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Published 27th December 2020

Do Robins use bird boxes

Will Robins actually use your bird box is for another time, but Robins certainly are big users of wooden bird boxes, while preferring a large open front hole.

Published 24th December 2020

Wren nest box hole size

Site a nest box for use by a Wren with a 140mm by 140mm entrance hole, with an option to adjust the shape - or use a rounded 45mm hole size if needed.

Published 23rd December 2020

How HIGH should bird feeders be

Make sure the hanging bird feeders of any kind are at least 4 feet off the ground; to be higher than that can only mean the wild birds feed in safety.

Published 22nd December 2020

Does Tesco sell wild bird food

Tesco happen to sell an impressive range of wild bird food on the shelves in-store; be it wild bird seeds, peanuts, suet or even an half coconut shell.

Published 18th December 2020

How to clean a tube bird feeder

Regularly clean tube bird feeders to avoid stubborn gunk build up; but you'd first need to disassembling it, to then soak for up to 10 min. in hot soapy water.

Published 17th December 2020

When to put up bird boxes

Get a bird box up between January through February to find a tenant for your bird box early on; outside the nesting season will see it used for roosting.

Published 16th December 2020

Ground feeding garden birds

Ground feeding birds in the UK include up to thirteen species; while many can use bird feeders, most share an identical diet of seeds, peanuts or suet.

Published 15th December 2020

Where to hang bird feeders

No restrictions to where a bird feeder can be hung, but make sure its high up and out of the way, while a bird feeding station or wall bracket is favourable.

Published 15th December 2020

How often to clean bird feeders

How often should you really be cleaning any type of bird feeder is every 7 days or less, more so to avoid the stubborn build up of congealed bird food.+

Published 13th December 2020

Can wild birds eat cucumber

Cucumber are one of many fruits you can feed to garden birds; cut it open to reveal the juicy centre, while catering to all by placing chunks around the garden.