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Published 6th February 2021

Best time to feed birds

Best time your can feed your garden birds all year round would be before 7:00AM, but its best you do so the evening before to avoid disrupting them.

Published 5th February 2021

How to attract birds to a nest box

Focus on attracting small garden birds into a one size fits all nest box, with a 32mm entry hole. Location is vital but so too is making sure birds are safe.

Published 5th February 2021

Blackbird nest box hole size

Bird boxes for attracting Blackbirds to nest in your garden would need a 200-300mm width, along with a safe 100mm entrance hole size height.

Published 3rd February 2021

What time of day do birds feed

Expect first thing in the morning when it gets light outside for wild birds to begin their daily feeding ritual, as it starts an hour later in Spring through Winter.

Published 2nd February 2021

Should bird feeders be used in summer

Offer food to common garden birds in feeders over the summer months, as they do come to depend on it so to remove them could have repercussions.

Published 1st February 2021

Nest box HEIGHT from FLOOR guide

Depending on the wild bird species you wish to attract to nest in your garden; it could be on average 2 to 4 metres off the ground, but rarely higher.

Published 31st January 2021

Best wood for bird boxes

Best wood to build or buy a bird box in would be Oak, Cedar, Fir or Birch; whereas Pine can be used on the cheap with Ply making up for unseen areas.

Published 30th January 2021

How to stop birds from nesting in garden

How to stop birds from nesting in gardens would require mesh netting to cover up a tree or hedgerow to prevent access.

Published 29th January 2021

What bird feeders should I use

The only hanging bird feeders you should use in the garden would be one or two of a fat ball, seed and peanut feeder - with an option for an open tray.

Published 28th January 2021

Best size HOLE for birdhouse

Don't limit common garden birds who use bird houses to only a few, when you can open up the possibility of attracting far more with use of a 32mm hole size.