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Published 30th January 2021

How to stop birds from nesting in garden

How to stop birds from nesting in gardens would require mesh netting to cover up a tree or hedgerow to prevent access.

Published 29th January 2021

What bird feeders should I use

The only hanging bird feeders you should use in the garden would be one or two of a fat ball, seed and peanut feeder - with an option for an open tray.

Published 28th January 2021

Best size HOLE for birdhouse

Don't limit common garden birds who use bird houses to only a few, when you can open up the possibility of attracting far more with use of a 32mm hole size.

Published 27th January 2021

Do Wrens use nest boxes

Wrens are big users of wooden bird boxes setup in our gardens, but it can depend highly on a quiet, peaceful location with zero disturbance in the garden.

Published 26th January 2021

Do birds actually use bird baths

Birds do use bird baths believe it or not, even though you haven't witnessed it before, you just need to create safe conditions as a reason to use it.

Published 25th January 2021

Should I put nesting material in a bird box

You really shouldn't take the trouble of putting any nesting material in your bird box, it can be tempting with an empty box, but allow nature to take its course.

Published 24th January 2021

Do Blackbirds feed from bird tables

Blackbirds won't mind using a bird table as it happens, but it needs to cater to them by using the correct feed, including berries, raisins and seeds.

Published 23rd January 2021

What is a bird table

Bird tables are a wooden bird feeding station that uses a large flat food platform that is commonly fixed on a stand, can be hung is mounted, with a roof.

Published 23rd January 2021

When should I put out bird feeders

When should you put out a bird feeder is right now, come rain or shine - feeding birds is not a seasonal or weather dependant activity, food is always required.

Published 22nd January 2021

How to clean a bird table

Its no trouble at all to clean a bird table, but you must do with no special detergents, with only washing up liquid needed along with a metal wallpaper scraper.