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Reputable Bird Feeder companies in the UK

Open up your eyes to a series of bird feeder companies to allow you to pick from a bigger pool of quality, often made in Britain bird feeders.

Listed are up to fifteen bird feeder companies, which happen to be the brand name only or serve as the manufacturer. Use this list to assist you in exploring more brands, so more bird feeder options - or why not use it for business as you research more brands to add to your shop inventory.

What I have for you, in order of popularity according to me, is up to fifteen mostly British brands or manufacturers who re-sell wild bird feeders in the UK.

To know what is available to you as you buy a more unique feeder which was once limited with few ideas, can now serve to open you up to the world of bird feeder brands.

However, that is not to say you can't use my list for business to research supplies for stocking your shop.

RSPB are the most reputable bird feeder company in the UK, so they lead the back.

That is closely followed up with of course Gardman, Kingfisher, Tom Chambers, Peckish and Jacobi Jayne - to name only a few.

Don't use my personal list order as a way to judge who is better than whom; this is my own list who I consider to realise a nicer selection only, with a few expectations cropping up later on my list.

Focus of my reputable bird feeder companies lists is to only include those that are known to sell under their respected brand name, online or in-store.


Half dozen or so wild bird feeders of al types are made available from the RSPB, all of which have one thing in common.

RSPB develop their range with a unique hunter green colour that is mostly located on the lid or base of the feeder.

All of which are integrated with mostly stainless steel or a durable plastic construction.

Charity that specialises in looking after the well-being of British wildlife are going to be a dependable, reliable organisation to get the development side with feeders on point.

Gardman - a well known company

More bird feeders than the imagination can comprehend, look to Gardman to offer up a basic to a unique, one of the kind bird feeder for use with different types of feed.

Where Gardman have a basic bird feeder made in plastic, its guaranteed to be a so-called 'Flip-Top' style feeder.

However, where the company manufacturer made in metal feeders, it will then likely be classed as a heavy-duty bird feeder.

All this is included in their squirrel proof range while vital accessories are included; such as squirrel proof baffles, bird feeder brackets and pole systems for bird feeders

Make it a Kingfisher

Kingfisher go above and beyond with their bird feeder range, offering up so called basic feeders to bird feeders that are not made elsewhere.

To distinguish the Kingfisher selection from others on the market; focus on the build quality along with a curved lid - which is often seen on the Kingfisher range only.

What else is obvious through the Kingfisher range is their use of hammertone built caps, or lids that are seen on the nut or seed feeders, for example.

Kingfisher's range can include a unique lantern type of bird feeder, a donut shaped feeders for nuts or seeds - all the way to a basic range that is still made with elegance.

High-End Tom Chambers' Feeders

One important thing to know about Tom Chambers, is the company are on the higher end on the market price wise, so their collection can cost more.

But that is not to say Tom Chambers offer up a range of well made, but cheaper bird feeders to hold all types of feed.

Why the cost is so high is because most of their collection is made in metal, so don't expect to see made in plastic bird feeders.

Instead you can only buy made in metal bird feeders by Tom Chambers, in a colour theme that is sure going to blend in with your garden decor.

Peckish, friendly brand

You might of come to know the Peckish brand name through word to mouth, which probably originated through as seen in shops.

Peckish I last saw on the self in Wilko, so it won't surprise me to know you've seen their range their too, as well has many other shops and department stores.

What Peckish the brand offer up is a huge bird feeder collection that is suited to all budgets, but still within reason.

Well mostly made in plastic, the range offers up made in metal feeders; all while the name carries over to more unique bird feeders, such as window bird feeders - more modern ground feeders - or why not an acorn shape feeder.

Jacobi Jayne's FUN Bird Feeders

If there is one company that builds bird feeders well, it has to be Jacobi Jayne with their basic, one of the kind product range.

You may come to know Jacobi Jayne for their 'Ring Pull Pro' seeds feeders; or perhaps the companies popular squirrel proof, Squirrel Buster as seen literally everywhere.

Quite a costly range I grant you, but you won't look back once you've committed to their range, as its all that's needed for wild bird feeding.

Small, simplified nut or seed feeders to their longer, heavier range to hold more feed. But so to does their range carry over to feeders for less used feed types.

Reliable Fallen Fruits

Rugged, rigged or just plain rustic are the words I would use to describe Fallen Fruits very own bird feeder collection.

