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Published 7th June 2019

Best bird boxes to buy

Our best bird boxes to buy guide will take you through how to setup a box that would attract a multitude of wild birds in a safe environment.

Published 7th June 2019

Are dried mealworms good for birds

Dried mealworms are good for wild birds to consume as they're high in protein, fat and calories, which is what a busy little bird needs.

Published 4th June 2019

Can wild birds eat strawberries

Fill up the bird feeder with fresh strawberries and wait and see what happens, small bird like a Robin might feed, but so do unwanted big birds.

Published 3rd June 2019

Do birds eat apples

Feed fresh applies to garden birds by leaving them as is, or prepare apples by cutting in half, then place on feeder or stick it to a branch.

Published 2nd June 2019

Keep pigeons away from feeder

Keep pigeons away from the wooden or hanging bird feeder on a stand by setting up bird spikes, or if given a chance try setting up obstacles.