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House Sparrows perched on seed feeder hanging off rotary washing line

How do you attract birds quickly

No quick way to attract birds to a garden when its vital to allow nature to take its cause, but there are a few tricks to help in the process.

How to attract birds quickly to your garden is by setting up a series of hanging bird feeders - off a bird feeding station or tucked under a bird table. Focus more on seeds, nuts and fat balls, but to throw them over the ground can help. Setup a bird bath nearby with a water pump to create reflected water with sound.

How you attract birds quickly can be as soon as you've setup a food source in the garden, be it one with bird feeders hanging off a wall bracket or a bird table.

What I recommend you do is use a multiple bracket bird feeding station on a pole, while using up to 4 or 5 bird feeders with an open tray for birds who can't use feeders.

Attracting birds to a garden quickly can refer to a few hours, 24 hours or even late into the week.

It must be said, there's no guarantee with some unknown unique way to attract birds to our gardens - they will show up as soon as they are ready.

How long before birds find bird feeders can be ASAP, but expect later in the day or a few days after - as this can still be considered quick.

Make use of only popular bird feeders to hold bird seed, suet or peanuts; in a corresponding bird seed feeder, peanut feeder or caged suet feeder - all of which can attract a wide range of small common garden birds.

Hang up popular feeders

Hang up as many bird feeders in your garden as you possibly can, garden birds come dependant on feeders so they will be willing to check them out.

Focus more on what you must feed wild birds who visit our British gardens, including the need to only offer peanuts, seed mixes or fat balls.

Avoid waste mind so offer what will only be eaten within a few days.

After that you can jump on the mealworm bandwagon, offering up live or tasty dried mealworms for birds.

How to attract birds to a garden then would be to bring birds to a new bird feeder. Birds fly above us or nearby every minute of the day it seems, so to not attract a handful of hungry birds would be unusual.

Hang up bird feeders in the garden where they can be seen, such as off tree branches or a wall bracket - but a bird feeding station with multiple feeders would be the better option.

Clearly seen above

As common garden birds are sure to be passing your property above, across or settling in the neighbours garden every minutes of the day, its time to take advantage of that.

While its important to set up a centralised feeding area in your garden, it must be one that can be see from above and beyond.

To restrict bird feeders can only serve to offer the most consistent new arrivals.

But to quickly attract as many birds as you can, then setup a bird table on a stand or a bird feeding station - with many brackets - in the middle of the garden. It doesn't have to be centred - but it must be set with a large open to the sky.

To press a feeding location near the house, wall or fence can be tricky to spot as birds only fly pass in a certain direction, but to pull it out into the open, it can't be missed.

Its not just food either, its important to make the feeding area larger, and more attractive with a fresh water source.

Bird bath helps too

Birds need to drink more when experiencing hot or dry weather, but so to the need to bathe can be a tempting prospect.

Absolutely not as popular as a feeder, but to use a wild bird bath in your garden can certainly bring in a few additional birds, every once in a while - thus increasing the possibility of bringing in more common garden birds.

Birds find your bird bath just as you would by setting up bird feeders, so its important to make it clear to view from above.

Presence of a water source might not cut it though, but there is something you can do - a attracting birds hack if you will - is making sure the bird bath is heard, with a glistening of water seen far and wide.

Not only then can the workings of a solar powered bird bath get their attention, it could be how you get birds to use the bird bath, even if its just once or twice a day.

Go one better by making sure there's pebbles submerged underwater to create better footing, while placing the bird bath within plants or close by a hedgerow or tree.

Locate near coverage

Location of bird feeders or a bird bath must be seen from above at all times, whatever direction the wild birds fly over.

So to centralise the bird feeding station, along with a nearby bird bath only two metres apart can be very appealing when seen.

Location of bird feeder plus bird bath is vital to succeed in not only bringing birds to a garden, but attracting feeding birds quickly as humanly possible.

Birds love the cover of natural, blooming hedgerows, trees and bushes, as its used as a quick exit to dive into if disturbed.

You then need to find a common ground of where to site bird feeders, and so to the bird bath.

One minute I am telling you to locate the feeding area out in the open, next thing I am saying place it near to coverage, but there is a middle ground.

Only push a bird feeding station or bird table to a hedgerow or tree within 6 feet or so, as to avoid placing it under cover.

Feed ground feeding birds

In an effort to attract birds quickly to your garden can see success quite soon, if only you allow them time to come in due course.

But with the use of exclusive bird feeders, you could still be limiting your potential arrivals to those that can only feed off bird feeders.

Much like the blackbird, they are a common ground feeding garden bird; so while its possible for the species to use a bird table, a more agile, hanging bird feeder would not be within their ability.

Cater to ground birds birds too then while benefiting feeding birds who also use feeders, namely robins.

Setup up a specialty ground bird feeder on the patio or lawn, well focusing on seed mixes or why not mealworms - as insects are generally pecked off the ground in nature.

No ground bird feeder is necessary mind as throwing over a helping of bird food on the garden lawn can be, and would be just as effective.

Let's see what happens

Following my suggestions as outlined above needs time and patience on your part to come to fruition.

Its possible to attract garden birds quickly, but how long you consider to be quick, might not be a reality. It could be right away, a few hours or even the next day until, birds start to arrive at the bird feeders.

Having said that, being too experimental such as using a stick on window bird feeder is going to need more time and patience, but to use a standard, more successful hanging bird feeders would see many birds come to it.

Its now time to see what happens over the day you first began your quest to attract birds quickly - while its not unheard of to see birds come much, much later.

In the meantime, make sure feeders plus bird bath is setup in a quiet, undisturbed garden with little to no activity throughout the day.

To summarise

How do you attract birds quickly to your garden is setting up a series of bird feeders of cause, as its what wild birds crave the most.

Locate the bird feeders on a bird feeding station or use a bird table, but make sure the food is seen from above but it never restricted wherever it may be placed.

Use as many bird feeders as needed as its more appealing, but do avoid waste by reducing how much is used in one go, over the next few weeks.

I expect you'll begin to get visitors to your British garden soon after you leave out food.

But you can make the feeding area far bigger by positioning a bird bath nearby. It can be a static bird bath but a bird bath that uses a solar powered pump to create a glistening of water - along with the sounds of falling water could grab their attention.

Focus on making sure the bird feeders and, or bird bath is seen from above. But it can help to slide these items near to a hedgerow or tree for natural coverage.

Its also important to not forget about ground feeding birds, so be sure to throw seeds or mealworms over the lawn or patio.

Its now time to wait it out, as you may see success quickly or it may need a few days.

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