By far not the most beautifully crafted product range, but its sure going to be a type of bird feeder made to last out in the elements.

Rugged they may be, but that is not to say you can't get hold of a stylish, faultless feeder when going beyond the usual hanging feeder.

While you can expect Fallen Fruits range to be made in metal or plastic, don't be surprised to find cast iron or made in wood bird feeders within their selection.

Dependable CJ Wildlife

CJ Wildlife manufacturer a wide series of bird products in wood, but so to do they realise a number of bird feeders in plastic or metal - or perhaps with a bit of both.

In their wild bird feeder range the company offer feeders that just about cover the use for all wild bird favourites - so fat balls, suet blocks, seeds, nuts and even peanut better jars holders are included.

CJ Wildlife are a British company so their range specialises in attracting common small garden birds only.

So therefore the range mostly extends to nuts or seed bird feeders, as these are the most popular kind of feeders in use today, within the UK.

Bonningtons' Nature's Market

Based in the United Kingdom, the manufacturer Bonningtons' very own brand Nature's Market is a leading bird feeder in Britain.

If it serves to feed up different types of food to wild birds, Nature's Market will realise a feeder to match its needs.

Reasonably priced to, as the company offer only the very basic bird feeders, but even their more imaginable range is still very much within budget.

Turn to Nature's Market for a low cost bird feeder, but in doing so you can guarantee the brand will offer up their own unique offering.

Wildlife World's unique selection

I once considered Wildlife World's product range to be of that made in wood only, but if they did before, the collection has since moved beyond timber.

Now Wildlife World offer up the classic hanging rounded bird feeders to moreso those that are crafted to mimic garden furniture, such as a hanging swing seat.

But the company still do have their UK popular Bempton made in wood hanging or wall mounted bird tables for feeding birds to eat under cover.

Wildlife World also offer up a window bird feeder, made in wood hanging bird feeder, as well has a small collection of ceramic feeders.

ChapelWood range pushed to side

I once considered ChapelWood to be the go-to brand when buying any garden bird products, but the brand has really fallen out of sight these days.

I believe it was fault of a takeover years ago, so well the company used to compete with Gardman, now you literally have to seek out the company name specially to view their range.

And once you do, you won't be disappointed as I believe ChapelWood still realise a choice of well made bird feeders, amongst other items - and they are made in Britain.

Smaller nut or seed feeders are made in a mix of colour, while the nut or seed feeders - among other types of bird feed holders - turn to novelty bird feeders that still serve a purpose.

Garden Mile - The NEW kid on the Block

Its my understanding Garden Mile are not so much a manufacturer or unique seller of bird feeders, but moreso serve to re-brand what is currently on the market.

So therefore you may see an identical product sold under a different brand name.

However, Garden Mile serve to offer up a unique collection of bird feeders that you may never of thought about previously, so they can inspire you.

Having said that, the bird feeder offerings can still be well made, all while Garden Mile only offer bird feeders at the lower end of the market, so are reasonably priced.

Less known Oakdale

Only a tiny amount of bird feeders through Oakdale, but the British brand do offer up a small stylish collection of bird feeders regardless.

What you will mostly find is their small nut or seed bird feeders are designed to be hung.

Likewise, the company also has a made in metal mesh hanging bird feeder tray, for use with a bird feeding station or to be hung up on a bracket.

Beyond all that, Oakdale do not offer much else but for the items currently available, it just may be a once in a lifetime chance to own a piece of their collection.

Trixie fills the gap

What Trixie do not offer you is the classic hanging long or short nut or seed feeders; but what they do offer is bird feeders made in a unique way.

Its therefore likely the brand's unique offerings can only be attributed to them.

They do make hanging bird feeders but some can be mistaken for water dispensers; but you can also get yourself a novelty bird feeder made to appear like a house or barn.

Above all that, hanging bird feeders can be made in plastic or metal, but Trixie do make wooden bird feeders such as hanging bird tables or bird tables on stand.

Upcoming iBorn

With perhaps less than a dozen bird feeders in their range, iBorn can often be over-looked with their more than impressive collection.

And it really is a nice series of bird feeders to, made into the traditional hanging clear plastic tube seed feeder or reliable mesh nut feeder.

Moreso, these feeders can be contained within a squirrel proof surround. All while the colour theme is limited to green or bronze effect, which are really nice.

Limited to most bird feeder companies are window feeders, but iBorn do have one in their limited inventory.

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