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My photo of Peckish Complete seed feeders, stocked on shelf in Tesco

Best place to buy bird feeders

No shortage of places to buy bird feeders within the UK, with all current popular shopping destinations supplying a healthy range.

Best place to buy bird feeders would be on the RSPB web store; approved by the experts, but profit goes towards preserving wild birds in the UK. Up next is buying local at garden centres or independent pet shops. Chain stores are reliable to such as Pets At Home or Argos, but going online is more convenient.

Rest assured, where you currently do your weekly shop or pick up a few odds-and-ends, there's no better place to pick up a quality, well known brand bird feeder in the process.

Supermarkets such as Tesco offer one or two bird feeders, but so to do DIY stores or if you like, local garden centres up the road.

I would recommend buying online through the RSPB, because then you can guarantee your purchase goes towards helping wildlife - so just lining the pockets of fat-cats.

RSPB sell their own range but so to do they supply a range offered by other brands, which can be bought in-store or online by Amazon or other online shops.

Department stores tend to offer a very good pet department which has a number of wild bird supplies, including bird feeders and all types of bird feed to replenish them with.

RSPB 'Approved' range

I would say the RSPB web store would indeed be the best place to buy bird feeders, be it through reliability or knowing the feeder was designed by experts.

And where the RSBP sell other branded bird feeders, you can then guarantee the RSPB have done their due-diligence on the products they sell.

RSPB made bird feeders are similar in design, using green plastic or metal parts with steel fixings across their seed, nut, ground or suet feeders.

Practicality over novelty feeders, so RSPB supply only those that can and will attract wild birds to your garden.

Locally made in garden centres

What with them being sold locally then you could find similar bird feeder brands such as Kingfisher, RSPB or Gardman supplied nearby.

However, what with them being garden centres they do tend to sell certain products that are made in the area.

You could then find they sell more unique wooden hanging bird feeders as oppose to only the plastic or metal options.

Its therefore possible to get hold of a more unique, one of the kind nut or seed bird feeder to one that is more mass-produced - so would be seen in every garden in the UK.

Amazon's Marketplace

To shop from the biggest range of bird feeders sold in the UK, of course Amazon and its Marketplace would be the first port of call.

Rely on Amazon to stock only well known brands, including less known names in feeders, but with more unique styles to liven up the bird feeding station they hang off.

Rather than make use of a tube or mesh long feeder to hold nuts or seeds; use a acorn shaped feeder for nuts or a donut shaped feeder to suspend seeds.

Amazon are not short of all types of bird feeders so they must be an option if you're serious about buying a quality bird feeder.

Buy Bird Feeders online

Other than buying on Amazon, don't neglect the independent stores who will be thrilled with your custom.

You only need to Google shops that sell bird feeders or a similar search term, or why not see if the brands you know best happen to sell their products on their own web site.

I do happen to know CJ Wildlife, RSPB and Happy Beaks who do sell their range direct to the public, with many others not listed doing the same.

In all you probably will notice a pattern emerging as they tend to sell a similar range, but do know these are tried and tested products so the reason they are in-stock more.

Specialty High Street retailers

What I am referring to is specialty high street pet stores that do indeed have their own little wild bird supply range.

Example of that is of course Pets At Home who do sell a nice selection of bird feeders from well known brands - with smaller, independent pet shops doing the same.

Not just directly on the high street either, as it is possible to buy, however small a range - to purchase bird feeders in supermarkets.

I know Tesco sell bird feeders along with their wild bird food range.

Likewise, you can see one or two bird feeder options as sold in Sainsburys and Asda, or even Aldi and Lidl.

Home improvement stores

DIY stores you might know them as, but it could be these sorts of places where a small range of feeders can be bought, as they compliment their outdoor collections.

No guarantee in B&Q or Wickes mind, as it can depend on one store to the next.

But seeing as both major home improvement stores offer or advice; or in the case of B&Q who do sell bird feeders online - so their range can be made available in-store.

In turn, you can then stock up on wild bird feed that is also made available by B&Q which allows you to buy all that you need in one place.

Probably not a good idea though when your buying a new kitchen.

Reliable department chains

Finally, and I can say for certain a number of high street department stores, plus those found on retail parks do supply a reliable number of bird feeders.

Wilko's would be your number one destination if buying at a department store, as their wild bird supplies are found within their pet department.

Not a massive selection mind but just enough cheaper options to get you setup first time, or to rely on them to re-stock with your wild bird food needs.

Other options can include a stop in Sainsbury's to order in Argos but so to can you buy bird feeders in Homebase where available.

To summarise

I would personally depend on the RSPB's own range of bird feeders to get me up and running on the right path to feeding small common garden birds.

If not, I would then take onboard the RSPB's recommended bird feeders they just so happen to supply and sell themselves.

Likewise, where you can buy RSPB approved bird feeders online or in-store sold anywhere in the UK, would be a big priority.

RSPB feeders then, but so to consider the Squirrel Buster brand, Kingfisher, Gardman, Peckish, CJ Wildlife and Happy Beaks, among others.

Where is the best place to buy bird feeders for these popular brands would be in garden centres for your convenience, followed by high street pet store chains or why not pop into independent pet shops.

Home improvement stores such as B&Q supply all types of bird feeders but so to does Wilko's and Argos to name a few.

However, who stocks the biggest range of bird feeders is of course Amazon online, but don't forget to seek out better offers with greater customer care with other online stores.

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