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Published 1st July 2020

How to make bird suet

To create a quick and easy, yet cheap homemade suet for wild birds, you'll only require 250g lard, 250 bird seed - plus 250g of oats to combine.

Published 10th June 2020

How to keep Crows out of garden

How you keep crows out of the garden is by removing all food sources; so you need to remove bird feeders while covering fruit bushes or plants when in season.

Published 7th June 2020

Wild birds won't use bird bath

If wild birds won't use your brand new bird bath only time and patience is usually needed, but it helps to create a food source while topping up with fresh water.

Published 6th June 2020

Best position for bird table

Position of a bird table can be central to the garden lawn or patio; only setup where your views are not obstructed, but natural coverage does help.

Published 4th June 2020

Do wild birds eat bananas

Bananas are a source of vitamins and fibre to wild birds so are incredibly good for them, so its encouraged you try to feed a banana to garden birds.

Published 2nd June 2020

Can birds eat dog food

Serve up dog food to wild birds if you must as it has natural value; try gravy soaked dog food or make use of the dried kind while crushing it up.

Published 27th August 2019

What birds eat nyjer

All types of birds will take to eating nyjer seeds; amongst them are Tits, Sparrows or Robins, with use in the bird feeder or on the ground.

Published 5th August 2019

Is it bad to feed birds?

It is bad to feed birds in your garden if you only provide poor nutritional value food, care less about hygiene well not attracting predators.

Published 4th August 2019

Robin nest box size

Robin nest box sizes vary greatly; minimum requirement is a 200mm height by 200mm width, with an entrance hole that is 100mm high.

Published 4th August 2019

Why do birds like bird baths

Why birds like bird baths so much is due to gardens offering a safe haven with an environment that has food, water and cover they find on their travels.