

But to buy this bird bath in what I would call a much brighter bronze colour, with far more shine - its going to be just as effective without the solar powered feature.

Instead you get the basic bird bath on a pedestal along with a smaller than normal water bowl of 39cm, with a total height of 62cm.

Deep water bowl is going to need a few decorative pebbles with perhaps a smooth rock for a perch, as birds may find it easier to use than without these extras.

Detailed stem that leads to the base of the bird bath with a rounded, flat to the ground footing which also features plenty of detailing.

Overall, this bird bath is much like any other, despite it being part of a solar powered bird bath feature, but can be used as is, with no trouble at all.

Elitezotec: Bronze Effect Bird Bath on Pedestal

Bronze Effect Bird Bath on Pedestal

Little costly for a basic bird bath to buy on Amazon, but it is sure to last well.

As far as the simple but practical classic plastic bird baths go, this is the last of them on my list.

And what a nice one it is too, finished in that matt shine with darker shadowing to offer more depth and realism.

Clam shell bird bath water bowl shape, but its one that can offer plenty of landing space around the rim, even with the detachable ornamental birds.

If rain water fills it up too much the water is going to drain off on the designated rear side, rather than fill up right to the top.

Hollow stem can be filled up with sand or gravel to offer more weight for stability, but the open gaps in the rounded base are compatible with stabilising pegs.

Admittedly, this bird bath is a more generic design that is re-branded and sold under different brand names, only I've decided to list this version also.

Fineway: Bronze Effect Solar Bird Bath with Planter

Fineway Bronze Effect Solar Bird Bath with Planter

For under twenty-quid you can setup a solar powered bird bath to purchase off Amazon.

Not a solar powered bird bath with fountain this one, but a solar feature that is only used to light up the solar light which will do so at night time.

Power is stalled up throughout the day before the battery pack kicks in at night to turn on the light feature.

While wild birds don't feed or use bird baths at night, the light feature is for you only, as it offers a little light show through the night or early in the evening when you can enjoy it.

So what you get is the centre level features the traditional bird bath bowl, and its here where water is stalled up for birds to drink or bathe in.

And then the level below that is a planter, designed to take on soil to allow you to plant flowers or grow them from seeds.

Its all supported on a rounded, decorative base but the extra weight in the planter, water in the bowl, and possibly filling up the stem with gravel - will keep it more stable in harsh conditions.

HH Home Hut: Rabbit Statue Bronze Effect Bird Bath

HH Home Hut Rabbit Statue Bronze Effect Bird Bath

Made in ceramic but is still one of the cheaper options to buy on Amazon.

Now I must say this is not the bronze effect bird bath previously listed above, but it is one I feel should be listed.

In fact its a ceramic bird bath that is indeed finished in a copper effect, so a near bronze colouring.

That means if its a bronze effect bird bath you want that is not made in cheaper plastic, this could make a great alternative.

Playful as it is practical, as the ornamental rabbit acts as the bird bowl stand, holding up the water bowl as he invites wild birds to perch.

Smallest bird bath featured, as its only 37cm high with a water bowl that is just 22cm wide only.

So its quite a compact bird bath but that's OK, as it will fit in with the plant pots tucked away in the corner or locate it into the hedgerow, where it will blend in flawlessly.

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