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What height should a bird table be

I assure you whatever height your bird table happens to be is not going to effect wild birds visiting it, but a not so high bird table can be a danger with predators.

How high a bird table should be would be a height of 5 to 6 feet. Higher the bird table is the safer wild birds become, as the clearing from ground to feeding platform would be inaccessible to cats. To use a bird table too high, it will become difficult to stock up with feed or to clean, so a step may be needed.

As 5 to 6 feet is my recommendation, rest assured there's no harm in using a bird table much shorter, with conditions.

If say you are using an open bird table, they tend to be made quite short, so its vital you keep an eye on things during its use.

On the otherhand, a hanging bird table that can be used on a tree branch or bracket, offers you the ability to fix it much higher, while removing it to clean or restock with food.

But if we are talking about wooden bird tables on a stand, then the higher the better.

As the bird table is so high it can keep birds out of harms way, and that is really the most important thing - whether its accessible to you or not.

When positioning a bird table in your garden, do so that is not near a wall, fence or step of some kind that decreases the ground to feeding platform clearing - as cats or other predators can take advantage of this point under the bird table.

5-6 feet minimum

That's it, from ground to the underside of the bird table feeding platform, you should be looking at a 5 to 6 feet clearing.

Give or take a foot is a possibility in most cases, but remember the higher up the bird feeding area is, the safer the wild birds are.

It can feel quite intimidating with a large wooden bird table on a stand being so high, but its all about wild bird safety.

While the 5 to 6 feet measurement can vary, this height generally refers to bird tables on a stand only.

Whereas an open bird table has a clearing of only 4 to 5 feet only, or much less.

When a bird table is so short, its up to you too use the bird table only a few hours during the day, or at least if you got the time to keep an eye on the common garden birds welfare - as this height would be within predator reach.

Ground to platform

When quoting 5 to 6 feet of how high a bird table should be, this height only refers to the ground to the bird feeding platform only.

In that respect you'd want to be sure any additional height due to the angled roof does not become an issue when siting a bird table in the garden.

Additional height can be added when assembling the stabilising legs, so expect to see up to half a feet or more.

Extra height only puts more safety measures in place, as that is really the point of the bird table.

In positioning a bird table with a height of 5 to 6 feet or higher; most people would need to stretch or tip-toe to view the feeding platform to re-stock or clean - so do make sure there's nothing obstructing you on the ground in doing so.

Accessible to your needs

How high should a bird table be depends on the person responsible for replenishing the bird table with bird food - but more important is the ability to clean it once in a while.

Bird tables can be left out in the garden all year round with little action needed on your part. But every week or so the bird table would need cleaning to prevent the build up of grime or worse still, the growth of bacteria.

Focus of your spring cleaning would of course be the flat bird feeding platform; minimum requirement would be to scrape the bird table with a heavy-duty scraping knife.

Now its not easy to scrape a platform that is above your chest height, so you'd need to consider using a step of some kind to make life a little easier.

Having said that, what you will do more in case of feeding wild birds, is leaving out fresh bird food under the bird table roof, or not depending on what you are using.

And while this comes about more often, perhaps 3 or 4 times a week; you don't want to be discouraged by bothering to work out to add the feed at such a height every time.

High up to deter predators

Don't risk the lives of wild birds in your garden which you've only invited in to feed in peace and harmony... bit dramatic I know.

Thousands of common garden birds are the victims of cats everyday, especially those that come into a cats domain.

However, wild birds can still eat in complete safety with use of a wooden bird table.

So the higher it is, the less likely the wild birds would come within reach of predators, including other creatures that attack and kill birds.

What with the bird table being 5 to 6 feet high, its unlikely a cat or other pets such as a dog would bother - other than to run at birds to scare them away.

At this height, birds have a great height advantage so would see predators approaching.

All you have to do is position the bird table in a viewable area to you while allowing the birds to get on with it in peace and quiet.

Height relative to viewing area

What is the single most important thing you wanted when deciding to setup a bird table in the garden - surely its viewing wild birds as use they use the bird table right?

So its not what so much makes a good bird table, but more so where that bird table is located in the garden.

Obviously you'd want to site the bird table in a centralised position to compliment the garden landscape, but what else is more important than that.

Its watching the wild birds visiting the bird table every minute of the day, without the need to pop outside or disturb them any other way.

Its therefore essential you only buy a bird table that has the much needed height that brings the activity on the bird feeding table platform within your eyeline - as seen through the living room or dining room window as you are sitting or standing.

As little activity or movement is made by you inside the home, then you are less likely to disrupt wild birds feeding - thus scaring them away every time.

Strongly reconsider the 5 to 6 feet minimum bird table height, while also thinking about a table that is much higher so it can be seen as you are sat at a lower vantage point.

You could forget about the bird table on a stand by using a wall mounted bird table that can be not only mounted high up, but near to your window.

Don't forget hanging feeders

That brings me to other advantages of using a bird table that makes use of a generous height for bird safety.

That is the ability to hang additional bird feeders off the bird table feeding platform.

Now I would say a bird table is all you need in terms of an area for wild birds to congregate around to feed.

But in using their favourite wild bird feeders such as a seed, peanut or fat ball feeder; it could invite more birds if they don't want to enter beneath a bird table with roof.

So as the hanging bird feeders dangle around the rim of the bird table, more wild bird species should feel more safe perching on a feeder that is open to the elements.

This method is very attractive to common garden birds but its not the safest.

To hang off bird feeders around the rim of the bird table will only decrease the height clearance to the ground of only 3 to 4 feet, so danger on the ground is within reach.

No harm in doing this once in a while providing you can keep an eye on proceedings.

Summarising bird table height

What height should a bird table be is 5 to 6 feet, no less than this for safety reasons but if you can get it higher off the ground, then absolutely do so.

Bird tables are one of the most safest wild bird feeding platforms to use in your garden, but that is not true if you change things that can jeopardise feeding birds.

As a bird table located near a wall, tree or fence can be used as an access point for the neighbours cat. So not only would unaware birds be killed as they feed, but so to is it made easy for squirrels.

Only option of course is siting the bird table far away from objects that can be climbed, so rely on the bird table height only to do its job.

How high a bird table should be will depend on if you can still access it to stock up on feed as well has cleaning the feeding platform.

The 5 to 6 feet minimum height then should be made accessible to the person who's in charge of the bird table.

Once more, if you want to watch birds using the bird table from the comfort of your own home, then bring the bird table closer to the window. The height of the table is sure to benefit you more if you don't need to move to view feeding birds.

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