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Published 30th June 2019

Jackdaw proof bird feeders

Keep the predatory larger birds away before setting up a Jackdaw proof bird feeder; with Jackdaws present common birds will stay away.

Published 30th June 2019

Can wild birds eat Almonds

Feeding wild birds almonds is a good way to make sure garden birds are fed a nut that is high in protein for energy, fibre and calories.

Published 29th June 2019

How to hang a feeder outside window

To hang a seed, peanut or fat ball feeder to a glass window will rely on a lightweight, clear plastic bracket with strong suction cups.

Published 28th June 2019

What fruits can birds eat

Feed wild birds in you garden juicy fruits; likely takers are crows and gulls, but you may see Robins, Jackdaws and Pied Flycatchers.

Published 28th June 2019

Cleaning bird feeders guide

Follow my guide for cleaning bird feeders in a effort to not damage them; as you'll need to tackle bacteria on hanging feeders to scraping off grime on bird tables.

Published 27th June 2019

Attract birds to garden guide

Attract wild birds to your garden by offering them what they need; food, fresh water, line of sight with coverage to hide and a nesting site.

Published 25th June 2019

What birds use bird boxes

Up to 22 British birds will nest in a bird box setup by you; with Robins and Wrens, Tits and Sparrows all likely to nest over other species.

Published 24th June 2019

Can wild birds eat cat food

Feed fresh wet or dry cat food to wild birds in your garden; high in nutritional value while offering a much needed source of fat in times of need.

Published 24th June 2019

Can wild birds eat raisins?

Dozen or so garden birds enjoy dried fruits out in the wild, so will take to raisins, sultanas and currants if offered to them in the feeding tray.

Published 23rd June 2019

Hanging bird feeder from tree

Take care of your garden tree when hanging off a bird feeder from a branch; don't use nails or screws, but rather a rope or metal hook.